Divine Rebalancing

Today’s message was channeled on March 12. As is often the case, it came through as a dialogue. It also serves as a prelude to a longer message from Maitreya that was transcribed last weekend, which I’ll be uploading very soon.

“There are a few more messages to come,” he mentioned. “Don’t forget: you came here to serve as a scribe. Our words might not resonate with those who hold fast to religious doctrine that seeks to exclude the Divine Feminine. It is important that a divine rebalancing be integrated within all men and women; hence, the reason you were intuitively prompted to utilize that particular title for this message. After the other messages have been uploaded, we will need you to take another step back so that A Tryst of Faith can finally be self-published. As we have said a number of times, many are awaiting our words. Many have also requested so-called ‘proof of God.’ As man cannot exist without a woman playing the role of an intermediary of the soul, bringing life into human form will never change from what was designed by the Elohim and the respective souls of the men and women whose unique gifts are combined to create life. It needn’t matter whether copulation occurs. If a surrogate is needed, then trust that the soul knows it would to be the best way for life to be created. Why shouldn’t the trinity of mind, body, and spirit include a third party to assist in this endeavour?”

Maitreya then paused before continuing, “Life is about balancing and rebalancing. It is about training the ego to feel and know the soul’s presence as truth. Witnessing it and hearing it are also examples of how clairvoyance and clairaudience are manifested by the soul. Many describe the soul as being a masculine force, just as Lord Sananda did, according to biblical teachings. As you know, your soul’s name is Inaticia, and she represents herself to you during your channeling sessions as being feminine, just as you are. You are not separate—‘she’ merely sets herself apart from time to time so that you can understand and integrate the love she is willing to share. Your inner child is highly attuned to the frequencies of your higher self, yet many still negate the importance of aligning with their inner realms in order for certain illusions that might have been held as truth to be revealed to the soul’s light for correction, rebalancing, and realignment. While this isn’t news to you on a personal level, transcribing A Tryst of Faith was precisely what was needed for this to occur. You are still a work in progress, and as you allow your learning and inner transformations to continue, so will you continue to ascend along your soul’s journey toward enlightenment. You are not alone in this, nor will you ever be. It is imperative that you ‘stick to the plan,’ as I have heard many repeat. Your soul’s plan included meeting two unique and different men who served as catalysts for the divine rebalancing that you experienced since Melchizedek’s intervention in September 2001. Your divine blueprint is clearly seen and the details are becoming more and more clear each day. Still, there is no time to waste and many are in need of our help. I need to ask you a favour, by the way.”

“What favour is that, Maitreya?” I asked telepathically.

“I need you to offer to do more readings for people. Tell them flat-out that you aren’t a psychic; you’re simply an intermediary for our realm and you’re also able to access within the deep inner recesses of another’s inner realm if that is what is required for a divine rebalancing to occur. If Thoth also not agreed to become a scribe, the Emerald Tablets would not have been written. As today is St. Patrick’s Day and the colour green is also seen to symbolize the heart chakra, in addition to Archangel Raphael’s unique energy, I would challenge those who are reviewing this to pay close attention to how the colour green has been manifesting itself and jot those so-called ‘signs’ down. Synchronicity is one of the ways the soul makes its presence known. The same holds true for our realm, as you well know. Some of those signs might be musical notes that are seen or heard. Some might also begin to witness symbols of the Universal Language of Light, which seem like unusual but somehow completely familiar hieroglyphics that sound almost completely undecipherable when spoken. Your soul knows and understands this language, as does your inner realm, even if it cannot be translated into your native tongue. It contains Light codes that are interpreted and integrated as they are meant to be. The same holds true for our words, and it is entirely up to men and women to correct their thinking if they feel an inner division intuitively requires a divine rebalancing, as well. Hermes Trismegistus and Thoth are one and the same, as are Lord Sananda and Jesus, and El Morya and Melchior, who accompanied the woman on her journey toward the soul’s ocean in A Tryst of Faith. The book is not intended to be deemed a romantic or religious piece of work, in spite of its title. It was written—or, rather, transcribed—to assist in humanity’s transformation. That’s all I have to say for the time being. Unlike Archangel Michael, I do try to be succinct, even though I do have a lot to say.”

“I’m perfectly capable of being succinct,” Archangel Michael added, and I could sense their playful banter. I could also sense that my inner child had decided the archangel could easily play the role of a director and use his sword to cut a wide swath through the clutter and debris that she knew were no longer needed.

“I feel inspired,” the cynic announced.

“It is our hope that, after reading this, many others will feel the same way and allow a divine rebalancing to similarly occur. Things are not as black and white as many have been taught to believe. The soul’s wisdom encompasses a tremendous spectrum of knowledge that encompasses and embraces both darkness and light. It is imperative that this union be blessed, for it is in reuniting this so-called polarity that the soul will be able to reveal the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine as equal partners. It is not a competition. This union symbolizes a marriage that does not end in divorce, but will seek to end that which does not support this sacred intention. Taken metaphorically or taken literally, the soul’s love is not meant to be disavowed, regardless of how it presents itself. Disavowing the Divine Feminine is like erasing a dragon from this image. It would appear as a cage from which the soul is seeking to liberate humanity. By revealing the wholeness of their combined partnership in a new way, the commandment of ‘Honour thy Father and thy Mother’ can be witnessed as the soul intended. The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are partners—equal ones, at that. This bears repeating, as it is not meant to be misinterpreted; it is meant to be embraced as truth. And so it is.”

“And so it is,” I thought, echoing Maitreya’s words.


Following is the dialogue that was referred to above.

As I’m typing this, I can hear Thoth whisper, “As above, so below.” I can also feel my heart chakra gently opening even wider and Archangel Raphael’s soothing emerald green light softly entering.

I hope you enjoy the conversation.


“As clarity is often desired before making a final decision about something or someone—”

“Wait!” the cynic interrupted.

“I would like to finish,” Inaticia said.


“There are men and women in the world who have been badly misunderstood and misinterpreted. There. Is that more in keeping with your world model?”

“Sort of, but I’d like to know why you started off with talking about clarity.”

“Observation is a necessary step in obtaining higher learning, as is discernment. ‘Judge not lest ye be judged’ wasn’t meant to be misquoted—or misinterpreted, for that matter.”

“I think people are afraid of being misjudged,” declared the young girl. “So they pretend to be people that they aren’t in order to obtain people’s approval.”

“Which is in direct contradiction to what has not only been required, but also requested of you,” Maitreya remarked. “Have we ever doubted your integrity about displaying yourself honestly?”

“No, you haven’t.”

“Have we questioned whether some things that you believe might require a little bit of an adjustment—or, in some cases, more than just a little bit?”

“I think I know where this is going,” the cynic stated. “I think you’re trying to get people to suspend their judgment about the woman because of a few key elements of her past that don’t exactly conform to societal rules and expectations.”

“Not entirely, but you’re close,” Maitreya replied.

“If I was a man, how would things be different?” the woman inquired.

“Can you imagine yourself being anything other than who you are?”

“No, but I’ve wanted to be someone other than who I was, and I no longer feel the need to correct my essential nature, just correct and adjust the areas that aren’t in alignment with Inaticia.”

“And yet Inaticia is representing herself as being separate from you. How do you explain your higher self taking an observatory role?”

“Because I’m an aspect of my soul, and I’m both learning from my higher self and also the other archetypes that comprise my inner realm.”

“Carl Jung would’ve been pleased with your self-assessment. He would also be astonished by the amount of active archetypes that you have communicating with each other.”

“I created them,” the young girl said.

“Actually, we created ourselves,” countered the cynic.

“You’re very close to explaining how the Universe created itself in the first place,” Divine Unity declared. “On behalf of the Elohim, I’d like to challenge you to expand your world view and see how you fit in to the overall picture.”

“I’m simply here as an intermediary and emissary of the Light,” the woman said.

“You’re also here to help expand your soul’s self-awareness, which includes your own. Is this not in keeping with what the Christ wishes to teach? The Christ is not a human being; it is an aspect of every man and woman throughout the world. Yet some people have consciously detached themselves from this concept in its entirety because of their aversion to religious doctrine. Others have manipulated religious doctrine to serve their egos and have also consciously diminished the Divine Feminine for fear of the all-encompassing nature of both our realm and that which was created by consciousness itself. Every thought manifests something, whether it’s division or unity. Many who feel at war within themselves have yet to overcome this division, and some will never see the light within themselves because of this conscious choice. The role of an emissary of the Light has been manipulated by many who see themselves as better or superior, or set themselves apart as holding open a single door to walk through, when in fact there are several, just as Maitreya mentioned the other morning.”

“I’m overwhelmed by the amount I have to choose from,” the fool admitted.

“What speaks to your heart?” Divine Grace asked as she accompanied Divine Unity.


“Then choose the door that instills that feeling within. The more you attempt to find outside yourself, the more you will often find within—that also includes peace.”

“I thought that was supposed to happen in reverse,” said the cynic.

“Many are taught one thing and are meant to learn something entirely different.”

“That’s for sure,” agreed the woman.

“Had Melchizedek not intervened, A Tryst of Faith and the sequels that were channeled over the course of the last ten years would have been set aside. And yet, that is precisely what we are requesting. As the first book is meant to help awaken humanity, so are the other two intended to spark interest in learning more about matters of a more complex nature that you have been so aptly transcribing on our behalf, as well as on behalf of the High Council, archangels, and Andromeda. There are still several others you will encounter, should you wish to continue.”

“I do,” affirmed the woman.

Just then, the Queen appeared and remarked that her crown was not intended to give her the power to reign over others and set her apart, but that her presence had everything to do with fulfilling a legacy, a prophecy, and a life mission that was created before the woman’s birth. She added that it was a Holy Trinity of sorts and that her presence would intimidate many who had both lost their way or disavowed their inner light.

“A heart-to-heart talk with someone you once knew once took misjudgment off the table,” Divine Grace said. “While it doesn’t negate the fact that he was tremendously cruel, he was able to view you through a lens of courage and faith, even though the has repeatedly proclaimed his disbelief in his Godself. The soul does not follow organized religion, as you well know. It belongs to no church in the next realm, either. In fact, there are no churches in the next realm at all. There are, however, temples for healing. The human body is a temple, in and of itself. If a man or a woman seeks to worship the Light within, sitting in an open field would be just as effective. The human body requires the Earth’s energetic field far more than what he or she might think. Those who sit in offices all day and rarely set their feet on the ground will often feel shock once they finally attune to the world they’ve been consciously tuning out. I could lay a tuning fork in your hand, but you wouldn’t feel the vibration—”

“Yes, I would,” the young girl interrupted.

“What I was going to say is that it needs to touch another object before its true power can be realized.”

“Had Melchizedek not intervened, none of what we have said today could be shared,” Divine Unity added.

“You have a tremendous amount of work to do,” Maitreya said to the woman. “I reminded you of that the other morning. While the message I asked you to transcribe might set you apart, we are here to lay the groundwork for the words I believe will help humanity shift their consciousness and take a more heart centred approach to living. That is, after all, what the man who was known as Jesus the Christ came here to teach.”

“And look what they did to him!” the cynic exclaimed.

“There is no need to dig in your heels,” Inaticia said. “I know what I’m doing, as do the Elohim and Maitreya.”

“I’m still scared,” the young girl said.

An image of the young man who had made his presence known during a few recent channeling sessions gently drifted into the woman’s third eye. “There are other letters,” she then heard. “I have five to deliver.”

“I heard that,” the fool said. “He said there were other letters, but he’s already delivered four.”

“And I haven’t opened any of them,” the woman replied.

“Let him provide you with the fifth letter down the road,” Inaticia recommended.

“I have a door to choose, don’t I?” asked the young girl as a series of doors materialized. She looked at them for a few moments before nodding her head and reaching toward one of the doorknobs. She then hesitated and took a step back.

“Challenge yourself to stop repeating the pattern of ignoring your intuition,” Maitreya suggested.

“That’s what I was thinking,” Divine Unity said.

“As was I,” Divine Grace chimed in. “The pattern of ignoring one’s intuition is often one of the greatest barriers to experiencing the soul’s freedom.”

“Please have faith that we have your best in interests at heart,” said Divine Unity.

“For the longest time, I held onto a great deal of bitterness and resentment because of how the man I left behind treated me,” the woman commented.

“It’s time to close that chapter,” Maitreya recommended. “You’re nearing the twenty year mark of when you first met each other. We all know you hoped things would’ve been different during your relationship, but serving humanity’s spiritual evolution was the main reason you created your soul contract in the first place.”

“Then our soul contract has been fulfilled,” the woman announced as an image of a scroll came into view. Even without touching it, she could feel the silk ribbon beneath her fingertips, as well as the texture of the paper.

“Into the fire,” the Queen said. “There is no need for you to open it.”

“Why not?” the young girl asked as she saw the scroll unfurl on its own and began reading it.

“This is the only time I will say this, and I need you to pay close attention. Melchizedek was right: if you hadn’t left me, you would’ve died. But that death wouldn’t have been physical—”

“Cut!” the director said.

“Please let me finish reading it,” the young girl pleaded.

“Melchizedek’s first words to me were, ‘If you don’t leave him, you’ll die,’” the woman recalled aloud.

Archangel Raphael appeared and said to the young girl, “I think you know Melchizedek was referring to you. That said, it wouldn’t have been the only death.” The archangel then rolled up the scroll and delivered it to the Queen.

“What other death would it have been?” the cynic asked, as the woman saw an image accompanied by a name.

“It would’ve been the death of the hope of meeting the next man, not to mention the wish I once made of reuniting with the man I met in Mexico before my life started to fall apart ever coming true,” the woman said wistfully. “It also would’ve been the death of all the other dreams I’ve been wanting to bring to life.”

“Your life fell apart so that it could fall together,” Archangel Raphael said.

“Had that not occurred, your inner trinity would never have been reunited,” Divine Unity declared as the preteen and teenager joined the young girl.

“Breathe into this commitment to stand united,” Maitreya said.

The woman then remembered the photo that was taken of the man she left behind when they first embraced.

“My elder sister took that photo,” she thought.

“I know,” Maitreya said, reading her mind as he often did. “You were standing beneath a banner that read, ‘United Nations Children.’ Even then, you intuitively knew there was a deeper meaning to your soul contract.”

“I knew it, too,” the young girl said. “We agreed to that a long time ago.”

“Yes, we did,” Inaticia said, transmitting a vision of a yin-yang symbol embraced by two dragons to the woman’s third eye.

“The best stories always include dragons,” the fool said and the young girl looked around, sensing another powerful being nearby.

“Let’s close this with a prayer,” Maitreya suggested. “May everyone remember their divinity. May everyone remember they were born of the Light. May everyone remember the soul’s freedom as truth.”

“And so it is,” said the woman as she watched a phoenix rise out from the ashes of the soul contract as it burned.

~ Channeled March 12, 2019




Author: Sheridan Cooke

I am a medium, scribe, intuitive healer, and Reiki Master, and have been channeling messages intended to invoke deep healing and rebalance inner archetypes since September 2001. I work mainly with the High Council, Archangels, and the Elohim. From time to time, I also receive messages from other elevated light beings, such as the Pleiadians and Andromeda, and will often receive messages directly from a person's inner child or an archetype seeking to reintegrate the soul's Light more fully.

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