Not all who wander are lost …

Yesterday’s channeling session turned out to be a much longer story than I was anticipating, but it took me to areas in need of healing. If your heart is calling you to do just that, please feel free to dive in.



“It would be better if you had a conversation with the Elohim to help deal with the paradigm shift that is occurring within,” Maitreya said to the woman one morning when her body’s defense mechanisms seemed to be elevated to a near critical level.

“I don’t know what’s happening,” the woman replied. “I felt fine the other day.”

“That’s clever,” said the cynic. “But that’s not what you were thinking.”

“I’m sorry,” the shadow girl said. “It’s me. For the first time in a really long time, you’re being presented with an opportunity to be loved by someone new who’s come into your life, and your body has become dependent on being rejected as truth.”

“It’s a common feeling,” Maitreya declared. “And one that this new man is mirroring perfectly.”

“I need to know how to navigate this. Please help me,” the woman requested.

Seconds later, an enormous dark door opened ever so slightly and a brilliant golden light shone through the entryway.

“I think the Elohim is asking you to enter,” the young girl said as the shadow girl stayed close to her side.

“This room will require you to be completely vulnerable,” a voice said as the woman peered her head through the doorway before stepping inside. She focused her breath and allowed her body to become accustomed to the peaceful yet powerful presence surrounding her. “You know this place well,” the voice continued, beckoning the woman, the young girl, and the shadow girl further into the room.

“You can’t hesitate, too,” said the young girl, turning her head and looking toward the cynic.

“But what about all my scars?” the cynic inquired. “I’m worried about being rejected if I reveal them.”

“Allow yourself to be seen and heard,” the voice calmly declared, reassuring the cynic that all was well and he was perfectly safe.

“Not everyone is going to criticize you,” Maitreya said to the cynic, encouraging him to welcome an opportunity for healing.

“Please let this be more than about healing,” thought the woman, saying a silent prayer before fully immersing herself into the soothing light and allowing her insecurities to be released. Feeling encouraged by the woman’s behaviour, the cynic timidly entered. To his left was a shelf that instantly revealed a holographic image of a handmade jester given to the woman when she was a child.

“You need to find this,” the cynic said, pointing to the toy.

“The soul does not require a tangible item in order to trust that it is, in fact, real. Dollars materialize out of thin air from time to time, and some mystics are able to reproduce healing crystals that are minute enough to be produced through the mouth, just like this one,” Saint-Germain said as he appeared, holding a tiny amethyst in the palm of his hand, which he then extended toward the woman.

As the woman picked up the stone, she wistfully recalled the antique baby pearl and amethyst ring that had been stolen during the robbery, along with several thousand dollars’ worth of jewels, including her diamonds.

“When this event occurred, you recalled almost everything that was stolen. Since then, you’ve been attempting to replace the items with other trinkets that have the same cumulative value. Piece by piece, your inner realm feels satisfied that the balance has been adequately restored. Perhaps it’s time to allow this new man to help you restore an inner sense of lack that has been a staple in your life since your formative years,” Saint-Germain suggested.

“I don’t know what to do now. He’s unlike anyone else I’ve ever met and I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so open to being loved in all my life,” she said, hesitating on the word “loved,” as if it was a completely foreign word.

“It’s happened before, but not for a very long time, and most certainly not before you started meticulously reviewing your repertoire of acknowledgement.”

The woman was then taken to the small apartment that her first fiancé had once lived in. “I almost married him,” she thought, being careful not to touch anything in the room for fear of being imprisoned there.

“Being in that relationship required a level of vulnerability that seemed completely foreign to you at the time, too,” Saint-Germain calmly stated, acknowledging the woman’s thoughts. “Yet, it didn’t take long before you felt completely natural and comfortable, even without makeup or clothes.”

“I was a lot younger then, and that was over thirty years ago.”

“Yes, it was a long time ago, and you were with a man who has since detached himself completely from his inner realm. You, on the other hand, have done the reverse. If anything, this new man might enrich your life in ways that you might never have imagined before.”

The woman was then transported to the suite that she lived in for less than a year. The robbery had occurred shortly before her departure.

“Why didn’t anyone warn me?” she asked.

“You weren’t as highly attuned to our realm at that time. It was easier for lower energies to communicate to you then, and some of them were directly attuned to the man Melchizedek asked you to leave behind. You know full well that he proved his remote viewing capabilities several months before the robbery. In fact, he flaunted them, just as he did when he mentioned the item that was intentionally left behind by referring to it in the FFWD newspaper column, directly linking him to the robbery. Still, during your relationship, there was never any doubt in your mind that how you defined love was true to you, but you’ll need to continue refining and redefining love so that old definitions can be completely eradicated from your state of knowingness. Even today, the definition you now hold as truth is the very antithesis of how you defined it when you were with him,” Saint-Germain remarked. “Don’t forget: everyone is entitled to define love differently and also to redefine it when they’re ready to experience the soul’s love more fully.”

“I never want to come back here,” said the woman, and she immediately found herself being lifted from the building. In her next vision, she was standing beside where her car was parked before discovering the robbery had taken place. She looked down and recalled finding a single earring that had been dropped as she attempted to find footsteps in the snow, pointing to the escape route. Any footsteps that remained quickly blended into the tire tracks that periodically crisscrossed throughout the alleyway and intermittent parking lots.

“How often have you thought about how much you loved the man you left behind?’ asked the shadow girl, and Saint-Germain was pleased because he was thinking the very same question.

“I’d rather have a root canal than experience that kind of pain again,” snorted the cynic.

“It was a very, very deep root,” the shadow girl said, whisking the woman off to the living room of the condo she was living in when Melchizedek first came through and her paternal grandmother immediately followed. Just then, the woman instinctively knew everything had come full circle and the root had finally been excavated.

“You return here more often than you should,” Maitreya then observed, prompting the woman to recall a few of the dreams she had had over the years in which she willingly imagined herself as a resident.

“I loved this place,” said the woman. “Everything was where I wanted it to be.”

“Not everything,” the shadow girl said, knowing there were a few areas that were difficult to keep clear of clutter.

“Once you start organizing the basement in your current home, you’ll feel the energies clear in their entirety. You need to be willing to embrace this new man without any sort of attachment to an outcome.”

“She’s already done that,” the young girl asserted and the shadow girl nodded her head in agreement.

The woman then found herself sitting at her paternal grandmother’s kitchen table where she had once meticulously drawn a single daisy, hoping her granddaughter would remember every single petal.

“Every petal of every flower has meaning,” the woman thought, feeling herself being taken outside as the young girl recalled a time when her paternal grandmother gave her a freshly pulled and washed carrot from the garden. “Carrots always remind me of my grandmother,” said the young girl, cherishing the memory and feeling liberated enough to wander around the garden without being constrained by any sort of negative emotions whatsoever. Even though her stepfather had replaced her birth father as a guiding figure, she had never relied on him for emotional support.

“That’s because your stepfather was already devoted to being integrated with your birth mother, who was never as willing as you are to—”

“It’s time to do a workout,” said the fool, interrupting Maitreya and pointing to his watch.

“Please put the keys on the counter,” the cynic said, and the woman was then taken to her current home.

“I’m a bit scared of allowing him to get close to me,” said the woman, thinking of the new man. “But, at the same time, I’ve never felt such a strong desire to try.”

“Let him in,” the Elohim whispered. “Being vulnerable is where true healing begins. When you allow that desire to be your driving force, nothing can—or will—stand in your way.”

“Nothing can stand in your way when seeds of vulnerability are planted,” said the young girl, reminding herself to allow courage to stand beside vulnerability so that it could be held and healed.

“Allow strength and vulnerability to walk hand in hand, as well,” Saint-Germain recommended. “There, you will find your deepest wounds, but you will also be given opportunities to heal any and all darkness that has been accepted as truth.”

The woman pondered Saint-Germain’s comment and recalled the times when she witnessed the Violet Flame with her naked eye.

“There isn’t anything you can’t talk to him about,” the shadow girl said quietly, reminding the woman that she was safe to reveal herself to the new man who had appeared without any warning whatsoever.

“But I knew he was coming,” answered the woman.

“We did drop a few hints,” Maitreya then teased.

“But he wasn’t supposed to arrive this early,” she remarked.

“Neither of you were expecting each other. In fact, he has already admitted that he had given up on the idea of allowing anyone to stand beside him in the same way that you are also clearly willing—and able—to reciprocate.”

“I am willing to allow myself to be fully healed,” declared the young girl, returning to her paternal grandparents’ home and wandering around.

“Everything here is exactly where they left it,” the shadow girl thought.

“Except you,” Maitreya said. “It could very well be that he’s been waiting for you or, at the very least, hoping the two of you would eventually meet.”

“That’s what I was thinking about, too,” the woman confessed.

“Then allow it to unfold the way it’s meant to.”

“If I do that, it means I’ll have to release the myth that love always ends in heartbreak,” said the cynic.

“Love means many things to many people. What matters is that the heart is willing to release the illusion that love will eventually hurt you. In the soul’s language, which defies all restrictions, love is simply a state of being.” He paused for a while and then said, “It is important to remember that not all who wander are lost and not all who wonder are last.”

The fool chuckled as that same thought had recently floated past his mind a few times.

Saint-Germain then added, “Be willing and brave enough to take the first step. There is so much to explore.”

“Love will set me free,” the shadow girl said, accepting that being seen wasn’t as terrifying as she had always believed it to be.

“Leave that with the Elohim now,” Saint-Germain said, bringing the woman’s awareness back to the present and allowing her to settle in to the integration that had occurred.

“Love will set me free,” the woman silently whispered to herself and the young girl echoed it in reply.

~ Channeled November 23, 2018


Author: Sheridan Cooke

I am a medium, scribe, intuitive healer, and Reiki Master, and have been channeling messages intended to invoke deep healing and rebalance inner archetypes since September 2001. I work mainly with the High Council, Archangels, and the Elohim. From time to time, I also receive messages from other elevated light beings, such as the Pleiadians and Andromeda, and will often receive messages directly from a person's inner child or an archetype seeking to reintegrate the soul's Light more fully.

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