Creating space

Following is a transcription of yesterday’s channeling session, which left me feeling as though a great deal of movement is about to take place. If you’re ready to make changes and create some much needed space in your life, then I hope it inspires you to take action. Namaste.


“Finally!” the woman said after opening up a newspaper.

“What is it?” the young girl inquired.

“Don’t check your horoscope,” said the cynic. “It’s inaccurate.”

“You’d have to check a series of horoscopes to get the full picture,” Maitreya noted. “Especially if you’re born on a cusp.”

“I had my natal chart prepared on February 3, 1996,” said the woman.

“We know,” Maitreya answered. “We also know how many creativity lines were on your chart. It’s time for you to start making adequate use of them.”

“What do you mean? I’m not making adequate use of the ones that I know are there?”

“You said it, not me,” he teased.

The woman suddenly thought of the white chocolate peppermint truffles that were in a container in her kitchen. “I bought them because they reminded me of my paternal grandmother.”

“We know that, too,” Maitreya replied. “We also know the time has come to post Vesta’s manifesto. Shall we begin?”

This is how a typical morning starts: I centre myself in my meditation area, put pen to paper, the guidance begins to flow, and I quickly type in the words into a blank document. Every day starts with a clean slate. Sometimes, the messages come through as conversations, much like the ones above and below; other times, a guide will simply ask me to transcribe a single message to upload to Facebook and Instagram. Having this as a morning ritual has altered the entire course of my life since journaling first became a habit in early 2000. The following September, the words being put to paper were no longer my own. Ever since then, my day has started off with channeling, and I can’t imagine it beginning any other way. It has helped me to learn how to come to terms with unexpected endings that have occurred since then, although doing so took longer with some relationships, due to the history and deep connections that were shared. Every ending has created space for a new beginning.

Thousands of messages have been transcribed since the fall of 2001, along with not only A Tryst of Faith, but the two sequels that followed. Nowadays, full sentences come through within seconds, which is much different from how things were when I first started experimenting with automatic writing all those years ago.

“You don’t need to use your pen now,” Maitreya said. “In fact, I’d like to encourage you to free write, or at least allow me to take over for a few minutes.”

“Maybe not today,” the young girl said. “If it’s time for Vesta’s manifesto, then we can experiment at another time, if that’s okay.”

“My head feels different this morning,” said the woman.

“We’ve been downloading additional information. I can pull back, if it’s uncomfortable.”

“Please don’t, Maitreya. I’ll get used to it.”

“Very well, then. Speaking of pulling back, we would like you to shift your energies and focus on your projects for the time being. You understand why, and it’s important that you make a concerted effort to complete a few things before you return to work in the New Year.”

“Like what?” asked the cynic.

“Like organizing your paperwork and recycling the magazines you know you won’t read.”

“I can do that,” the preteen said.

“We might find a few treasures,” added the teenager.

“Wait a second,” said the young girl, perusing an advertisement in the newspaper. “I think I want to move in the coming year.”

“Focus on what you came here to do first, then we’ll discuss where you’re meant to move to next.”

“Okay,” she replied, opening up her journal and taking out a loose piece of paper with a name and address written on it. “This is yours,” she added, handing it to the woman.

“Why do you still have that?” the fool asked. “Just because the address is still valid, it doesn’t mean you need to hold onto the piece of paper that the man you met in Mexico once gave you—or the photo that was taken of the two of you, for that matter.”

“Let her keep them,” Maitreya said. “Several items of sentimental value were destroyed when the basement flooded.”

The woman recalled the folder of cards, letters, and emails from the man she met in Mexico that she held onto from the time they met in the summer of 1997 until just before El Morya and Mother Mary guided her to prepare to move in early 2004. She had recently discovered the folder in her storage room and contemplated recycling it, as it had sustained water damage and a few of the pages nestled within were blurred beyond legibility.

“Because you wouldn’t listen to their initial request of you, you were then guided to prepare for his return,” Maitreya commented. “That guidance proved to be completely accurate.”

“It was,” the woman said, feeling a wave of gratitude washing over her.

“That was a tumultuous year,” El Morya then said, joining their conversation. “It was when you recognized Melchizedek’s warning was valid. The break-ins started that year and continued, off and on, for over eight years. Thank goodness you’ve finally cleared the slate with the man you left behind.”

The woman then recalled the clippings from the now defunct FFWD newspaper that were posted by the man she left behind and directed specifically to her attention, one of which referred to an item that had been left on her bed during the robbery that took place in January 2009, which the police refused to believe provided sufficient evidence of his involvement. That event had haunted her for years, and she still found herself feeling angry from time to time because she didn’t think justice had been adequately served.

“The soul’s justice operates beyond man’s ego, as you well know,” El Morya stated. “We noticed you had a dream last night in which you recognized that finally letting your anger go and teaching others how to do the same would benefit those who lacked a firm foundation during their childhoods.”

“My childhood was exactly the way it was meant to be,” said the young girl.

“It definitely wasn’t the way I wanted it to be,” remarked the preteen, and the teenager said, “That’s for sure.”

“What do you know for sure?” Maitreya asked. “Many have read Byron Katie’s books and learned a tremendous amount by asking a series of pointed questions.”

“I have a question,” the teenager said. “Why don’t most boys seem to like me?”

“Hello?!” the cynic replied. “Have you looked at yourself?”

“There’s nothing wrong with me,” she said.

“In answer to the same question,” said the preteen, “I’d like to accept the teenager’s answer as truth.”

“I already did,” the young girl said, knowing that their once fragmented trinity would benefit from a bit of refining and polishing.

Maitreya looked at the preteen and teenager and said, “Then you’ll need to remove a belief system that conflicts with that particular expression of the soul’s love.” He turned to the woman and requested that she start recycling and let the images come to her while she was doing so, along with the thoughts and feelings that accompanied them, and jot them down in a new journal.

“Why a new journal?” the young girl inquired.

“Because we’d like you to use the pages differently than you have in the past. As you’re holding open the journal, we’d like you to write down the images, thoughts, and feelings that come to mind on the page to the left, and find a common thread. Underline the parts that stand out to you and select a single word that you would like to modify. You’ll understand what I mean when you start the exercise.”

“Because your repertoire of acknowledgment is as vast as it is,” El Morya said, continuing where Maitreya left off, “we’d like you to single out a new truth to replace an old one and then journal about how you think you can do that on the blank page to the right. In order to make things right, the soul will request what is no longer needed to be left behind. Behaviours are not always easy to change, but belief systems must be changed before those behaviours can adjust themselves.”

“When one door closes, another door opens,” thought the cynic, who offered to buy the journal.

“I have an offering I’d like to make,” the woman said, holding out a beautifully embossed journal that she had taken with her the year after the break-ins started when she went to London on her own.

“You weren’t on your own for the entire time,” said El Morya.

“Don’t spoil the ending of A Tryst of Faith,” requested the preteen.

“But it was an ending,” the woman said, acknowledging that it was the last time she had seen the man she met in Mexico.

“You haven’t heard his voice since then, either,” El Morya remarked.

“It doesn’t matter now,” the teenager said, and the woman understood the deeper meaning beneath her comment.

“It’s been almost impossible for me to open up to a man since then—with the exception of one brief relationship, that is.”

“And that relationship transformed your life more than either of you had anticipated,” Maitreya observed.

“I’m proud of her,” the woman’s mother came forward and said. “I know it was difficult for you to move on after you returned home from Mexico, and although I never met the man you briefly dated, I know full well the damage that was done by the man you were asked to leave behind.”

“That’s a trinity I’d like to release,” the nun stated, and the prostitute said, “Amen to that.”

“Maitreya, I’d like to clear the slate and start the New Year off without all this heaviness around me,” declared the woman.

“Ah, ‘let there be light, and there was light,’” El Morya said, winking at the young girl.

“And so it is,” said the cynic.

“Amen to that,” repeated the young girl, looking at the prostitute and understanding why the teenager felt such a strong bond with her. “You can teach her, can’t you?”

“I already have,” the prostitute replied. “I taught her that life was worth living, even though I wanted to die for the longest time. Mother Mary helped me to work through that by encouraging me to realize there was a deeper meaning directly underneath my desire to die, which turned out to be an even stronger yearning to be of service to humanity. Since then, the nun and I reunited and formed a strong bond that can’t be broken.”

“I’m grateful for reunions,” the woman said, thinking of the new man.

“Be grateful for his willingness to release his own barriers and limitations, too.”

“I can’t force those to come down,” the woman acknowledged.

“Nor can you force him to remain beside you if he doesn’t feel a relationship serves his life purpose.”

“I know,” she said, feeling disappointed at the idea of not having him in her life.

“Let time be a friend and not an enemy,” Vesta said, appearing and pointing to her manifesto to be reviewed one final time before being shared.

“Okay,” said the woman.

“Releasing attachment to an outcome can be very difficult, especially for those who spent much of their childhoods wanting for more than they were given and being let down by those whom they are certain were there to love and protect them, and not neglect, abandon, or reject them. Please remember that neglect, abandonment, and rejection were created as protective mechanisms, often because the same mistreatments were experienced by the perpetrator, who would have also experienced the same mistreatment. Chains of pain must be broken, and doing so starts with the person who desires to no longer feel the pain being worn by the heart. Challenge yourself to modify your stance as it pertains to those who have hurt you. You cannot change what occurred, but you can challenge yourself to accept that what occurred might very well have a higher purpose which has yet to be discovered. Do yourself a favour: neglect, abandon, and reject all belief systems that no longer serve your heart. Liberation is the end point of this endeavour. The keys to freedom are in your heart, and they must first be excavated in order for the heart to be free from all the wounds that it was taught to believe were either real or somehow deserved, or—in some cases—both. Lightning can crack open a tree in a split second, just as the soul’s light can penetrate an opening that is smaller than a head of a pin. Isn’t that what stars look like, though? Isn’t the galaxy full of dots of light that mirror the heart’s desire to see the truth clearly? You deserve to be free. Remember that, in a split second, the decision to accept that statement as truth can alter the entire trajectory of your life.”

“Thank you, El Morya.”

“Please post the manifesto at the beginning of the New Year,” Vesta requested.

I will,said the woman.

“Onward!” the fool cried out and the young girl closed her journal for the morning.

~ Channeled December 27, 2018


Author: Sheridan Cooke

I am a medium, scribe, intuitive healer, and Reiki Master, and have been channeling messages intended to invoke deep healing and rebalance inner archetypes since September 2001. I work mainly with the High Council, Archangels, and the Elohim. From time to time, I also receive messages from other elevated light beings, such as the Pleiadians and Andromeda, and will often receive messages directly from a person's inner child or an archetype seeking to reintegrate the soul's Light more fully.

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