Creating space

Following is a transcription of yesterday’s channeling session, which left me feeling as though a great deal of movement is about to take place. If you’re ready to make changes and create some much needed space in your life, then I hope it inspires you to take action. Namaste.

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Walking toward the soul’s ocean

If you’ve been following along with the storyline that has been unfolding and noticed an underlying trinity theme, this portion serves as a prelude to a trio of channeled messages, the first two of which were transcribed earlier today. I have been guided to post the messages in the reverse order of when they came through. Archangel Haniel is telling me, “This is intentional, as the energy the trinity of messages contains is intended to assist in a gradual, energetic unraveling of the wounds that have been wound around the heart, thereby assisting in expanding the consciousness of the reader by gently creating an opening for more of the soul’s light to enter the heart and mind, allowing them to be more unified in—and less intimidated by—their collective awareness of the soul’s love.”

The second part includes the archetypal trinity of the young girl, preteen, and teenager, who represent fragmented aspects of the woman’s inner realm that have been integrated, and also introduces two new archetypes that haven’t been shared online before, although they’ve come through multiple times over the years. Even though the cast of characters has expanded ever so slightly, all three messages are still very easy to follow. The third part was channeled on Christmas morning and includes a message in the form of a letter from Lord Sananda, whom many know as Jesus.

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Christmas presence

This morning’s message was deep and transformative, and left me feeling both hopeful and encouraged by Archangel Haniel’s presence and the gifts that she and the others who came forward bestowed. I hope the same holds true for you. Merry Christmas, everyone. Cherish those you hold dear. Namaste.

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Shifting perspectives

This is a longer blog post than usual and contains two parts. If shifts have been occurring in your life and you intuitively feel divine guidance would be beneficial, then I hope you find these messages helpful. Namaste.

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Breaking free

Yesterday’s channeling session started off with a brief conversation that immediately led into a short story. I simply transcribed the words, as I always do, allowing the dialogue and images to evolve naturally.

I hope the story inspires you to look at love differently. Namaste.

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Expanding limitations

“Dear One, it’s time to get going,” Vesta remarked.

“Where to?” the woman asked.

“We’re going to the edge of your known Universe.”

“Which one?” prodded the young girl. “My repertoire of acknowledgment is pretty broad.”

“And I’d like you to broaden it, just a little.”

“Okay,” she agreed.

“You’re reading my mind,” the woman said.

“All of us are able to read minds, you know,” Vesta commented. “As are you, when you’re no longer tethered to your physical body.”

“I have a favour to ask,” the cynic stated. “If you don’t mind, please.”

“What’s your favour?” Vesta inquired, as the wind began encircling the cynic, looking for an opening.

“I’d like to ameliorate my fears of being in close, intimate contact with someone without feeling as though the world is going to collapse in on itself.”

“It won’t collapse in on itself, but it might show you some areas where you’re resisting the very thing that you’re wanting,” Vesta said in an assuring tone. “Please review the transcription from the other morning. It will be a very good place to start.”

“Okay,” he concurred. “I’ll do it because I know you won’t let me down.”

“Don’t put your faith in someone else’s ability to hold the cards. You have a few of your own that you can play, as does the woman.”

The woman smiled and recalled the conversation she had had with Maitreya earlier that morning.

“Are you ready?” Vesta inquired.

“I am,” the fool said.

“I am, too,” Maitreya said, reassuring the woman that he was still watching over her.

“Let time be a friend and not an enemy, for love—regardless of how it is defined—will not wait. It will continue to move and encourage movement. Man’s free will is his only limitation. As always, he must choose whether expanding his boundaries and expectations is within his scope of vision. The broader the view, the grander his heart’s ability to seek solace in expansion and not limitation. Let that be all for this morning. Upload the other day’s transcription immediately afterward or allow this to sit and percolate within. Either way, the choice is up to you. Two steps forward is still two steps forward. There is never anything wrong with taking a step back to consider your options and alternative courses of behaviour. If your methods have not yielded you the desired results, then open yourself up to adopting new ones on for size. There is no one-size-fits-all, as far as love is concerned; there is only what fits for each individual. Let time be a friend and not an enemy,” Vesta repeated.

“For love—regardless of how it is defined—will not wait,” said the young girl.

“And the only thing I have to do now is expand how far I’m willing to push my emotional boundaries,” added the woman, feeling comforted by her newfound courage.

~ Channeled December 16, 2018 



Return to innocence

“In order to serve your heart’s freedom, don’t be afraid to push your emotional boundaries. Just remember: there’s a difference between making your mark and leaving a scar,” remarked Maitreya, utilizing a quote that the woman had created.

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