Turn on your inner light

Yesterday morning, Maitreya asked me to transcribe an inner archetypal conversation; unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to upload it. Never underestimate the power of performing shadow work. The more light we allow within, the more we will be able to feel the soul’s freedom as truth. Namaste.


The difference between the old dynamic and new, more enlightened ways of understanding each other should not feel as foreign to you as your egos might expect them to be. Those of you who are paving the way for this paradigm shift to be aligned within humanity often find yourselves feeling somewhat isolated from others, yet knowing full well that returning to previous ways of being would be tantamount to an internal death. Still, it can be a bit challenging to feel at ease with someone, unless that person has also learned how to be at ease within him- or herself.

“We’re not sitting ducks, Maitreya?” the cynic asked, both teasing and inquiring at the same time.

“That’s enough,” said the woman. “I’m willing to continue navigating the paradigm shift without churning up the waters.”

“That’s good,” Maitreya said. “Because the only way to see clearly is to seek clearly.”

“I’ve heard that before,” the young girl acknowledged.

“I’m certain you have. What I’m also certain you’re aware of is that—”

“I know, I know, people are only able to meet us the way they’ve met ourselves,” interjected the cynic.

“You’re learning,” Maitreya patiently stated, gently reminding the cynic that people feel far more appreciated when their comments are allowed to be voiced without interruption. “Now you need to integrate this knowingness within the deepest aspects of your inner truth. Don’t be afraid to dislodge old pacts that were made to maintain distrust as a way of being self-protective.”


“There is no ‘but.’ If you’re willing to create a habit of acceptance—”

“I can learn to love what is. I get it,” said the shadow girl, integrating Maitreya’s remarks and then suddenly reminding herself that patience is a virtue.

“Silence is also a virtue,” Maitreya said, picking up on her thoughts. “I’m not regurgitating old concepts, by the way. I’m simply helping people to fine tune their inner realms so that healthier belief systems can begin to take root. Weeding is absolutely imperative, and transitioning from darkness to light need not be as arduous as many believe it to be.”

The woman nodded her head in agreement.

“Now, then. What happened to the message you were asked to transcribe yesterday?” Maitreya asked the woman.

“It’s too much!” the shadow girl exclaimed, feeling a bit vulnerable.

“No, it was both honest and real. It was also tremendously liberating for you, if you recall. There are millions of people who not only want but also need to know how to find and begin using the keys to freedom that are buried within the heart. Allow the soul’s light to shine a light on areas requiring recalibration. When you give yourself permission to stand in your truth, those areas will be met with an energy that will immediately begin to counterbalance the areas that have fallen out of alignment with the soul’s highest truth. Simply show up, be kind, and allow everything to unfold as it’s meant to.”

“’Simply show up, be kind, and allow everything to unfold as it’s meant to,’” the cynic repeated. “That sounds like a mantra.”

“That’s exactly what it was meant to be,” Maitreya replied, smiling.

“Repeat as often as needed,” said the fool, setting the mantra into place and tossing away an old meme.

~ Channeled November 28, 2018 (The message channeled on November 27 will be posted on the weekend.)


Author: Sheridan Cooke

I am a medium, scribe, intuitive healer, and Reiki Master, and have been channeling messages intended to invoke deep healing and rebalance inner archetypes since September 2001. I work mainly with the High Council, Archangels, and the Elohim. From time to time, I also receive messages from other elevated light beings, such as the Pleiadians and Andromeda, and will often receive messages directly from a person's inner child or an archetype seeking to reintegrate the soul's Light more fully.

One thought on “Turn on your inner light”

  1. This was exactly what I needed to read today!! As I’m “paving the way to this paradigm shift”, it is sure interesting to observe old ways and ways that people who have not yet stepped into their own power are practicing, that I’m expected to still partake in but no longer desire. Navigating this can be challenging but the rewards are priceless!! 💚💙


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