Breaking free

Yesterday’s channeling session started off with a brief conversation that immediately led into a short story. I simply transcribed the words, as I always do, allowing the dialogue and images to evolve naturally.

I hope the story inspires you to look at love differently. Namaste.


“You seem calm and patient today,” Archangel Haniel observed.

“This helped tremendously,” said the young girl, holding a tuft of hair in her hands.

“I don’t need a haircut just yet,” the woman thought.

“No, but you need to remind yourself to release what you no longer need,” the archangel stated.

“Release, release, release,” the young girl chanted.

“In times of darkness, man must look within for light to guide him,” Archangel Haniel remarked, repeating a brief snippet of an earlier message and reminding the woman that she had paid her dues.

“As have most,” the woman replied.

“Allow others to release at their own pace. You will be far more pleased with the natural unfoldment of events when you do.”

“Thank you, Archangel Haniel,” the young girl said, opening her journal to a new page.

“Let us begin,” said the archangel.


“There’s no way I would’ve been ready for Maitreya if I didn’t have the childhood I had,” the young girl declared and the woman softened her gaze and looked within.

Again, the ethereal mist on the lake appeared and she could sense the new man standing beside her. “We were here, too, weren’t we?” she asked, and he simply said, “Yes.”

A single minute passed in silence before he continued.

“We’ve been a few places together,” he said, “This is the most we’ve been apart. We chose a long absence from each other to prepare us for the work we came here to do in this lifetime.”

“You and your dragons,” she teased when she noticed one looming in the distance.

“He’s tamer than he used to be,” the young girl declared, observing that the young boy was standing beside it.

“Set them free,” the wind whispered through the mist.

“You came here to teach them, both individually, and, at times, collectively,” Maitreya added.

“Where to now?” the cynic inquired.

“Just enjoy this Now moment,” Archangel Haniel said, hovering above them. “This is sacred ground and a sacred reunion deserves that commitment to authenticity. You’re off to a marvelous start.”

The woman reached out her hand to the man and they immediately intertwined their fingers. “Let’s just enjoy this Now moment,” she repeated and he nodded his head and smiled at her.

“I don’t think there’s much more to add to this,” said Maitreya, other than to ask you to share the message that was transcribed just before the weekend. “Are you ready?” he then asked the young girl.

“I am,” she replied, as she looked over to the young boy, who appeared ever so slightly closer than he had in the previous image. No one moved or spoke for several moments and their auras intermingled with each other. The woman was attuned to her body and sensed a slight twinge in her lower abdomen.

“Focus your light on the areas within that are in need of recalibration. Pay attention to the images and feelings that come to the forefront as a result. Do not attempt to suppress your true emotions, for those areas within that are in need of your care and attention are not healed through deprivation and neglect. Human connection is important to man’s spiritual development. Both expansions and contractions can occur when both parties reach out to each other in search of compatibilities. Do not reach out and intentionally search for areas where solidarity is required, for even though rejection and abandonment are adaptations of the soul’s light that deserve time in darkness to germinate, so are the seeds of love planted even deeper when darkened roots have been released from captivity. Do seek solace together from time to time in order to recognize the ebb and flow of divine love, expressed in human form, for it, too, sets into motion the necessary seeds that are also required for future growth. Deepen your connection through voice, through touch, through tender exchanges and glances, and through quiet moments where no words are needed at all. True intimacy requires a genuine commitment to overcome personal barriers to authentic expression. Trust that when you feel this authenticity as truth, your ego’s judgments and misjudgments need not be key players; yet, allow yourselves to honour those who misused you and misunderstood you, for they, too, led you to those people and areas within in need of the soul’s touch. Be gentle with yourselves in your respective awakenings. Allow love to gently touch the areas where fear had previously taken hold. Your heart trusts authentic connections. Know this to be true and remember that the heart cannot be told what to do; it can only be taught to believe what it was shown as truth. Reveal the soul to the heart. Allow them to blend and integrate with each other. Only then will the truth truly set you free.”

“Thank you, Archangel Haniel,” the woman said, allowing her words of gratitude to echo within, as the mist around them began to clear. She looked down and realized they were standing on a dried up riverbed.

“Rocks are not meant to be thrown at each other,” said the young girl.

“They are meant to be used to build an empire,” said the young boy, completing her sentence.

As the mist continued clearing, the woman gazed into the eyes of the new man. “I promise to stay with you for as long as our souls are meant to be connected.”

“Your souls will continue to be intertwined,” Maitreya remarked, and the woman recognized that only a thin layer of chain mail was protecting certain portions of the man’s skin from the elements.

“You must be cold,” she commented.

“There is no need for me to be anything other than who I am,” he replied cryptically.

“Everything is perfect,” the young girl said, as she tiptoed over to the young boy and reached up to touch the dragon’s collar. “Does he really need this?” she asked.

“I suppose not,” he answered.

“Then let him go.”

“He’s my pet dragon.”

“You can’t own anything or anyone without his or her consent. You can’t dominate the fear within another, either,” Archangel Haniel said, cautioning the young girl to be more mindful of how the young boy was facing and protecting what some might think of as inner demons. “You’ve slain your own and tamed your own, too, I might add.”

“I understand,” she replied, looking toward the woman.

“I’ll be here when you need me,” the young girl then said to the young boy before she wandered toward a large stone that had materialized in front of the woman.

“Where’s King Arthur when I need him?” asked the fool, toying with the sword that had been wedged into the top.

“Have you tried pulling it out?” inquired the cynic, whose chest fluttered at the thought of removing the sword on his own.

“That which breaks you open can also break you free,” Archangel Haniel said.

~ Channeled December 17, 2018 

Author: Sheridan Cooke

I am a medium, scribe, intuitive healer, and Reiki Master, and have been channeling messages intended to invoke deep healing and rebalance inner archetypes since September 2001. I work mainly with the High Council, Archangels, and the Elohim. From time to time, I also receive messages from other elevated light beings, such as the Pleiadians and Andromeda, and will often receive messages directly from a person's inner child or an archetype seeking to reintegrate the soul's Light more fully.

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