Shifting perspectives

This is a longer blog post than usual and contains two parts. If shifts have been occurring in your life and you intuitively feel divine guidance would be beneficial, then I hope you find these messages helpful. Namaste.


“I’m bringing the trinity with me,” announced the cynic, pointing to the young girl and two inner fragments that were integrated several years before. The teenager looked at a Christmas cactus that seemed to bloom overnight and the preteen challenged her to adopt a less aggressive way of establishing contact with new men.

“I don’t want to meet any new men,” the woman said.

“Then try not to be so intense when you communicate with the new man,” suggested the preteen.

“I’d rather just be myself,” said the woman and the young girl agreed.

“We communicate well,” the new man declared as he stood beside the woman, who nodded her head and said, “We do.” He then walked up to the teenager and asked her what it was like to lose her father at such a tender age.

“He didn’t know me as well as I would’ve liked,” she answered.

“Nor did I know him as well as I would’ve liked,” added the preteen.

Observing their dialogue, Archangel Uriel gently prodded the woman by saying, “You deserve more from a man than you accepted. You do know that now, don’t you?” 

“Yes,” she said, and the young girl, preteen, and teenager repeated her reply in unison.

“Good. Then establish a rhythm that will work for both of you.”

“I’ve got good rhythm,” the fool said, banging on a drum.

“Today would be a wonderful day to fill your home with songs that bring you happiness within,” the archangel remarked.

“I have a soundtrack I can play,” the woman said, and an idea popped into her mind.

“Remember where you are and what you came here to do,” cautioned Archangel Uriel. “There is much to accomplish during the coming year.”

“I can continue to walk with you,” the new man said as he returned to the woman and reached out for her hand. Feeling comforted, she accepted the energy he was offering and allowed herself to integrate the calm, stable safety of his touch.

“Fearing rejection is a common theme that we’d like you to correct,” said the archangel.

“Do you remember the time we saw the corona around the moon in the mountains?” the young girl asked the woman. “It was so beautiful and the smell of fireplaces burning—”

“Brought me a tremendous sense of solace and peace,” said the woman, completing her sentence. She then recalled the transcription of a conversation that had taken place between the cynic and the carpenter that she had been meaning to upload.

Reading her thoughts, the cynic said, “That conversation was a game changer for me.” He beamed with delight, knowing that he could make a unique difference in the world, exactly as he is.

The young girl looked at the photo that was to be shared alongside the blog post and said, “I have another idea. Why don’t you show them the ‘yellow room,’ too? It was always my favourite, even though the room wasn’t yellow anymore when the photo was taken.”

“You are a trinity,” Maitreya said. “The first photo should be your maternal grandparents’ old home, the middle photo should be the one of you standing in the ‘yellow room’ that your friend took when she came with you as you toured the house one final time before it was demolished, and the last one should show the trinity that still stands united.”

“All for one and one for all!” exclaimed the cynic, and the fool looked at him with a surprised look on his face. “Beat you to it,” he gently teased.

“So you did,” answered the fool.

“I’ll be right back,” the woman declared, returning with the candleholder that her mother had always displayed at Christmas. “Christmas is a feeling. It isn’t so much an event to me anymore.” Looking at the new man, she said, “I’m so glad we’re spending Christmas day together. Nowhere in my wildest dreams did I expect you to arrive when you did.”

“We already told you someone was coming into your life. That the timeline isn’t quite as you had anticipated had everything to do with teaching you to be patient and also aligning the circumstances for your reunion to occur,” Maitreya replied. “The messages that have been channeled over the past few days have brought things full circle. Please upload them over the coming week. Today, we’d like you to post the conversation between the cynic and the carpenter, but correct the title. Correction by the soul is necessary, but not always as man expects it to be. People deserve to feel free to express their needs, wants, and desires in a relationship. Communication is imperative. Human relationships are rarely about hearts, flowers, and romantic fairytale endings. From the soul’s point of view, relationships are intended to assist in transforming inner wounds when they are ready for its touch, too. Rejection and abandonment are defined differently by the soul, compared to man’s ego, as the soul will seek to reject and abandon everything that isn’t in alignment with its highest truth. The soul’s love is meant to propel man’s inner awareness and his overall growth as a spiritual being. As you well know, the soul’s correction is not for the faint of heart. Timelines are meant to shift, as are inner perspectives.”

“’Shifting perspectives’ just came to mind,” said the woman.

“’Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way,’” sang the fool, uploading a new soundtrack.

The woman paused and felt a shift occur within.

“Wow, that was intense!” said the teenager. “Did you feel it, too?”

“I did,” said the preteen.

The young girl joined hands with the preteen and teenager and affirmed, “We are all One.”

“We are all One,” echoed the wind.

~ Channeled December 22, 2018


Following is the conversation between the cynic and the carpenter that was referred to. It was channeled in October 2016, a few weeks after the first two photos were taken. The trinity of bricks currently sits on the inner stairwell of my home, serving as a constant reminder that the soul’s alchemy is worth our time, effort, and attention, and that a firm foundation can only be established when the soul’s love has been allowed to clear the slate.


“It’s a never-ending battle, isn’t it?” asked the cynic.

“That would depend on your point of view,” the archangel answered. “Closure is one thing, but reopening is entirely another.”

“Would you mind being a bit more specific?” the cynic inquired.

“I don’t mind at all. In fact, I’m always specific, but that, too, means you might lay aside your old viewpoints.”

“Don’t you mean ‘you might need to’? I mean, I … well … you know what I meant. You’re right, though. I can think of a few doors that unexpectedly closed because I wasn’t as specific as I could have been.”

“Or as honest, either, for that matter.”

“You’re subtle.”

“That’s my intention—subtle, yet wide open,” grinned the visitor. “Many areas of your heart have been pocketed.”

“I believe the correct term is ‘compartmentalized,’” the cynic replied. “Don’t most people do that? Hey, by the way, I don’t know which archangel you are.”

“You’ve heard of Cadence, haven’t you?”

“You haven’t answered my question, but, yes, I’ve been to Cadence.”

“Where is it?”

“It’s in an area in the city known as Bowness. The weirdest thing happens whenever I drive there. It feels like that area of the city must’ve missed the development memo or something, and I’ve wandered into a time warp.”

“Were you to go there now, you might notice that many dramatic changes have been occurring. Decades can pass in a man’s life from our viewpoint in which he, too, has remained in a state of being that bears little resemblance to the entire landscape, overall. Mary herself has been witnessed by many people throughout the world over the millennia; yet, no one would ever accuse the Divine Mother of being in a time warp. You know full well that some Christian viewpoints—at least from those who proclaim themselves to be Christians—are anything but Christ-like.”

“Please don’t get all religious on me—I’m not in the mood.”

“My dear friend, you know in your heart that the soul has absolutely nothing to do with religion—the two are worlds apart within your own inner sanctuary—and rightly so, I might add. The man many knew as the Christ could be perceived as a simple man, based on his occupation alone. Don’t you think he could have chosen a different career?”

“I never thought of that before.”

“And yet one simple carpenter changed the trajectory of the world as man knows it to be.”

“What’s your point? Um … what’s your name, anyway?”

“It was odd that Pontius Pilate knew neither his wings nor how to take a stand in his soul’s power. And yet, that was one of his soul’s gifts to humanity.”

“That’s crazy.”

“Is it? Many people avoid their true feelings and refuse to stand up for what they believe in, don’t they? They bury their hands in their pockets or their heads in the sand, or they stuff all sorts of old, worn-out concepts where the sun doesn’t shine, along with all the emotional landmines that they hope will never see the light of day. Then, one day, a construction worker who’s carrying the soul’s blueprint comes along and trips the switch, and, before you know it, an entire city block disappears within a matter of a few days … or hours, if the block holds a single structure.”

“I honestly thought you were going to say ‘seconds,’ if the building imploded. Where are you going with this?”

“I can imagine you’re wondering why we’re speaking in the first place. How many sticks and stones do you wish to carry in your mind?”

“That reminds me of …”

“I know. When you were a little child, you were set apart from others because you were different.”

“Why did so many of the other kids dislike me? It was hard enough fitting in.”

“The answer is simple yet complex, my friend. Conditioning had much to do with it, strengthening you to prepare you for what was to come. It might seem cruel, but that’s exactly what the soul had in mind.”

“Do you mean to tell me my childhood was meant to be difficult?”

“Indeed and in deed. You’re familiar with the term ‘sandpaper,’ and how others who rub you the wrong way end up looking a little worse for wear at the end of the experiment, aren’t you?”

“It hardly felt like an experiment to me.”

“My friend, the soul learns by experimenting. Some experiments work; others, well … let’s just say for the record that they require a bit of refining. As do people.”

“So people rubbed me the wrong way because my soul sent them to refine me?”

“Among many other gifts, yes. That was one of the blessings your soul agreed to.”

“I dunno … it felt more like a curse than a blessing. Frankly, it seemed like they just did it to get a rise out of me.”

“In fact, that was the soul’s intention. In order for man to heal, he must come up against those who energetically match what needs to be elevated. To bring light to a situation or an issue, a match needs to be lit. Some burn out rather quickly, though. Some tend to over-give because of a deep-seated fear of not being needed, and, like all knots, some need more kneading than others. They will learn, as will you. Many, like you, are late bloomers.”

“I feel like I should be a lot farther ahead by now.”

“Compared to what? Your self-criticisms? Dear One, you are precisely where you are meant to be. You’re familiar with the concept of ‘paying it forward,’ too. Some people also expect more of you than you have the time or the energy to give. When your inner reserves are depleted, your inner well needs filling.”

“My mother used to say that her bucket was empty.”

“Your mother’s heart called out for attention many, many times. I’m well aware of how angry she was. Like you, she felt her anger was justified. Perhaps her outbursts were pockets where her inner child’s needs were left unattended to. All children deserve attention, no matter how old they are. Many who are well into their seventies awaken their inner child’s light and release their fears of being seen.”

“My mother used to say that children were meant to be seen and not heard, too.”

“Ah, yes, I’m aware of an entire book that was written about a woman who needed to learn how to embrace her inner child. Like you, many have learned lessons the hard way. Many have also been conditioned to tune out the cries of their inner children. Some have been fragmented within, and it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to reunite those fragments. Some have learned to pay their lessons forward because they’ve received a little help from Above.”

“Why are you here?”

“The phrase ‘not a jot or a tittle will be forgotten’ might sound archaic; nevertheless, it’s true. I have always been able to hear you. Perhaps one of the reasons we’re having this conversation is so that I can remind you to pay attention to your inner voice. Silence speaks volumes, as you well know. Many have forgotten to listen—and many refuse to. You were frightened to be yourself; others tried to compartmentalize you and squeeze you into a box that was far too small for all the wounds you were carrying. Deep down, you knew in your heart that you weren’t meant to fit in. I can’t change what happened to you; the only thing I can do is teach you how to change your perspective about it. Don’t waste your time looking through the rear-view mirror. You can’t go back, but you can go within. The only barriers are your beliefs. Fears are merely fragments that are crying out for your attention. I heard you crying out for your mother, even though you were often terrified of her.”

“I had good reason to be.”

“I understand your trepidation. You know full well what it took for her to commit to herself. It took dying.”

“I wanted more time with her.”

“You never would have had the type of quality time that you needed. Many who have stretched themselves to the limit are like ticking time bombs that can go off unexpectedly, leaving behind all sorts of emotional shrapnel. It can take them years of inner work to collect the shreds of self-love after they’ve been blown to smithereens. What do you want for nothing, right?”

“That wasn’t what I expected you to say, either. I also don’t know what you mean.”

“When man wants for nothing, he will find it in his heart to give everything he can to shine a light so that a single star can twinkle in return. The next time you see a twinkling star, you will know precisely what to do. You could even wish for world peace if you wanted to. Many believe the future can be changed overnight. Mother Nature herself continues to make her needs known. Many people tune her out and treat her just like they do their own inner sanctuaries.”

“Do you mean a person has more than one inner sanctuary?”

“Man’s inner realm has numerous archetypes wandering his inner kingdom. Some have a lot of growing up to do; others have a lot of growing ‘in’ to do. There were a few places that brought you comfort when you were a child. Solitude is not your enemy; not making time for it is one of the worst things a person can do. Man’s inner well must be nurtured. The soul demands it. Not everyone thinks of ‘soul work’ as being a high priority; some know that they literally wouldn’t live if they didn’t make an effort. Heeling to heal, you could say. It isn’t a demand, it’s merely a request to stop and make time for love. What’s the worst thing that could happen if all the compartments met each other? What happens after an environmental disaster?”

“After people have finished pointing their fingers?”

“That can continue for many lifetimes—long after entire pockets of humanity have suffered. The simple answer is also complex, as you can well imagine. In fact, digging a well might be one of the first offerings of peace to a country with drought as its main, overwhelming concern. So many children are starving, but they die of thirst first. I’m sorry if talking about this brings you discomfort. It is meant to bring awareness. I know full well what you intend to do with your life.”

“But I don’t even know … how come you do?”

“Maybe you’re meant to discover that through our interactions. Maybe I’m a carpenter in disguise and I’m teaching my craft to you? What do you say we work together?”

“I don’t even believe in God.”

“You have forgotten how far away from the Creator you have wandered, but I can tell you a secret, if you want me to.”

“What? You’re going to tell me that I’m already God?”

“Precious child, you are a stub born, aren’t you? Creating is inherent in all of mankind—destruction, too. Watch and learn.”

“But my hands aren’t tied.”

“No, they are not. You are only imprisoned in your awareness, although I can accept that you might want to lie about how disappointed you’ve been.”

“Who said I’m lying? Maybe I’ve got good reason to be disappointed,” the cynic answered. Realizing how trivial his complaints would seem, by comparison, he added, “Sorry … that sounds stupid, considering what was done to you.”

“I, too, took matters into my own hands, when my frustrations were greater than I could bear.”

“I can’t imagine you having a temper tantrum.”

“No, but you can imagine me building a unique piece of furniture and then setting it aside for another time, can’t you?”

“A chair? A table? A stool?”

“Or a cupboard. The carpentry tools during my last lifetime on Earth were very crude compared to what you take for granted now. What if all I did was lead you to this moment?”

“What moment?”

“The moment when both your mind and heart were open at the same time.”

“I don’t know how to thank you.”

“My friend, you have just discovered one of the soul’s ‘lost and found’ games, although they aren’t really games, they’re hidden compartments, just like the ones you think need to be kept away from each other. A brick is a marvelous invention. It is one of the most valuable and useful items ever created. One brick can be brought to another and set on that person’s doorstep. It can be used to prop open a door just as easily as it can be used to keep a door closed. Or can it? A brick can also be thrown at a window. Mind you, it might very well miss the mark. I suppose it depends on the amount of effort exerted, doesn’t it? Shot put isn’t exactly the most popular event in track and field.”

“Where are you going with this?”

“The same place I’m always going; rather, I’m bringing things full circle. There’s a fine line between bringing things full circle and going around in circles, you know.”

“How so?”

“Shining a light will always illuminate what needs to be found. It’s harder to find and tie up loose ends in the dark, isn’t it? Besides, one can shed light or live in a shed, avoiding the light altogether. Every moment presents an opportunity for a change of perspective. I didn’t say that the window had glass in it. I didn’t even mention whether the window was open or closed. Like most things, a perception can be just that—a single viewpoint. But if I look at it from more than one angle, I can see it from top to bottom, side to side, or inside out, just to name a few. The soul doesn’t limit itself to one end of a spectrum. Sometimes the soul will go to great lengths to take a person to the edge of his or her darkness so that the glass ceiling of that person’s beliefs can be shattered, allowing him or her to expand beyond previous frames that had been extremely limiting. You well know how challenging it is to see through a window clearly if it’s being blocked or is in need of cleaning—or if it’s been cracked or shattered. That being said, stained-glass windows are a marvel to behold, aren’t they? As Elisabeth Kübler-Ross said, ‘People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.’ Now, then, where was I going? Ah, yes, I was talking about the value of a single brick.”

“Funny you should mention that. I still have a single brick from the front steps of my grandparents’ house.”

“You can repeat that story again at another time.”

“But it was one of the synchronicities that I found inspiring!”

“You were led there so you could spend time in one of your favourite rooms before reconstruction could reoccur. Many people’s lives have fallen apart, and they have no idea how to rebuild. Maybe that was one of the reasons I became a carpenter.”

“The house was going to be demolished within days. I loved the ‘yellow room’—it was one of my favourite places.”

“I know, and you would have been sad if you had suddenly discovered that it, too, had been torn down. I’m well aware of all the times you sought sanctuary there when you were growing up, not to mention all the times you returned there in your mind because it was one of the few places you felt safe. I even know that you hid under the bed with a candle once. It wasn’t the wisest choice, but I knew you were paying attention to the strength of a single, tiny flame.”

“How did you know?”

“I see everything you’ve done, every wound you’ve carried within, every stick and stone you’ve wielded, and everyone you’ve taken to heart, not to mention every person and being that you’ve allowed to enter your precious inner sanctuary. Don’t forget—some archetypes may have worn out their welcome, while there are others who have yet to make their gifts known. Every heartache can be turned around, my friend. You have one brick that you have set aside. Let it symbolize reconstruction. Let it symbolize a wall that you want to dismantle. From now on, take everything you experience to heart, not to bury your disappointment or to repeat the same patterns that were created in an effort to avoid pain or numb it, but to shine a light on the obstacles that have set you apart from feeling the freedom your heart has been longing for. Dismantle something that you can recycle. Imagine the Earth welcoming its rebirth and send gratitude to your inner child for inspiring the release of a burden that is no longer needed. That same child is the very reason I came to visit with you today. Peace be with you.”

Author: Sheridan Cooke

I am a medium, scribe, intuitive healer, and Reiki Master, and have been channeling messages intended to invoke deep healing and rebalance inner archetypes since September 2001. I work mainly with the High Council, Archangels, and the Elohim. From time to time, I also receive messages from other elevated light beings, such as the Pleiadians and Andromeda, and will often receive messages directly from a person's inner child or an archetype seeking to reintegrate the soul's Light more fully.

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