Embracing your soul’s freedom

Maitreya came through during a few of my morning channeling sessions and asked me to transcribe the messages below, which includes what could be considered “appetizers” in the form of an introduction and a transcription of a brief conversation that leads into the main course. Maitreya specifically asked me to wait until November 11 to share it, as a portal of Light from their realm is being widened to assist humanity in our individual and collective spiritual growth. He also asked that the following be included as a snack:

“Many who are struggling with the energies this year has presented will benefit from reading this message. While it will take dedicated effort on humanity’s part to shift the scales toward the soul’s light so that people can feel a sense of inner balance that will inevitably be reflected outwardly, my intention in creating this message is so that those of you who intend to focus on inner and outer peace will be given an opportunity to learn from those of us who have sought to redefine love in a way that encompasses the soul’s freedom as truth. We are members of the High Council, which has been known by a number of names over the years, including the Great White Brotherhood and Council of Light, and have overseen humanity’s evolution over the course of multiple centuries. It has never been our intention for humanity to suffer. Each and every soul has experienced darkness and light over the course of a number of lifetimes, and it is our hope that this message will offer a clear path that doesn’t restrict those who choose to embark upon it from embracing the soul’s healing light. It is our collective intention to clarify as well as to provide clarity on a few aspects on your respective spiritual journeys so that when challenges and obstacles are encountered, you will have the stamina and strength to overcome them. Those who are willing to invest time in reading this will not be expected to pass a test or perform a ritual; yet, it might very well catapult the reader into a different level of awareness that resolves and absolves old wounds so they no longer inhibit the soul’s freedom from being experienced. The short dialogue I had with our scribe beforehand forms part of the message, but it can be skipped over if reviewing the main portion is desired. Many have found themselves in relationships or situations that no longer serve them and are struggling with justifying why a new adventure cannot—or, worse yet, should not—be undertaken. Trust that the soul knows when a change in direction is needed. Limiting your playing field not only imprisons the heart but does not allow the mind to view the heart with the compassion that is often long overdue. Those who understand metaphysics and esoteric psychology might find this message a bit simplistic, but it was written for those who are seeking to surrender their fear of the soul’s Divine Love, not reinforce the fear that was instilled by those who had yet to embrace their own Divine Essence. We are here to liberate as well as unite humanity, and it is my personal hope that this message reaches those who are in need of the soul’s comfort, care, and friendship.”

In his message, Maitreya states:

“You are All That Is within yourself. There are no divisions within this truth; there are only doors to self-awareness that have yet to be opened.”

If you’re hungry for a healthy dose of spiritual nourishment from the Divine, I hope you’re willing to open them. All are welcome.



Clarity is something that most people try to achieve. For some, it can take an instant; for others, it can take a lifetime.

The soul’s clarity is never in question. The ego, however, often pits darkness against light and right against wrong, not accepting that they form part of an enormous spectrum that can never be divided. Working in harmony with the self requires a certain level of clarity that can only be found when accepting the soul’s perspective offers far more value than that of the ego. The completion of personal goals to bolster one’s self-esteem cannot generate an inner sense of happiness unless a person is willing to offer up the ego for self-assessment. This does not mean that right will be levied against wrong or that a person’s darkness will be shunned by the soul’s light, for it is in accepting that darkness must be revealed that the entire spectrum of one’s awareness can be honoured and respected.

Many who were brought up to be fearful of the God Source that continues to create All That Is have shunned an aspect of themselves that needs to be brought into the soul’s light for reclamation, as well as clarification. Do not undermine the soul’s willingness to take all matters into account, for it is in reclaiming the self that a person’s darkness can be integrated in much the same way the yin-yang symbol is understood to represent the balance of darkness and light and masculine and feminine.

You are All That Is within yourself. There are no divisions within this truth; there are only doors to self-awareness that have yet to be opened. If you are willing to accept this within yourself, then I challenge you to review this message. If you are unwilling to accept this within yourself, a time might very well come when you wish you would have listened to an inner voice calling out to be seen, heard, and known.

Do not deny yourself your Divine nature, for it is in accepting that your soul is wild and free that your heart can finally surrender to the knowing that any darkness you encountered was part of your soul’s journey. When you reclaim the lost and forgotten strength and power that exists within the infinite power of All That Is, you will come into your own, with reserves of strength and power that would not have been gained otherwise.

It has always been our mission to lead those who seek to be guided and to accept those who seek to be accepted. There has never been a better time to surrender to your soul’s light than Now.

You are Divine in nature. Please embrace that as truth.

I am Maitreya. This message is a gift of love from our realm to yours.

You did not come here to recreate the darkness you have carried from lifetime to lifetime. You came here to peel back the layers of illusion that are preventing you from embracing your soul’s freedom as truth.

The time has come for you to reclaim your true nature. Let today be the day that you choose freedom as your Divine Inheritance. Doing so will liberate the darkness held within and allow your inner child to reveal what is held as truth.

Do not deceive yourselves into believing that you are meant to prostrate yourselves in order to be accepted by the soul or by any of us who seek to nourish your hearts and remind you that your place at the soul’s banquet is guaranteed, without exception. There is no need to martyr the heart or play victim for fear of ridicule. The biggest lie ever taught to humanity is that men, women, and children will be held back from entering the Gates of Heaven, when those gates are merely doorways within that have yet to be opened.

Be mindful of how you use your time, for it is far better spent embracing adventure than it is to shun it by distracting yourselves from experiencing that which has been designed to bring harmony and joy into every aspect of your lives.

Once the decision to embrace freedom as truth has been made, many will continue to struggle as they learn to embrace themselves as being worthy of the soul’s love and will require more clarification than others, but everyone deserves a second chance to learn how to be held without struggle and learn how to be loved without condition.

We are here to pave the way for those who have stayed silent and guarded their hearts in fear of the soul’s light. Do not restrain your hearts any longer. The time has come to speak your truth and set yourselves free.

And so it is.


My living room is a healing sanctuary to me, as it’s where I tend to do most of my channeling with my cat, Daisy, curled up beside me. In spite of the cold wind outside, the energy seemed decidedly more peaceful to me today, and I took a moment to notice how the leaves had changed on the solitary apple tree centred in the front yard, which I expect was planted around the time the house was built in the early 1960s. I admired its resilience and determination to grow, as well as its courage to withstand Calgary’s long winters.

“The cycles within each and every season are miracles to behold,” Maitreya mentioned as he stepped forward. “Honour the cycles within yourself. A tree with many blossoms may not yield as abundant of a crop if harsh conditions persist. It could also be said that not every apple will meet a person’s inspection. Trust your intuitive nature if you encounter what could be termed a ‘bad apple.’ Those who are often hungry for love will tolerate sourness far more often than their palates would prefer. I hope that you and others enjoy today’s message, by the way. I know how you value your wild and free nature. It is our hope that more effort will be made to spend time outdoors, regardless of the cold. Honour the moments when the air is so cold that it takes your breath away. Many would welcome an opportunity to be safe, warm, and dry without having to rely on others for the basic necessities of life. Many whose hearts are hungry for the soul’s Divine Love are in need of a place to turn to without fear of judgment, which is one of the reasons why we have asked you to share our messages. We are always available to provide whatever spiritual nourishment is needed.”

“Thank you, Maitreya,” I replied, giving him full rein to read my thoughts and suddenly sensing a strong connection to a lifetime in ancient Egypt when I was a priest.

“Your recollection of that particular lifetime is not as clear as it could be; still, there is a thread of choosing to be a high priest or priestess in a handful of lifetimes in order to keep yourself cloistered, and part of your struggle during this lifetime has been wanting to integrate being a high priestess but also being free to choose a partner who wouldn’t feel threatened by our day-to-day presence in your life. You often wonder, too, whether balancing your Divine Purpose as a scribe and healer would conflict with your desire to create a partnership that honours freedom and healthy boundaries at the same time. You are nearing a time when the next man will be presented, and it is no surprise that he has started to come through during periodic channeling sessions and even a few recent dreams. So, in answer to your unspoken question, yes, it is indeed possible, but it might require you to relinquish attachment to your life as you know it to be.”

I sat with Maitreya’s words for a few moments before he continued.

“Letting go has been a struggle for many, especially those who feel like fish out of water, wanting to feed and nourish the hungry, but also wanting the freedom to roam the ocean of the soul so that an even greater bounty can be provided. Do not settle for opening a tiny jar when, in reality, you want to create something that will benefit millions and millions of people. This is our shared goal, and it is because of your commitment to transcribe each and every word that you feel nourished within, yet a part of you remains hungry for genuine physical companionship, which is why your cat was sent into your life. Her time was nearing an end at the humane society, as she struggled and squirmed with everyone else who wanted to bond with her. While she still doesn’t enjoy being held for more than a few brief moments at a time, her affectionate nature should more than make up for her inability to surrender within your arms as frequently as you would like. She is extremely comforted by our presence and often seeks to enjoy it when you sit down in the morning to connect with our realm, just as we are doing now. It would not be a lie to say that you’ve saved each other’s lives, as she entered your life during an extremely challenging time, when the man you left behind was still taunting you and viewing you remotely, setting off pockets of chaos that were intentionally created to thwart our efforts to continue our mission.”

He then said, “Many who feel more at home in darkness will automatically attempt to either derail another or derail themselves, causing those who are prone to codependency to attempt to rescue him or her. A healer is not a rescuer. He or she stands guard at the soul’s helm and provides guidance so that the recipient can become attuned to the soul’s energy, which takes a bit of time to get used to, due to its purifying nature. As you can no longer be derailed by him or anyone else who is prone to codependency or addiction— who often partner together, just as martyrs and victims tend to do—so is it important that you not fall back into past patterns that delay happiness as your birthright. Love came with a high price tag during your childhood, and there have been very few friends who have wanted to step in and surrender to the soul’s light as willingly and as easily as you are learning how to do. As an Adept, which is merely another name for a high priest or priestess, you would be presented with tasks that Chelas who are new to the path would run away from. The trick to embracing the soul’s freedom as truth lies not with finding a tribe to run with, but finding a tribe who will accept you as you are, not as society wants or expects you to be. You are far too much of a rebel at heart to conform to old ways of thinking. That is a pattern that followed you since childhood, and it is one that is well suited to clarification. Do not fear standing in your soul’s light, regardless of how different you appear to those who are content with following the masses and patterns of ancient teachings that were designed for those who were not yet ready to embrace freedom as truth. While the Buddha did so on his own, his path toward enlightenment was not without tremendous losses that many thought him foolish to relinquish. Do you understand the nature of darkness because of your mother or the man you left behind?”

“Both of them were similar in many respects,” I answered.

“They were meant to be,” Maitreya said. “And while the stakes were not as high for your life as they were with the Buddha’s, it is still difficult for you to accept that a genuine friendship with a man can also be romantic in nature without making you want to escape, for fear of being imprisoned. That, too, goes back to lifetimes when you were betrayed by many who were close to you. Sit down sometime and write a list of the people you thought were your greatest teachers. Chances are, they were antagonists and cantankerous or belligerent. My message discusses the importance of the archetype of the wounded healer indirectly; however, as Chiron, which is the archetype of the wounded healer, is prominent with your birth chart, so is it difficult for those who are not yet ready to step into their own power challenged by the strength you tend to exhibit when your soul’s light flows more freely, liberating you from pretending things are one way when they are, in fact, another. The tendency to stretch the truth is high in many who have yet to address the lies they tell themselves. It is not your job to ‘fix’ people; it is your job to stand at attention and be willing to speak up for both the underdog and the aspects within yourself that have felt defeated by tragedies and losses that most people couldn’t even fathom, much less endure for multiple years, with peaks and valleys that would challenge even the most emotionally stable of people. Truth be told, you and I could carry on these conversations with a trainee or Chela or student—whichever term seems appropriate—but there must also come a time when the teacher understands the student is ready for more advanced training. You are not being weaned from our realm; you are losing touch with those who remind you of the ‘old you.’ This is a blessing, not a curse, and I would tell that to a few people you’ve become acquainted with, just the same as I would tell others who are trying to push the river that they have yet to step into the flow of the Divine because it would push them far more than they are ready to experience. This introduction is important, my friend, and I sense a bit of impatience. As you know, I am not here to chastise you or anyone. I simply want you to accept and understand that, as an intermediary, your Divine purpose cannot come without a price tag, but usually only costs you time that we would rather you not spend being self-destructive, which is a pattern that you were challenged to break after Melchizedek intervened in September 2001.”

“My entire world has changed, Maitreya.”

“And it will change even further. Do what you came here to do, my friend. And remember that we bless all living beings. It would serve you well to forgive the man you briefly dated all those years ago,”

“That doesn’t belong!” my inner cynic shouted.

“Good,” said Maitreya. “Because what belongs—especially now—is a scribe who is willing to stand up to deception and proclaim the soul’s freedom as truth, as the God Source of All That Is intended. The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine will never pit darkness against light or right against wrong. They will widen the spectrum for those who are chained to old beliefs to the point where those old beliefs will eventually surrender without resistance. If you can imagine seeing the man you’ve been dreaming of face-to-face in much the same way the man you briefly dated first appeared to you in your dreams and in your channelings, then it is not as much of a question about ‘if’ as it is about ‘when.’ You are the one who is in charge of your day-to-day activities, and there is no need to prevent this from occurring if it means you can stickhandle our words more easily if you are able to work part-time. Would that be an acceptable reality?”


“Very good. Now, then—and I am saying this with gentleness, so as not to ruffle the feathers who are intent on blaming others for their circumstances—there is much to be grateful for that many continue to take for granted. A loaf of bread can easily be shared and enjoyed, even if only a morsel is needed to satisfy an area within that is too timid to ask for more than a small portion at a time. Our words are also something that can easily be shared and enjoyed, as they are meant to inspire readers to become more open to the soul’s abundance, which is a source of love that no human can ever provide or replace—or even measure, for that matter. It is our hope that more people will be willing to partake in the bounty we have to offer.”

“Amen,” I answered.

I hope Maitreya’s message strikes a chord and strikes accord, as El Morya would say.

“Lettuce begin!” I could hear the fool exclaim.



The Main Course

Late this summer, our scribe was set to the task of transcribing a message from Jesus, who is known as Sananda within our realm The message is in the process of being proofread and will be posted very soon. Mother Mary requested that she be given an opportunity to introduce it, and she stepped forward during this past week to lay the groundwork for this to occur. It is, in effect, a groundbreaking message, metaphorically speaking, and it is intended to benefit those who are in the process of rebuilding.

While we respect the time involved in both transcribing and reading our messages, the message was also written to assist those who are struggling with the transition from the old world to the new one.

If a building manual was provided to a construction manager, he or she would still need to decide whether the blueprint is compatible with the instructions contained in the manual. Immediately laying out all the tools and materials needed to build a skyscraper would never get the job done, and while not everyone will have read the message our scribe posted on Facebook on October 12 that included messages from Archangel Uriel and me, there is one sentence in particular that I have asked our scribe to repeat because it serves to set the stage for today’s message:

“If you’re one of the people who grew up hearing and then believing that children were meant to be seen and not heard, please remind yourself of this truth and allow it to extend to all the darkened corners of your inner realm: ‘Love deserves to live here, as do you.’”

Many struggle to feel at home within themselves, and the transition to a more balanced way of being is a collaborative effort that involves internal self-adjustments that may or may not be understood unless the concepts are displayed in such a manner that the subconscious mind is open and willing to integrate a less rigid and more sustaining and supportive framework.

While metaphors and analogies are not everyone’s cup of tea, water is still the base ingredient and the fluidity the soul is seeking to offer cannot be poured into a vessel that is unprepared for the alchemical reaction to take place. That stated, transforming one’s mindset to become more soul oriented merely requires shifting one’s consciousness to an expanded level, and while not everyone will agree with what we have to say—particularly if it challenges belief systems that have not evolved beyond the somewhat strict guidelines that were set into place centuries ago—those who are open to expanding their awareness of themselves and others (and who are also looking to be liberated from the confines of old belief systems, whether personal or otherwise) will benefit exponentially.

We respect and understand the need for structure and balance, and yet we are often curious why imbalance is accepted as so-called “normal.” Pockets of time are available to each and every one of you to step outside for a breath of fresh air and sunlight, to briefly speak with someone so that a meaningful connection can be created (or sustained, as the case may be), or simply to journal about stresses and concerns that would have far more value on a piece of paper than they would be in the mind, causing imbalances within the body. A solution or resolution is more apt to be found by any one of these options, if not all of them.

Dear friends—and I am using this term intentionally—you have come to us on a number of occasions for guidance in your prayers. Some of you have specifically named Jesus as a recipient, or Archangel Michael, or even the blessed Mother Mary. I have made myself available for each and every one of them when they requested my counsel and assistance. Yes, even the archangels seek a resolution to a human condition that Archangels Sandalphon and Metatron might not have experienced when they were in human form. They, too, have been there for me when I have requested their counsel and assistance.

The challenge most people face when receiving Divine guidance is not allowing their egos to misinterpret the messages provided; yet, it is often the ego that demands a specific outcome that might not be in their soul’s highest good. Grace is never something the mind determines has occurred, although it is often felt by the mind as a direct result of it being experienced by the heart. While it might be a bit of a stretch for some to accept forgiving a person as an act of Divine Grace, the end result liberates both people energetically. The tethers to toxic people must be broken, dear friends, or at least loosened to the point where you are not bound to their whims and fancies more than you are your own. Isn’t your inner child worth risking “losing face” when, indeed, a mask of defiance might very well be what is preventing a new beginning from occurring?

We are not here to tell you that the old ways are “wrong.” Some are simply a bit outdated, considering the limitations and restrictions that were set into place by those in power in order to establish order and control.

Please recognize that being stringent with air limits the lungs from operating at their fullest capacity in much the same way.

You came here to learn and to teach, and those who are often antagonistic are not your enemies, but are frequently sent as “polishers,” if you will. The analogy of sandpaper and its benefits must not be forgotten. Bless them for allowing you to shine, for it is a gift from their souls that your soul agreed to prior to incarnating. Use that gift to bring light to all that is around you. The longer you resent those who have fallen from grace, so to speak, the harder it is for them to detach from their own self-limiting beliefs that they, too, agreed to be taught to revisit and perfect.

Please remember that polishing and perfecting are not ill-timed. They are bulldozers in a manner of speaking, as a tumbled stone achieves a much higher sheen after it has gone through the process of being perfected.

The soul’s definition of “perfect” is not the same as the ego often defines it. Everything on Earth was devised from the thought of creation being attracted to an outcome. That is not to say that an outcome cannot be achieved if it is thought to have failed. It might well be that “failure”—or a “fail lure,” as my friend, El Morya, would say—is a necessary transition to perfection. There are many ways to cook a potato, but the potato is still a potato, and an onion adds to the flavour of savoury dishes, but seldom the sweet ones. Do not don butter on an onion and expect it to taste any different, unless it is allowed to brown and caramelize.

There are a multitude of ways that I could teach lessons using ingredients for cooking as analogies. Trust that each chef has made dishes that do not tempt the palates of those with simpler preferences.

How many times have you discovered a new dish by accident? Or a new friend by accident? Do not cast misjudgment on “accidents,” for many who defined themselves in one way redefined themselves in a way that reflects the soul’s Highest Truth because of the accident.

If a lightning bolt hits sand, a breathtaking sculpture is often made. Do not will the mind to cry out to the sky in defiance of weather patterns that have wreaked havoc. As many have observed, factions that were once warring against each other are often spurred to set their differences aside to help those who have lost everything in floods and fires, as well as earthquakes.

It is not our intention to make amends on behalf of those who are content to foster antagonism or mend a broken fence that serves as a far healthier boundary for those who needed space and time to rebuild their inner sanctums. It is our intention to focus on the inner sanctums prior to allowing those self-adjustments to become more energetically aligned with the magic of the soul’s light. As our scribe can well attest, when darkness is encountered, the journey toward the light becomes a quest for freedom, which the soul accepts and values as truth far more than anything that could possibly be used to tempt the ego into maintaining a strict and stringent alternative as more acceptable.

You did not come here to buy and sell trinkets and tokens of affection, even though they are desirable. You came here to honour the connections that are intended to nurture the mind and heart as one. No one on Earth is here by accident. The soul does not make misjudgments, nor would we allow a single incarnation to occur without counseling the soul prior to this adventure of life being set into motion, once again. You have taken multiple trips around the sun, choosing and alternating a sexual preference in order to rebalance your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine natures. I challenge anyone who knows themselves well to declare the self entirely masculine or feminine, for many who are adept at ballroom dancing would understand that finding the flow and joining in harmony with the music being played are far more enjoyable than first learning the steps. Compatible dance partners will never override his or her partner, but merge with that person in the time that it takes to display the magic of dance and the dance of magic that is the gift of the person who created the music that was then brought into being.

Remember to pause when you need a rest. While pushing the self beyond one’s limits might bring accolades to those who are seeking to advance on a corporate ladder or as a competitive athlete, those who foster teamwork and friendly competition are far more likely to be better leaders and team players who understand that losses make for better players, and better players make for a stronger team. Humanity must band together for the soul’s plan to be set into motion. Whether individual or collective, the overall Plan designed by the Master Architects will often require that a basement be established and firmly set into place when more than one or two storeys are created above ground. Your soul’s repertoire of acknowledgment, as El Morya is fond of referring to it, needs to have a good, clean sweep from time to time, and as everyone who has endured a renovation will attest, dust must be whisked away prior to the final product being revealed.

Many of you have endured multiple losses over the past few years. Please see this as the soul’s way of renovating your inner sanctum so that the highest possible outcome can occur. The benefits of choosing to endure the excavation—or even having it occur because of the actions of another—will yield a far better story to tell, too. Don’t be afraid to rewrite a chapter or two or clean the slate so that new chapters can be written. Everyone who knows you is likely to be able to retell a story about how he or she met you. Do not allow those whose back story is aligned with betrayal and malice be the main characters. See them as the architects whose blueprints cannot be forced to blend with your own. Tend to the areas where reinforcement is required and be willing to rebuild the areas that will bring out your inner hero, not the martyr and victim who are intent on protecting an old guard whose retirement is past due. For many of you, joy is long overdue and a new chapter might well be just what your inner child needs to join forces with the hero, setting into motion a changing of the guard who knows the lay of the land far better than someone who refuses to step beyond the confines of a post that protects an area of the castle where renovation is needed the most.

Each day is an opportunity for a new adventure, dear friends. It is not a time to open an old book and expect the outcome to be any different.

Yes, this is a longer post than what most would be willing to read (unless, of course, the desire for spiritual nourishment exceeds one’s need for a filler with very little value). The purpose of doing so, however, is to establish a deeper and more personal connection with those who are willing to stand by their inner children so that the nature of the soul, which is to create, can be allowed to merge without fear of abandonment of rejection, which millions upon millions of people have been taught to expect from the Source of All That Is, which is God. Do not forget the every atom in the universe shares a common theme, regardless of its form: it exists as part of the Grand Design, and is not meant to be erased from view when a bigger picture has yet to be seen.

Embrace the soul’s adventure, dear friends! When A Tryst of Faith was channeled, our scribe had no idea where the story was leading. She was simply set to the task of transcribing our words, just as she is doing today, so that we can prove to those who have felt rejected or neglected—or lost—that the soul’s map, much like an architect’s blueprint, can only be seen if one is willing to look.

While it is not our intention to continue delaying the publication of A Tryst of Faith, it has been necessary for our scribe to be polished to a point where those who are apt to observing flaws are less likely to scar her reputation or her ability to withstand the misjudgments that might very well be cast upon her by those who cannot fathom the old ways as no longer required by the soul for self-transformation to occur.

Some of you have long held grudges against one or two people, accepting their behaviour as idiotic or insensitive or simply callous and cruel. Do not think for a moment that such behaviours did not exist within a previous lifetime—or even a number of them.

Rebalancing takes time. Even those who struggle with certain yoga poses learn to adjust over time.

You are not meant to control people into behaving in a manner that adheres to your rules and not their own. Parenting skills require an awareness of both individuals, and while some students excel at math, others will find their niche in spelling or understanding psychology. What comes naturally to you might not be second nature to another. Please bear this in mind when you think someone should behave or think as you do when his or her repertoire of acknowledgment has yet to be structurally integrated with the soul’s highest truth.

It is not our intention to speak in terms that are complex to understand. We are simply voicing a collective desire to remind you, both singularly and collectively, that an Adept was once a Chela who was once someone seeking to follow a spiritual path that served to guide him or her to the soul’s freedom.

The goal of the soul is to expand. It is in accepting the benefit of looking beyond your current conditions that you will find joy, satisfaction, and fulfilment—to varying degrees—by looking beyond the confines of the world that has taught you that you will only be acceptable if you conform to certain societal standards or religious doctrine that conflict with your essential nature.

A circle cannot easily be drawn by someone who is naturally left handed if he or she is forced to use his or her right hand. Anyone who has studied piano, however—especially Bach—will feel an internal strain when the left hand is instructed to cooperate in a less than natural manner. Practice does, indeed, make for a better pupil, and it most certainly makes for a happier audience, especially when a performance is harshly judged by those who expect every note to be perfect.

There is a difference between “perfection” on an emotional level and one on a mental level. While they operate in tandem, there are benefits to looking toward the heart for the obstacles placed there by the ego. “Thou shalt not sin” is a blasphemy against the soul, which understands that the darkened aspects of the mind are merely imbalances that have yet to be perfected.

Please be gentle with yourselves and others, dear friends, as it helps to counteract the harshness within those who have yet to awaken and embrace the soul’s light.

You were once innocent newborns who had yet to understand your true placement in the world. If you were to break this placement down to a fundamental level that would address every manner of perfection known to humankind, it would point toward the word “love” more often than what some might anticipate. Everyone defines the word “love” differently. Please remember that defining and redefining love requires both a self-assessment and a calculated observation that will put you in the so-called “driver’s seat.” While desiring love might not appeal to those who have grown cynical, love might be exactly what a person’s inner child is in need of most. For those of you who have observed the dynamic between the cynic and the young girl over the course of a number of messages, I’m sure you’ve noticed that their interactions are expansive, not cantankerous, and the desire to rebuild must call out to those archetypes who have yet to work in harmony with each other so any existing imbalances can be addressed.

The soul’s alchemy only requires a willingness to look beyond societal conditioning and programming, especially if those methods are failing to provide a desired result.

We recommend that you journal before seeking the counsel of a friend who might take your request for an opinion a little too far. I will not expand on that comment because I want you to think about how you value your time and energy.

If you value boundaries more than you do barriers that restrict your soul’s freedom, we recommend that you set a time each and every day to go through the motions as a Chela or Adept would, creating structure and balance that is Divinely guided by making a map of sorts and setting a course to look beyond your awareness of All That Is. To be certain, there are no boundaries to that awareness; however, you must challenge yourself to step outside society’s box and give yourself a ticket to Admit One.

I am going to stop here because I’m certain one or two of you might have already recognized that admitting the Oneness of All That Is cannot possibly exclude you, regardless of what you’ve been told, and there is no way the soul would force you to sacrifice your self-esteem, your self-respect, or your self-awareness in order to placate an entity that is representative of your inherent Divine Masculine nature. The Divine Feminine has never been absent, as none of you would have arrived on your planet without Her assistance.

While I suppose it could be said that to harness a horse would eventually tame it—given the correct teaching methods, that is—every single horse who knew a pasture as its true home would welcome each and every opportunity to roam without restriction.

Give yourselves opportunities to roam, dear friends. Give yourselves permission to advance upon the soul’s ladder and find the freedom in looking beyond the fence that divides what is societally acceptable and what would give you a feeling, deep within, of unbridled freedom and joy. That is exactly what the soul is offering, and why I came here today to inspire you to take the reins off your fears and harness the soul’s freedom instead.

Do not put a limit on imagining what a different future can look like, for indeed every single horse that is set out to pasture still needs to take the time to honour and nourish its body. The body of the Christ is your Divine self, dear friends. It is who you are, deep down. While Sananda did much to impart this belief system, don’t think for a moment that he wasn’t once a Chela on a path to enlightenment. He was simply a brighter light, much like the Buddha was known to be. Both of them arrived on Earth with a mission to spread awareness of the soul, regardless of what society deemed was the best way to survive. The best way to survive—and also to thrive—is to bask in the soul’s light and allow freedom to trickle in to the areas where it is needed most.

I Am Maitreya.

Please embrace your Divine light today and allow it to liberate you from the confines of society’s imitations and limitations. You were not born to be captive slaves. You were born to be free.

~ Channeled October 26, 2019



Author: Sheridan Cooke

I am a medium, scribe, intuitive healer, and Reiki Master, and have been channeling messages intended to invoke deep healing and rebalance inner archetypes since September 2001. I work mainly with the High Council, Archangels, and the Elohim. From time to time, I also receive messages from other elevated light beings, such as the Pleiadians and Andromeda, and will often receive messages directly from a person's inner child or an archetype seeking to reintegrate the soul's Light more fully.

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