Embracing the Light

It’s hard to believe today is already the last day of March. Spring is still struggling to appear, but I’m grateful the robins are back. Although I’ve only heard them, I know they’re here.

Those on the Other Side will always give us signs of their presence, if we’re willing to pay attention. Every now and again, my mother will let me know she’s nearby by sending me a whiff of her perfume, “Quadrille” by Balenciaga. The scent always comforted me as a child, and I still have a few bottles of it tucked inside a drawer. It doesn’t smell the same on me. When she came through the other morning, there were a few things she said that resonated deeply, and Maitreya asked me to share the transcription because he believes it will also help a few people who are also struggling with coming to terms with traumas or wounds that they endured during their childhoods.

“Healing is freedom in motion,” he’s telling me. “It excavates and allows the human mind to relinquish attachment to an old perception that is thwarting the soul’s light from entering. Those who are familiar with the Law of Attraction will understand the concept of energetic repetition, which is another way of saying that what goes out comes back, especially things that are buried so deeply that it will often take nothing short of trauma of a similar or stronger frequency to unearth a diamond. Don’t forget: diamonds are formed under pressure, and although laboratory created diamonds still have their beauty, there is something uniquely transformative about finding the weakened areas and chiseling away with intention, allowing the brilliance of each facet to be brought to the light to be witnessed. It is in cultivating the soul’s garden that rare and brilliant diamonds can be witnessed, too, for in doing deep inner work, men and women can then stand firm in the knowledge that the entire spectrum of awareness that has been held within is not only acceptable to the soul, but part of what makes it beautiful in the first place. Don’t shy away from reading today’s message. I’m saying this to readers directly because it’s relevant for many who are both stubborn and determined by nature. Self-mastery is not given to an Adept, it is earned. Your mother’s wisdom was held underneath a layer of resentment that she carried with her until her transition. For those who are similarly carrying a layer of bitterness or resentment, please learn from this lesson. It will lessen your burdens, simply by reading it. Trust that as every message is transcribed and read, the soul’s light is entering where it needs to reach. Please pass this along if it resonates with you. While I could prattle on at length, the conversation that was transcribed has significance. It will explain why this specific image was chosen. Let that be all for this morning. You’re welcome, by the way. I heard you say, ‘Thank you, Maitreya.’”

“Thank you, Maitreya,” I repeated.

“You’re welcome,” he said. I can sense him chuckling. “Now let’s get on with it. There is much to learn and embrace! Draw a circle afterward and pretend you’re standing in the centre. Be mindful of who you allow into your energetic field. The more light you are able to hold, the more darkness you will repel. Mind you, any darkness being illuminated within the circle will similarly be freed. Dear Ones, you are not meant to remain captive or hold onto old wounds as truth. You are meant to be free. Let that be all for this morning. I don’t want to keep repeating myself.”

I laughed and set my pen down.

I hope the transcription inspires you.



“I’m trying not to matter, but I do,” the cynic said to Maitreya one morning.

“It’s taken you a long time to face that, hasn’t it?” he replied.

“Why didn’t people like me when I was young?” the woman asked.

“Some people did—and still do,” the martyr said.

“Thank you for saying that,” Maitreya remarked.

“Some of them were nothing short of cruel, though. I don’t think it was fair,” said the victim. “Mind you, so much good came out of it that I have to be grateful for the people who mistreated me because they challenged me to speak up for myself.”

“I’m a late bloomer,” said the cynic.

“It’s better to determine that at any stage of Now. You weren’t aware of it, then,” Maitreya declared. “Your elder sister struggled with her self-worth, just as you did. The only difference between the two of you was how you tolerated abuse.”

“That isn’t true,” the martyr said and the victim nodded her head in agreement.

“Well, then. What was true to you?”

“That we didn’t like each other. Plain and simple,” the cynic said.

“The difference was in how you treated each other, then.”

“Ask anyone who saw us together and they’d tell you that I didn’t instigate the fights,” said the martyr.

“What happened then doesn’t matter. What matters is what is going on in this Now moment. It might be worth your while to accept that you were a direct mirror of the aspects of herself that she wasn’t willing to face just yet, and she projected her feelings of unworthiness onto you to try to diminish them and help them to lose their power. When you learned to speak up for yourself rather than tolerate mistreatment—”

“I can’t say that,” said the martyr.

“But it is true,” the victim stated.

“She was concerned for you when you were embroiled in your relationship with the man you left behind. She wasn’t aware of the deep-seated reasons why you held onto him for as long as you did.”

“But I knew it wasn’t time for me to leave,” the young girl said.

“That’s what I was going to say,” the woman declared.

“In retrospect, what would you say now that you didn’t say then?” Maitreya inquired. “Bear in mind that her life experiences weren’t even remotely similar to yours and she often coloured inside the lines while you were intent on expanding your view and adding additional details that weren’t there. Still, regardless of how you tolerated your childhoods, you still came out of it with an undercurrent of compassion and understanding, as well as a desire to help others.”

“Maitreya, I asked her to look at our similarities and not the differences,” said the woman. “It didn’t help. The more I tried to explain my position to her, the more she insisted that I wasn’t listening to hers. I can’t help it if she was convinced I was wrong. I’m fully aware now of what I should’ve done differently.”

“You did things the only way you knew you could. When your level of self-awareness shifted, so did your behaviour.”

“When I started channeling, she insinuated that I didn’t deserve the gift.”

“I’m certain there are others who would concur,” Maitreya observed. “Particularly because you aren’t religious. That said, the soul has no religion and transcends political viewpoints, as well. Have you ever wondered why politics and religion are considered taboo topics? They elevate inner beliefs that often conflict with the soul’s unique perspective that seeks to transcend division, not enforce it. When Melchizedek intervened, your own mother disavowed your channeling abilities. It took her a while to come to terms with them, but it assisted her overall growth as a result to relinquish her attachment to the fact that you weren’t meant to ‘play small,’ as Marianne Williamson would say.”

The martyr and victim pondered Maitreya’s words and determined that it didn’t matter whether someone accepted or rejected them; what mattered was whether they accepted or rejected themselves.

“Thank you for not shutting me out, Maitreya,” the martyr said.

“The soul seeks to include, not exclude,” he replied. “And you’re welcome.”

“Same with me,” the victim said, suddenly realizing that victimhood often stemmed from realizing an inequality existed that had not yet been overcome.

“The prostitute and nun worked together to find harmony between them. Being balanced within cannot occur when polar opposite aspects of the self are warring against each other. Establishing mutual respect for their differences and listening to and trusting that their respective needs were valid allowed them to establish a dialogue that continues to unify them. To say that that didn’t have a ripple effect would be a misstatement. Both of them hold the soul’s light as truth, and even if the prostitute seems unlikely to be deserving of the soul’s love to begin with, there has never been a time when the soul would not acknowledge sincere efforts to face mistruths that were held and allow them to be transformed. Healing does not mean disavowing the damage that was done; it means learning to understand the core reasons why mistreatment was occurring—and even why it was being accepted. Men and women will always be faced with the decision to accept or except love. Those who resist it the most are often the ones who are in need of it the most.

“I knew that,” the woman said, thinking about the man she left behind. “I often told him he was my perfect mirror.”

“And yet he felt you betrayed him by leaving him after Melchizedek intervened—at least, that’s what his actions proved a few years later.”

“What matters is that I didn’t betray myself,” said the woman. “I also knew things wouldn’t change between us.”

“Acknowledging that in retrospect is erroneous. It took a great deal of inner work to find out what your soul intended for you to learn. It is our belief that guiding you to teach others will continue to help balance them to their inner scales, particularly those who are still projecting old wounds onto others. Many who encounter triggers have yet to understand they are still carrying an energetic charge that calls the experiences to them to be healed. Allowing detachment and discernment to become allies will allow the scales within to be balanced without feeling the need to control how the other person perceives the imbalance in the first place. That said, your own perspective is all that is needed to rebalance the scales. Therein lies your true power. You are nearing the 20-year anniversary of when you first met the man you left behind in person. How does that make you feel?”

“The first word that came to mind was ‘grateful,’” the woman answered.

“Now for an even more challenging question: how do you feel about your elder sister disavowing your presence in your life?”

“Why are you asking me that, Maitreya? You know full well it still stings.”

“Then allow your wound to be tended to, not ignored, the same way you wish she would tend to her own inner wounds that are in need of healing. I can’t transcend her ego’s resistance to having you in her life any more than I can transcend your own ego for maintaining victimhood and martyrdom as truth. What is the one single lesson you have learned, in spite of the choices both she and the man you left behind made? Both of them helped you to grow in ways that could not have occurred, had they not expressed their resistance outwardly. If you’re still holding on to any residual anger, don’t expect yourself to be able to bury it. Bring it out in the open and try to find the diamond within. The heart cannot withstand undue pressure for long periods without some sort of coping mechanism being created within to tolerate the pressure without crumbling. Your own inner castle still requires a few areas of remediation, which is the reason for the dialogues we’ve been having, including the ones you had recently with the next man you’re meant to meet. Deep inner work cannot set the crown on the Queen; it excavates the crown first and calls her into being. It is the Divine birthright of all men and women to feel satisfied that the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are intended to be equals. Many have been taught to disavow the Divine Feminine in her entirety. One of the reasons why we’re so vocal about this inequality is because we’re intent on helping humanity to evolve and not remain stuck in a meme that has no way of achieving the Divine harmony the soul is seeking. Were you not aware of your paternal grandmother’s presence on the Other Side—not to mention your maternal grandmother, who was one of the first people to come through to assist your mother in preparing for her transition, she would not be able to come through during your channeling sessions.”

“I know my mum is nearby,” the young girl said. “I can sense her perfume.”

“You and your mother shared a bond that your elder sister was tremendously envious of. She made it very clear that she thought you were her favourite.”

“But I wasn’t,” said the young girl. “I just learned how to placate her moods. I needed to feel safe.”

“I can’t placate my elder sister,” said the woman. “Nor would I want to, quite frankly.”

“I wouldn’t mind knowing what she’s thinking right now,” the young girl admitted.

“Underneath her armour, she’s matching a vibration that is drawing negative experiences to her ego to be corrected, the same way you managed to accept that you drew certain people into your life to assist in correcting those distinct states of awareness, too. A martyr and victim will often talk to each other and draw in the cynic to maintain the harmony of disunity that they believe is stable. It isn’t, as you well know. What is often talked about within manifests itself without. Challenging yourself to become aware of your inner dialogue sets the tone for future experiences.”

The cynic scowled and Maitreya smiled compassionately. He then added, “Being in a bad mood is never permanent. Being in a state of detached awareness can become a habit if a person seeks to be in complete alignment with the soul’s light. There is a single space between ‘incomplete’ and ‘in complete.’ Don’t you think the Buddha knew what he was talking about after he relinquished all his earthly possessions because he felt the pull to stand at the helm of the soul and experience its true power? Ponder that for a moment. Embracing the stillness within will guide those who are willing to stand at the helm of their own souls to a place of tremendous power and freedom. It will set the tone for all future experiences if a person can learn to walk the walk and talk the talk, as well as to sit the sit, so to speak, which aligns the chakras far easier than bunching oneself into a ball that negates light from entering or being witnessed by others.”

The fool sat on the floor and proceeded to cross his legs. He felt a slight pressure being exerted on the top of his head and he imagined himself peering above it and flooding his entire auric field with light. A surge of energy entered his crown and it startled him as it began to travel down his spine before returning to his crown. Feeling as though he was being illuminated from within, he smiled with contentment and imagined himself sitting with the Buddha, who instantly appeared in the fool’s third eye and winked at him in return.

Maitreya observed the fool and cleared his throat before affirming, “A Buddhist consciousness is synonymous with a Christ-centred awareness. When those concepts were created, different words were used due to cultural differences. The world is more open now, and it would be well worth your while to create a safe space within the self and within your immediate circle to speak openly about the challenges you are seeking to overcome. There is no shame on a soul level for being authentic. Shame is often the storage locker for a whole host of unspoken hopes and dreams. Challenge yourselves to remember that burdens are not meant to be permanent; they are intended to help you to strengthen your spiritual muscles. Then challenge yourselves to learn to let go. Freedom is awaiting, and it is known to be its own reward.”

Archangel Uriel then joined them and said, “Do trust that you are meant to guide people toward the light by manoeuvring them through the darkness of their minds that is impeding the shining light of the soul from being witnessed as truth. You are all born of this light, and it has always been your true home. We will not manipulate people into thinking they are unworthy of receiving the soul’s light. It is precisely those who tend to distrust it the most that attempt to thwart others from knowing and embracing their innate divinity. Although those who claim themselves to be pious often aren’t, and those who are seeking the praise of others often fail to accept their own innate worthiness as truth, please accept that you are completely entitled to let go of all religious, sociological, and political beliefs that no longer serve you. The soul does not seek disunity; it seeks to remove all that prevents it.”

“Thank you, Archangel Uriel,” the young girl said, holding up a single daffodil.

“Why are you holding a daffodil instead of a daisy?” inquired the fool.

“Because a daisy will always be a symbol for my grandmother and—”

“Who are you?” another voice interrupted.

“I’m an intermediary for the soul’s light,” the young girl replied. “As I was saying, a single daffodil represents a miracle of awareness from the time it is cut before it fully blossoms to the time it is placed in heavenly water, which allows it to be seen in a completely different way.”

“That’s nonsense. Since when is water heavenly?” the voice continued.

“You couldn’t survive without it,” the fool countered.

“Where did he go?” the cynic asked, sensing the person who had been speaking had disappeared. “I thought I heard my old self talking.”

“Many people will continue to misunderstand the soul’s freedom,” Archangel Uriel declared. “But when they learn to understand how the puzzle pieces fit, there will never be a time when people feel separate from each other. There will be harmony, both within and without.”

“I used to love doing puzzles,” the cynic said.

“So did I,” the woman replied. “Our family often bonded together by doing puzzles. The dining room table would be covered with a tablecloth before dinnertime if a puzzle was incomplete. My mother used to love cooking and creating succulent banquets. In fact, Babette’s Feast was one of her favourite movies.”

“I enjoyed other movies, too,” the woman’s mother said. “Do you remember the time that I came through and told you that the movie A Room with a View would inspire you? You couldn’t help but know I was watching over you because my favourite opera singer sang the theme song.”

“You left a voice mail message that mentioned Kiri Te Kanawa before you died,” the woman recalled. “I kept that message for the longest time. When I switched phone providers, it was automatically erased. I missed hearing your voice so much.”

“That’s one of the reasons why I thought you’d enjoy the movie. You can still hear my voice when you dream about me,” the woman’s mother answered. “I wanted to prove to you that I was still with you. Maybe daffodils should be my sign from now on.”

“Daffodils, it is,” Maitreya said, flashing an image of daffodils in the woman’s third eye that was so close up, she could almost smell them.

“But they’ll be in season soon,” the cynic said. “Then they’ll be everywhere. How could that possibly be proof?”

“How could it not be?” Maitreya replied. “Would you prefer that the soul send you something more obscure or unique as proof? What matters is that a symbol is recognized as being valid, just like the daisy that the waiter gave to the woman two years before Melchizedek intervened. He mentioned that he didn’t know why he was meant to give it to her; he simply trusted his intuition and followed what logic would often deny. It was a critical turning point in accepting the next realm isn’t as far away as people might think.”

“It’s true,” the woman said. “I have a photograph to prove that it happened.”

“Daisies can only grow when a seed is planted. They are both hardy and resilient, and yet the wildest ones will not seek to be picked. They will simply invite the bees to freely visit and allow them to move on. Humanity is being challenged with the task to protect the safety of the bees. Honey cannot be crafted any other way. Were the bees to vanish, humanity would suffer. Humanity is also being challenged with the task of gaining awareness of the soul’s light. At no time is it invisible; it seeks to weave threads of life through every single season, not just springtime.”

“The soul’s light exists at all times, regardless of the time of year or whether it’s day or night,” Archangel Uriel declared.

“Duly noted,” the infidel said, making her appearance known before morphing into the shadow girl.

“I always said that I was a chameleon,” the woman said.

“There is much more to you than meets the eye,” the woman’s mother reminded her. “You aren’t meant to fit in. You are meant to guide people to accept and embrace their entire selves, not just the parts that someone else decides are acceptable. I would’ve taught you that when I was alive, but I didn’t know it then, either. Neither did my mother or her mother before her. Although I can’t prove that what I’m saying to you is true, you’re the one who can choose to accept what I’m telling you is the truth.”

“I do,” said the young girl, handing the woman’s mother a single bunch of daffodils.

“I want you to buy a bundle and pretend they’re from me, okay?” the woman’s mother said.

“I will,” the woman said. “In fact, I might even buy two.”

“Let one suffice. Honour how it changes. Recycle them when they’ve lost their glow. The landscape will begin to turn green around you soon. Don’t forget to plant a pesticide-free garden for the bees, just as you mentioned to a few friends the other night. We’ll be together again, but I need you to remember that what I taught you had everything to do with what I knew at the time.”

“A person’s consciousness is meant to shift and change,” Maitreya affirmed.

“My death was not an illusion, as far as my physical body was concerned, but it was the most liberating time that I had experienced in years. I don’t know if I ever thanked you for channeling the High Council’s words to me before I left. I never would’ve believed my mother was waiting for me if you hadn’t told me the nickname she used that no one ever told you about. I can’t relive my life—nor can you—but I can tell you that I was liberated from my fears the moment I fell into the embrace of the two people I wanted to trust as a child but didn’t. In a split second, I knew both my parents had released their burdens, too. Please release your own. I couldn’t teach you what I didn’t know.”

“I forgive you,” the martyr said.

“So do I,” said the victim.

“Remember who you are,” the woman’s mother said before her energies retreated.

“I do,” said the shadow girl, as colour began to return to her aura.

“Shadows disappear when the awareness of the soul’s light is embraced as truth,” Maitreya said.

“I’m worthy of standing in the light,” said the young girl.

For a brief moment, the woman imagined herself in Kauai when she first started writing down the words to the poem, “Awakening,” as a few lines flashed before her third eye.

For a few brief moments

the turquoise sea and sky

meld as one


in a warm and tender embrace

“You are One,” the Elohim whispered. “You are whole and complete, exactly as you are.”

“I Am,” said the young girl.

“I Am,” echoed the shadow girl as she embraced the light.

~ Channeled March 28 and 30, 2019


Author: Sheridan Cooke

I am a medium, scribe, intuitive healer, and Reiki Master, and have been channeling messages intended to invoke deep healing and rebalance inner archetypes since September 2001. I work mainly with the High Council, Archangels, and the Elohim. From time to time, I also receive messages from other elevated light beings, such as the Pleiadians and Andromeda, and will often receive messages directly from a person's inner child or an archetype seeking to reintegrate the soul's Light more fully.

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