Conscious connections

Living from the perspective at which you came from and returning to source really is an act of remembering, rather than an act of learning.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Transcend the limitations of those who have yet to embrace their Divine consciousness. You will not grow if you are unwilling to uproot yourself from a garden cluttered with weeds. Therein lies your choice: to eliminate the weeds or find a different place within which to bloom. To that end, we hope that Andromeda’s message inspires you to embrace the fullness of who you are.

Divine Unity, on behalf of the Elohim.

If clarity is what you are seeking, look within, not without.

You are abundant by nature. Whether it is an abundance of lack or a lack of abundance, it is within you to choose where you wish to place your focus.

Many of you know this, either from experience or from learning about this concept from other light beings such as Abraham.

We are here to remind you who you are.

Do not magnify your darkness as a way of diminishing your light. Illuminate your darkness and you will see things that have up to now eluded your observation.

Do you see yourself as limited or unlimited?

Do you see yourself as fragmented or whole?

Do you see that they are united in the spectrum of All That Is, which could be considered synonymous with the God Force that is both masculine and feminine in nature?

How brilliant is a light that shines for all to view!

While this is true for those who choose to accept that your imagination is one of the most direct links to your own Divine Consciousness, so must it also be feasible that this telepathic resonance can also be experienced with those who do not occupy a physical body.

You are Consciousness incarnate, Dear Ones.

You have always been more than what you might think you are.

Are you willing to shine as brightly as the Sun, which does not see itself but impacts everything within your galaxy as you know it to be?

Are you willing to accept that your limitations are only temporary?

How brave your soul must be to choose to occupy a physical body during a time when fragmentation is accepted more readily than the wholeness of who you truly are.

Remember that the spectrum of All That Is cannot exclude anyone or anything.

Does this not expand your potential rather than limit it?

“Do not hide your light under a bushel” has been written before. Remember it now as if it was the first time you have heard it.

Remember who you are.

You are Divine.

You are magnificent.

You are Consciousness incarnate.

And so it is.


~ Channeled February 20, 2023

Flowing forward

The height of a man’s success is gauged by his self-mastery; the depth of his failure by his self-abandonment.

Leonardo da Vinci

What brings you a sense of peace and equanimity within?

What sets you apart from those around you who tend to misjudge you from time to time?

Do you ever wonder what your soul thinks about those who act one way toward your face yet the complete opposite behind your back?

It is not our role to deny conflict from existing, but to find a way to act as catalysts for peace so that the polarities can be integrated, both within yourself and the person with whom there is a slight discord.

If you feel called to serve the world’s healing, trust that doing so requires a good, honest look at where things have fallen out of alignment. Try to give others as well as yourself the benefit of the doubt, and don’t hold onto anger and resentment, which are impediments to the soul’s love.

Do not underestimate your soul’s strength or your intuition, for they are formidable allies that will guide you through waters that might seem less than hospitable. To that end, we hope you find value in the message this scribe was recently requested to transcribe on behalf of Djwhal Khul and El Morya.


“It is time to manoeuvre through the quagmire,” the infidel said.

“I never agreed to go through a swamp,” the cynic declared.

“To some, the swamp is protective,” Djwhal Khul remarked. “It is merely temporary, as are all things that annoy people. The mistake so many tend to make is allowing little things get to them. This does not do any favours for the physical vessel.”

“Neither does the swamp,” snorted the cynic, who was soon sopping wet. Within moments, however, a waterfall appeared, and the cynic was able to wash his clothes while feeling refreshed in the sun and clear water.

“It is said that Quan Yin visited these same waters,” Djwhal Khul continued. “They were considered sacred within her circle, and she, too, concurred that while the swamp was unpleasant, the reward was worth the effort and the time it took to get here.”

The fool looked around and felt a sense of peace that had eluded the group for quite some time.

“When do you think you’ll meet him?” the young girl asked the woman. “And don’t tell me that you don’t care, because I know you do.”

“There are others who will gladly step forward when my time with you has passed,” Djwhal Khul mentioned, stopping the woman from overthinking, which never did her any good.

“Being love is different from praying for it, you know,” he added, causing the woman to look up from the journal she had been writing in.

“I’m not sure why, but I feel like I’m going to run into someone I once dated,” she replied.

“Maybe, maybe not,” D.K. said. “But I’m glad you’re starting to feel more optimistic. It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to reconsider going back to England. Glastonbury has been calling your name for a handful of years and returning to the U.K. would feel like a homecoming of sorts.”

“The pull is strong, but I don’t know if it’s time, just yet.”

“Give yourself a few months. You might change your mind.”

“Djwhal Khul …” the young girl asked in a questioning tone. “Why have I been outcast?”

“It can be challenging to release those who no longer serve your soul’s purpose. Send them gratitude and remember that you, too, have left behind those who did not meet you where you wanted and needed to be.”

The woman then heard a familiar voice say, “As far as soul contracts go, many of you instantly know when an important person enters your sphere. Do not ignore the intuitive prompting that often accompanies these encounters, yet detach yourself from what you believe the outcome should be. Everyone has certain limits, and while some chomp at the bit to broaden and deepen them, others will stand as far back from the edge of taking a leap of faith for fear of falling face first into depths of despair.”

“Has that happened to you before?” El Morya asked the woman as he stepped forward fully.

“I had a feeling you were nearby,” she answered.

“When have I willingly denied an opportunity to witness your growth?”

“Not that I can recall,” the cynic said, looking around at the scenery.

“Ah, synergy and scenery,” El Morya said. “So many words can easily be modified to mean something else. Some might say that the entire alphabet is alchemical in nature.”

“Where to now?” the infidel inquired.

A dragon suddenly appeared overhead. The woman gasped with delight, as it had been a few years since any dragons had entered their circle.

“They are forbearers of tremendous change,” Djwhal Khul stated. “Remember that you have come this far because you are a warrior by nature.”

“And now she’s a warrior in nature,” the fool teased.

El Morya chuckled and then looked at the woman with a solemn expression. “You must not fear transitioning to higher planes. This brief respite was meant to remind you that even when things have fallen apart, you have the will and the strength to rebuild. An Adept’s journey is not unlike that of a Chela, but it will require you to practice more self-control. Let silence be your friend and not your enemy. The soul can be heard when the cacophony of the world has been set aside, even if it is only for a few short minutes each day. Trust its wisdom, as well as your own. Freedom is one of the rewards of self-mastery.”

“And so it is,” declared the young girl.

~ Channeled January 3, 2023

Enlightenment beyond the world you know

There’s always another level up. There’s always another ascension. More grace, more light, more generosity, more compassion, more to shed, more to grow.

Elizabeth Gilbert

It is rare for the Buddha to step forward during our sessions with this scribe. We hope you find his words meaningful.


Resolve to evolve.

Attaining enlightenment was not entirely the goal of my self-imposed period of solitude so I could come to terms with all the chaos I was witnessing throughout my time on Earth when I was known as Siddhartha Gautama.

There were others who came before me and many others who came after me to bring Ascension Codes to Gaia. We did this in subtle ways so as to not create discord within communities as a whole but to magnify the discordance within those who were attempting to move forward but were still stuck in old patterns that denied them the freedom the soul has always sought at the root of each chosen lifetime.

Our belief systems struck a nerve with many, just as they continue to do with those who have denied their own inner perspectives to be questioned and answered.

You do not need to bow down to me. What I would like you to do, however, is stay strong in the face of those who resolutely refuse to condemn themselves while acting as tyrants toward those who have chosen to be in service of others.

Mainstream religion has denied several truths from coming to the forefront, and women who were seen as stronger than men were turned away because those men feared they would be overthrown. Some women were beheaded or were forced into subservient positions to keep them out of the way, where they could no longer influence men whose egos were larger than their souls preferred.

You have spent lifetimes as men and women; as such, this is not directed to any one sex in particular but with a view to combining them as Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, which are intended to rebalance each other when societal expectations are swept away, not to mention those within family units that pretend things are fine when they are anything but.

Some have struggled with depression because of childhood wounds that have not yet been healed. Others have moved beyond them but are still reprimanded for the slightest infraction because their mere presence upsets the structure that has been accepted, regardless of whether it is mentally, emotionally, or physically healthy.

Make your health your utmost priority this year. Do not lay claim to your wounds with a view to portraying them as excuses or reasons for not moving forward. We know doing so can be difficult. We know that being the so-called “black sheep” can be less than pleasant in certain situations.

Being closer to the fringe is ultimately beneficial from your soul’s perspective, for you are one step closer to launching yourself into a whole new system that will tend to you in ways that have not yet been experienced as consistently as you would like to become accustomed to.

Blend your light with those who are willing to see you clearly without judgment and grant them the same miracle in return. While some might not agree that this is a miracle, per se, take the lead and make certain that you have swept the rug that you are standing on and that nothing is lying underneath to cause you to trip and fall.

Some of you are convinced that the rug will be pulled out from underneath you. Why not think of it as being a magic carpet instead? You would not be the first person to imagine soaring through the Universe, well beyond worlds you have come to know.

What treasures do you seek that you believe cannot be found within?

Why not take a chance and break free from your life as you know it to be so you can create anew?

You are a supernova. Brilliant beyond measure and breathtaking to behold.

With love and gratitude for your attention this 2nd day of January 2023,

I AM Gautama Buddha

~ Channeled January 2, 2023

The gift of freedom

Divinity means unfolding and expressing life in new ways. Divinity means radiating peace, bliss and beauty in the world. Divinity means overcoming the limitations of nature in new ways.

Amit Ray

As storylines go, which ones speak to your need for a fresh start?

Many deep lessons have been learned over the past few years, and we know some of them have been difficult, to put it mildly.

If you have a few minutes to recalibrate, we hope you will use them to absorb some of the energies and wisdom Archangel Uriel wishes to impart.

I Am Maitreya. Blessings to you all.

“And so it begins, and so shall we,” the wind whispered.

“What do you mean, ‘we’?” asked the young girl.

“All the elements work together in harmony,” was the only answer the woman heard before the Queen appeared in front of her.

“The New Year is fast approaching. ‘You’re stating the obvious,’ some might tell me, but I want you to think long and hard about what brings meaning and value to your life. Follow those first and use caution about divulging your private thoughts to those who will turn your words against you. You have learned this a few times, but the time has come for you to set a clear boundary with those who do not see you clearly and remove the barriers against those who care deeply but have yet to spring themselves free from their own self-imprisoned mentalities.”

“That’s a little deep for first thing in the morning,” the cynic said to the Queen.

“She has a point,” the young girl said. “Being an open book has left me feeling rejected and betrayed a handful of times.”

“Then I need to trust my intuition more,” admitted the woman.

“And trust people who are manipulative less,” the Crone observed as she appeared in the doorway with her bags fully packed.

“Why aren’t you staying?” the young girl inquired.

“Why are you?” she replied. “There are many more adventures that lie ahead.”

As far as brief dialogues go, who do you relate to the most? Are you the one left with all the responsibilities because you refuse to ask for help for one reason or another?

Think about those who set aside time for everyone who matters to them. If your circle is wide, this can be difficult to do. If your circle is small, you need to ask yourself how much time you allot for yourself to bring your hopes and dreams to the forefront and make them your utmost priority.

If you were to suddenly find yourself alone after years of being in a romantic partnership, how jaded would you be if someone who was honest and truthful by nature immediately stepped in to prove to you that not everyone will hurt or abandon you?

“What is the difference between honesty and truth?” some might inquire, to which we are choosing to reply with a simple question:

What do you hold as truth within?

If your fears of love are held tightly, you will not have room for those who are willing to give and receive without attachment to obligation or expectations that go against your inherent nature. The latter statement will automatically lead to what your inherent nature actually is.

While this soliloquy could turn into an intense conversation with the woman and the man she was asked to leave behind, how surprised would you be to learn that his own awakening occurred as a result of this catalyst being presented to him? That stated, what if his inherent nature is to be distrustful because of his own childhood wounds?

What would you do to help someone who refuses to give the next romantic partner a chance?

When each person’s life review occurs, potential outcomes to a specific situation are often shown.

If someone triggered you and you overreacted without thinking about the long-term consequences, how many people would keep their distance until their own fears of being seen with a few minor so-called “flaws” that were temporarily apparent have vanished?

“You are richer than you think,” some of us could tell you, which might also prompt a handful of you to think about how you define abundance.

As Mother Mary mentioned the other day, “Clarity and charity walk hand in hand.”

Who do you imagine yourself walking hand in hand with?

Who has been there for you during your own dark nights of the soul?

What if darkness exists to propel you toward the light?

Are you willing to surrender to love after all the disappointments you’ve endured? What if those events are what made you stronger all the way down to the very core of your being? Would you not accept that you are far more powerful than you ever gave yourself credit for?

“Let freedom reign within,” the Queen then said to the woman. “While you have been told this a time or two before, think about who matters in your world and nurture the relationships with people who accept you for you and do not attempt to change you into a less than empowered version of yourself. If they are triggered by your presence, give them space and time to figure out why they are afraid of their own sovereignty. Does this make sense? I know things need to be logical for you to hear this without judging yourself as being wrong for finally hitting your limit, as far as tolerating rejection and abuse are concerned.”

“Wow, you’re full of nuggets of wisdom today, aren’t you?” the cynic asked rhetorically.

“I hear you loud and clear,” the fool announced.

“As do I,” the young girl said as she looked at the woman intently.

Give yourself the gift of freedom. Your heart and soul will thank you.

With love from the archangelic realm,

I Am Archangel Uriel

~ Channeled December 27, 2022

The gift of renewal

Change is inevitable, but transformation is by conscious choice.

HeatherAsh Amara

Today’s message is from Maitreya. If the holiday season has been feeling a bit overwhelming, please consider taking a 2-minute break and allowing your heart to take refuge in his comforting words.

Mary Magdalene

Time will be a friend to those who choose to be friends with themselves.

You needn’t look for happiness other than within.

Let the traditions that have meaning and value to you be nurtured in a way that leaves a lasting impression on your inner realm. This will be particularly helpful if you are holding onto unworthiness as truth, which is merely an illusion created by trauma or a host of disappointments that have filtered into your inner sanctum and taken refuge.

It is time to clear out the old and let the idea of experiencing new adventures begin to percolate so they can be brought to life and embraced as fully as you are able.

Do not allow the inconsistencies of others replace what your soul wishes to instill.

As Archangel Uriel recently mentioned to this scribe, “Make it your mission to hold your values to the highest standards. Let this be remembered, today and always.”

“Challenge yourself to let go of what no longer serves you” has also been mentioned from time to time. Is it a Divine message or one that you resonate with because the time has come to clear the slate?

Your body’s innate intelligence is worth paying attention to. Do not ignore its wisdom.

As masquerading is not what your soul would ever intend for you, have the courage to break down things that have been overwhelming you and make peace with the people who do not see you as clearly as you would like. Making peace could also entail accepting that their soul’s purpose has been to teach you valuable—albeit painful—lessons.

Use gratitude as fuel. A lifeboat would never be stable with those who intentionally attempt to upset it.

Do you see what we are attempting to tell you? Can you hear the intention in our words? Do you accept the logic of our transformative recommendations?

Have you tapped into your own abilities to be clairvoyant, clairaudient, and claircognizant?

Why not give yourself permission to elevate your game for your inner realm’s sake? You will be stronger for maintaining authenticity as truth, no matter how many naysayers surround you.

While many are attempting to promote “positive vibes only,” the term “spiritual bypassing” was coined for a reason.

If you want to ascend even further throughout this lifetime and the ones to come, give embracing sovereignty your utmost attention. There will always be people who will attempt to undermine others or throw them under the bus for one thing or another. Give them a wide berth and give yourself an even wider rebirth.

No matter how many storms are surrounding or within you, every day is a chance to be reborn into the soul’s light.

And so it is.


~ Channeled December 11, 2022

Ascension challenges

When we learn how to become resilient, we learn how to embrace the beautifully broad spectrum of the human experience.

Jaeda Dewalt

Maitreya asked me to tap into the Elohim at the start of this morning’s channeling session. This is one of the things they had to share: “Your ability to remain sovereign is challenged by those who continue to attempt to undermine you. Do not fall prey to their betrayal of themselves nor allow it to cause you to fall prey to your own.”

Maitreya then said, “We often draw a line between the spectrum of a person’s experience and how others have projected their own perceptions onto the growth periods both parties have been enduring. This line is not static but serves as a way to place a stop/start that is often felt within. Your inner realm will understand what this means without attempting to overanalyze it.”

Maitreya paused before continuing. “When do you come to the point where darkness and light are facing each other? If you magnify what appears to be a line between the two, you will see that they are intertwined, just as your own journey toward ascension can also be intertwined with those who believe themselves to be far more pious. This is an illusion. Growth is growth, and if a person makes what others deem to be a gross error in judgment, look at the outcome and then ask yourself if that mistake was actually a catalyst to catapult sovereignty to the forefront. This is where true change begins and self-destructiveness can make its final exit. Push beyond your self-imposed limitations. Trust that the soul’s alchemy has far reaching effects and grant others the grace that you, too, would wish to receive if you were undergoing a period of intense transformation. In the meantime, we hope Archangel Michael’s message below also serves to catapult readers into the next phase of their awakening with greater ease and clarity. And so it is.”


Who do you admire most in the world? Is that person alive, or has he, she, or they (being pronoun sensitive) transitioned to the place where you, too, will return during what we term the time between time?

What is your favourite movie? Do you have a favourite book in lieu of a television show that once provided entertainment?

The reason for us asking these questions has much to do with the distractions you are allowing to take the place of forward movement on your own ascension journey.

Please do not mistake the need for rest as simply tied to mental or physical exhaustion. Many times it is because you feel the need to escape this mortal coil, as it was once coined and repeated many times since Hamlet was first penned.

How often do you binge watch a television program in lieu of going on a new adventure?

What is your greatest fear? Is it love? Death? Abandonment? All three seemingly rolled into one?

There is much that we can tell you about the time between time. What stories and adventures do you wish to relay once you have left your physical body behind? Is it difficult to imagine what it would be like to no longer occupy what you have become accustomed to?

As many undergo a period of intense transformation following a near death experience, so are those who received a small dose of what is termed “Divine Intervention” also impacted to a tremendous degree.

Do not forget where you came from. Let your mind imagine what this place is like and how often you visit with ascended masters (as they are often termed), not to mention those of us in the archangelic realm who foresee many shifts occurring within the Earth plane during the next decade alone.

Do not abandon yourself if you are enduring a dark period during your soul’s adventure. Many more new horizons await your exploration.

With much love,

Archangel Michael

~ Channeled November 30, 2022


Preparing to soar

We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.

Joseph Campbell

“Lighten up,” the cynic remarked. “People are going to start pushing you away from them.”

“They already have,” the fool observed.

“Let them,” the young girl said. “I’m tired of pretending I’m something I’m not.”

 “Perhaps you might want to consider this concept instead: you were operating from an old version of who you are that was based on how you were conditioned,” Maitreya declared. “When you’re ready to change that, you’ll no longer be the caboose of a very long and emotionally draining train.”

“Do you still have the transcription I asked you to record?” Maitreya then asked the woman.

“I do,” she replied.

“You accepted vows a number of years ago to create a sacred sanctuary within yourself where you would be safe expressing your truth. While the circumstances of your life have not been and no longer are exactly as you would like them to be, those who are struggling to step into their authentic selves have benefited from the words we have asked you to share on our behalf. This is a role you agreed to.”

“Even if it made people uncomfortable?” inquired the cynic.

“As many are aware, it is easy to maintain the status quo when the Universe does not attempt to intervene. Are you ready?”

“I Am,” the fool affirmed, feeling the sense of power those two simple words contained.

“You were ready quite a while ago,” Maitreya replied. “It simply took time to peel back the layers preventing you from expressing yourself without trying to make yourself appear perfect in the eyes of those who tend to judge—or, rather, misjudge—every transgression. “Did I need to go through this?’ you might be wondering, and the answer your soul would give you is a resounding ‘yes.’”

Maitreya looked around before continuing. Everyone met his gaze without flinching or turning away. He smiled, knowing that the time had come for them to hear the rest of what he had to say.

“If your desire for freedom is strong, you will stand up against all who attempted to diminish your light—not by proclaiming superiority in any way, shape, or form, but by finding your centre and nourishing the light that might have been neglected as a result of negative belief systems that were instilled long before you would be ready to dare yourself to break the bonds of societal and familial conditioning. This requires tremendous risk, not to mention courage, both of which you learned by pretending to be something that you weren’t. I would like to challenge you to sit with that before proceeding. Taking a leap of faith will give you wings to soar.”

“And so it is,” the cynic said.

“Indeed and in deed, as El Morya would tell you.”

“So be it,” the Queen pronounced, banging her staff on the ground with sufficient force so as to send reverberations straight through to the woman’s bones.

“So be it,” echoed the woman before setting down her pen.

Let yourself be taken to the end of the line, for the caboose is a sign for all that the last in the train is always the forbearer to a clear track. That does not say that the caboose has no function or purpose. In many ways, it is just as important than all the cargo that is being pulled forward.

There is much to say about distancing yourself from those who are carrying toxic baggage that they refuse to give to anyone but you. Let that sink in if you are the one who has the strength and courage to shoulder a large portion of the distractions that have been swirling around. If others are attempting to find their centre, they will learn to see beyond the chaos they have permitted. If they see you as the one causing chaos and that is the farthest thing from your mind, take a step back and reframe the situation.

A gnarled tree is often a beautiful thing to behold, and even though furniture made from burled wood can be breathtaking to view, a tree cannot stand on roots that are rotting.

Are you standing on solid ground? How deep and strong are your own roots? Have you delved within to determine whether there are any that have become entangled, stunting further growth?

Do not fear uprooting yourself and finding a place where you can thrive. Those who are meant to support you will continue to do so. Those who are seeking to be with you for their own gain must learn to become more independent and self-reliant.

Mutually beneficial partnerships are not impossible to create. The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within each and every person must—and will—eventually come into perfect alignment. Often the process of doing so can fracture relationships that you hoped would stand the test of time.

Think on soul contracts and ask your intuition to provide you with the deeper lessons that are being learned when the people you care about have rejected or abandoned you. Have they also taught you how to become more independent and self-reliant?

“What a beautiful sunrise!” someone might tell you, while on the opposite side of the world the sun is setting, and someone else might be remarking that another day has ended in the most brilliant and magnificent way.

You will be on opposite sides of many situations throughout this incarnation. Remember that it is a spectrum, and within the continuum are opportunities for advancement—some of which are painful to experience.

At first glance, what do you imagine when you clairvoyantly witness the Kingdom of Heaven within?

Trust your intuition. While this has been said by and to millions of people over the last century alone, it proves how important that hidden aspect of your Divine entitlement can be and is.

Some have attempted to convince themselves they are unworthy of receiving any form of Divine Intervention. Those who have experienced it will likely tell you it is nothing short of life-altering. What category does my message fall into?

Do you perceive me as being in the engine or standing atop the caboose, looking at the scenery around and asking you if this is where you wish to stay? Are the engine and caboose at opposite ends or are they framing an aspect of the continuum? It is entirely up to you to move or remove what is being carried in between.

Framing a window requires that the foundation is sufficiently level to support everything that is built on top of it. The presence of a few cracks does not mean the entire structure is going to crumble. They only require a bit of care and attention, as well as the recognition that the Earth must also be able to support everything that has been laid within it, too.

When your life term has reached its soul designed end, there will be a blissful reunion with all who taught you valuable lessons—including ones that were instilled by those who do not seek to comfort you during your hours of need. Let it be so and remember this important truth: you do not need to placate anyone into accepting you for who you are.

We will always be nearby. There is nothing anyone else can say or do that will destroy your soul’s love for you—or ours, for that matter.

You are free to believe you are unworthy to receive; however, if you are reading this second last paragraph, a part of you knows that toxic patterns are no longer a part of your internal framework. Much occurs behind the scenes that is difficult to express in a handful of short paragraphs designed to promote healing. When each lifetime is seen within the continuum of your soul’s adventure, you will witness the glory of your innate magnificence. Believe this to be so and so it is.

I Am Maitreya. Thank you for spending time with me today.

~ Channeled October 27, 2022


Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.

Helen Keller

“Into-me-I-see” was once coined by the late Dr. Wayne Dyer and is deemed to be somewhat synonymous with intimacy, which is something many fear without giving adequate voice to inner concerns for recalibration.

Your inner realm does, in fact, know when even the slightest realignment is needed.

Do not fear stepping out of the light of your current awareness so you can bravely step into another.

If you grew up disliking a certain food and later grew to find a taste for it, trust that the reverse could also occur. The same holds true for what you are able to tolerate in the realm of your dynamic relationships, some of which may similarly require refocusing and recalibration.

Just as a camera must be kept clean and well maintained in order to ensure the clearest result, make sure your inner focus is not attached to the distortions of others.

It is not without a slight warning that the post below may elevate some unhealed wounds. As this scribe recently said in a discussion with El Morya, who wished to relay messages to a good friend, the depth of your sorrow will always be the same as the depth of your joy.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving throughout the United States, we ask that you hold space for those who have been left out for reasons that defy logic.

Sitting with the awareness of unfairness doesn’t make for a smooth transition to elevating one’s consciousness overall, but it is a necessary and helpful step when the decision to reduce attachment to a particular outcome is made, simply because trauma does tie, and undoing an inner knot is best handled with the awareness that some cords might be broken in the process.

Liberation is a key element of the ascension journey. It matters little if those who disagreed with you continue to accompany you if they are adept at tripping you, especially when you are attempting to regain your footing.

One drop of the soul’s elixir can work magic. Imagine what a steady stream of the soul’s consciousness can do to assist you in manifesting the dreams that have been lying dormant, awaiting your acute attention.

Can reliving lead to relieving? Absolutely.

Destiny will often play a card when you least expect it. Do not fear showing your hand at the soul’s banquet. You might find a willing partner who is able to provide you with just what you need to attain a winning hand.

Don’t forget that the joker is considered a wild card and the Queen knows full well that the King cannot win without the assistance of another.

Sovereignty requires strength and endurance. The soul has that in spades.


~ Channeled November 24, 2022

We know some find it difficult to understand why someone who is not religious would be granted access to the Ascended Masters, not to mention the Archangelic realm.

Why would Solomon have been considered a King to those who thought of him only when he was expressing himself as a King normally would? “You do realize that not all kings are just, do you not?” a few might inquire. The same holds true for Queens who hold the monarchy in far higher esteem than the common people.

What if a scribe or messenger of any sort was made better because they learned from hardships more than those who have been protected from misinterpretation, rejection, and abuse?

“How wide and deep is the repertoire of acknowledgment of those who have been undermined?” we could also ask. Those who are unfamiliar with the term might satisfy themselves with all the surface achievements they have attained or been provided and not delve deeper into understanding the pieces which form part of a repertoire of acknowledgment that includes receiving a tremendous electrical shock, only to have the first awareness of the next realm be provided during those few intense and terrifying seconds. (This scribe has a scar proving that this occurred.)

Some mild electrical shocks can promote a fear of electricity that lasts for the remainder of a person’s life term. Others have died because it has been intentionally inflicted.

You were blessed with the ability to forget all the dangers you’ve endured from lifetime to lifetime, yet a number of you also have cellular memories that still recall the Salem witch hunts, not to mention being executed for not converting to the Roman Catholic faith, which was considered an acceptable form of punishment. Needless to say, this was the antithesis of Christian habit that Jesus (also known as Sananda) and his disciples attempted to promote.

Not all the disciples were considered “perfect,” either, and we are certain a handful of you still hold onto memories of sacred times that were spent in their company in various continents for the duration of Sananda’s lifespan on Earth—including what are termed the “lost years.”

What if you were the only one within your circle with the ability to consciously access the hidden chambers of those around you (with their soul’s permission)? Do you think that was done to give that person an upper hand? To some, the answer is “yes,” and to others, an adamant “no” would be more appropriate.

The difference between fact and truth can get mixed up in the minds of those who refuse to look at a situation through the lens of the soul. Who are we to tell you when the scales of karma have been rebalanced?

The act of forgiving those who have trespassed against you is not for the faint of heart. True forgiveness involves setting aside the ego and taking a step into the realms of mastery to wipe the slate clean and start anew. This cannot be done when misperceptions are held as more valid.

The soul cannot speak through someone who is unwilling to relay messages without attachment to praise or acknowledgment. If the soul attached itself to requiring a pat on the back every single time a good deed was performed, it would then attach itself to insecurity and vanity. These are aspects to be overcome, not promoted.

Insecurity and “in security” are closely tied to each other, but it is the latter that allows light to transcend misjudgment.

When a kitchen is not as a chef would like it to be, it will affect that person’s ability to create. If your soul’s kitchen is suddenly full of people who are more prone to undermining others in lieu of mining under their own self-criticisms, you can imagine that the end result would be less than satisfying.

Who in your kitchen does not operate like a team player? What if your inner realm was similar to this kitchen? Wouldn’t you want the entire team to work in harmony together?

Some lightworkers do their best work after they have overcome periods of intense darkness. Do not criticize yourself if the storm has not yet passed. Give yourself permission to ride it out and do your best to find the blessings hidden within the most difficult of circumstances.

Look at Victor Frankl’s example, not to mention Helen Keller’s. They agreed to challenging situations for the betterment of humanity. Perhaps someone who has experience manoeuvring through the “dark side” so to speak is the best person to lead others to the light within. How else would they have seen their way through to the soul’s freedom?

Thank you for accompanying us on this brief journey. We wish you well.

El Morya and Archangel Uriel

~ Channeled November 23, 2022

Setting sail

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.

Nelson Mandela

Today’s message is from Durga. For those who are not familiar with her, it is said that she eliminates suffering. Does this call to your heart? Are you willing to go the distance?

As always, we continue to watch over you on a daily basis. We hope you accept this as proof.

Mother Mary

If you were to make a list of all that you are thankful for, start with recognizing that breathing is tied to Universal Life Force Energy (whether laboured or not), and trust that every single moment of your life is Divine (whether you accept that as truth or not).

Could messages from the archangels or other so-called “ascended masters” be considered evidence of their existence? What would bring you to a point of acknowledgment so that you no longer feared what would occur once this life term comes to a close and you return to the form you knew before this incarnation was planned (with the assistance of archangels and ascended masters, no less)?

As dust is an allergen to many, so is it important to steer clear of that which aggravates you to the extent that you are able. If you cleaned and dusted every day, you would still be living in an environment that is not as pristine as you might think. Does the same not hold true of the mind until it, too, is cleared of irritants that have not yet made their unique gifts known?

Some have made the misassumption that this scribe is a writer, and while she is able to string a sentence together in a way that has meaning and value, what are we to presume if none of our own words have meaning or value to readers who are seeking assistance? That stated, we are here to provide support in ways that promote the individual and collective growth of humanity. This is done at your request. After all, how many times have you asked for Divine guidance and your intuition has stepped to the forefront, clamouring for your attention?

“What does this have to do with Thanksgiving?” some Canadians might be wondering, to which we are choosing to reply with the following:

As your Divinity is held as truth to your soul, so is your heart willing to do the same in return. What are the obstacles that lie between? Are you willing to release them as Mary Magdalene and Maitreya mentioned in a recent post?

Do you understand the nature of good and evil as they are defined and generally accepted? Is doing so not an attempt to divide the soul into pieces and declaring that which is considered acceptable and that which is not? How do you divide your heart if it has been the recipient of ridicule and condemnation by those who refuse to see you clearly? Chances are you wouldn’t, but it might also take some time to relinquish attachment to self-judgment until the time comes when you are willing to listen to your heart, not the cloak it has been wearing as a means of self-protection.

How often do you pray? Have you thought of starting off with all that you consider yourself grateful for? While that is a rhetorical question for many, so is it important for us to remind those who are willing to listen that your heart cannot wear the cloak of rejection or abandonment without wanting to release it.

While it might take some time for inner archetypes to come to terms with what is needed and what is no longer wanted, so is it up to you to determine where you wish to begin recalibrating so that the freedom your heart is desiring is accepted as being far more important than anything an interloper might decide is best. Please think on this for a moment and ask your inner rebel how far it is willing to go to bring you to the helm of your sovereignty and declare it a ship that needs to sail to uncharted waters, full steam ahead.

It has been said that a ship in the harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. If your soul is your safe harbour, trust that it will not abandon you as you set your sights on a new horizon.

Where are you now in your mind’s eye? Are you seeing a brief glimpse of a previous lifetime when the world seemed flat? How could your inner realm survive without cooperating with those who similarly wish to complete and not compete?

If all that you did today was express your wants and needs authentically—without editing or explaining your reasons for doing so—who would be within your circle to mirror back the areas where slight improvements are needed? Does doing so not bring you closer to your soul in ways that would not occur with those who do not challenge you to rise to the occasion so your sovereignty can become such a mainstay in your life that you no longer need to question it?

It has also been said that the Kingdom of Heaven is within. Remember that the archetype of an inner child will never be the only one who resides there. Do shadow work and make it your mission to reconcile the darkness and the light so that equanimity is not dependent on what others think or say about you, whether to your face or behind your back.

Let your intuition be your steadfast companion alongside your soul. They will always be a part of you, no matter where you stand on the spectrum between darkness and light. Your soul knows this to be broad and deep, just as a foundation of a castle must also be built with integrity in order for it to last.

Tear down the areas in need of rebuilding, and trust that your soul would not wish for you to begin by creating barriers around your heart, for those are the areas reinforced with fear that will eventually cause a fortress to crumble.

Destiny chooses those who are willing to explore. What calls to your heart? Are you willing to listen to the answer?

I Am Durga. Thank you for spending Thanksgiving Monday with me.

Be well.

~ Channeled October 10, 2022

Letting go

Celebrate endings—for they precede new beginnings.

Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Others will see you through their own lens of awareness. Clear up your own and let that be what matters most.

It is imperative that your self-esteem not be dependent upon the perceptions of others.

Self-growth cannot occur if you are unwilling to release what no longer serves you. Do not be afraid to let go. If that includes the weight of disappointment, trust that your heart does not desire vengeance. Your heart desires freedom. Let that be your goal and your intention during the next stage of humanity’s ever-expanding evolution.

You do not need to reach beyond your comfort zone if you do not wish to do so. That stated, look for ways to push to the edge so you can pierce the illusion of limitation, once and for all.

We will be here for you, as we have always been. We will continue to whisper thoughts to promote your expansion. Please be willing to listen. In the meantime, it is our sincere hope that this message from Maitreya inspires you to check your baggage at the door before walking through it. Do you feel the sense of freedom this offers? We hope the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Mary Magdalene


The time has come for you to break free from the past.

While this is something a number of you have heard or read before, there is often an inner declaration made that takes time to rise up to the surface for direct expression. There is little that can be done when the eruptions begin to occur other than to observe them without judgment—or, rather, misjudgment—and simply ask this expression in whatever way it presents itself what you are still attempting to protect. It is quite likely a period of vulnerability will soon follow.

Remember that it can take a while before feelings of satisfaction in the forms of relief and gratitude begin to intermingle with other areas requiring recalibration.

How many sad songs can you listen to without crying? If a part of you is intentionally numb because you fear the flow of tears may start to drown you, trust that the satisfaction of releasing an old wound will be far more empowering than attempting to pretend you can move on without some form of resolution.

If you have a dream about a person with whom you’ve had a falling out and you’re able to express yourself honestly and authentically, even if the other person is not paying attention to your words, congratulate yourself on your courage and then forgive that person for not being able to meet you where you need to be met.

Grief is challenging for people to work through when it is already compounded to begin with. Before misjudging another for coming across as a victim or martyr, we recommend sending a thought of compassion to that person instead, for fear is a shield that they know, and their grief is likely tied to a thought form of love that became distorted over time.

“It is time to move on,” the wind whispered to the woman one day.

“We know this has been difficult for you,” Maitreya said, “but there are others who will advocate in your favour without being prompted to do so. Remember how far you’ve come and how far we would like you to go during the next decade alone. You would not be able to do that if you waste valuable life force energy trying to be something to someone who refuses to receive it without attachment to an outcome or collateral damage being forced in your direction to correct.”

He then added, “If someone has masked their own deceit by projecting their misjudgments upon you, remember that the barbs have been sharpened from the inside and their projection is also a desire for relief.”

The woman paused for a few moments to allow Maitreya’s words to nestle within.

“No one has power over your thoughts except you,” Maitreya declared. “Let that bring you comfort, especially when you are facing what might seem like insurmountable odds at first glance. No one who wanted to climb a mountain would do so without preparing for a descent. Doing so will require you to relinquish your fear of going backwards and trusting that the steps you have taken forward are already set within your repertoire of acknowledgment for safekeeping.”

“Do you need to keep your light in a jar to prove that it is there?” the fool then asked.

“Your light is your own. Do not let anyone take it from you, yet also give yourself permission to shine it without expectation or attachment to a specific outcome,” Maitreya remarked. “The soul will bring things full circle. Sometimes doing so will require you to retrace your steps so that you can create a path to rely on, especially if you can’t see far ahead until the skies begin to clear. Be patient. Be calm. Persevere. All the great explorers who made a name for themselves did so by trusting that what is on the horizon is making way for a new beginning. And so it is.”

~ Channeled October 5 and 6, 2022