Walking toward the soul’s ocean

If you’ve been following along with the storyline that has been unfolding and noticed an underlying trinity theme, this portion serves as a prelude to a trio of channeled messages, the first two of which were transcribed earlier today. I have been guided to post the messages in the reverse order of when they came through. Archangel Haniel is telling me, “This is intentional, as the energy the trinity of messages contains is intended to assist in a gradual, energetic unraveling of the wounds that have been wound around the heart, thereby assisting in expanding the consciousness of the reader by gently creating an opening for more of the soul’s light to enter the heart and mind, allowing them to be more unified in—and less intimidated by—their collective awareness of the soul’s love.”

The second part includes the archetypal trinity of the young girl, preteen, and teenager, who represent fragmented aspects of the woman’s inner realm that have been integrated, and also introduces two new archetypes that haven’t been shared online before, although they’ve come through multiple times over the years. Even though the cast of characters has expanded ever so slightly, all three messages are still very easy to follow. The third part was channeled on Christmas morning and includes a message in the form of a letter from Lord Sananda, whom many know as Jesus.

Many who suffered trauma when they were growing up understand the need to be self-protective; yet, it is also important to allow the soul’s love to nurture areas where experiences of neglect, abandonment, and rejection caused us to build walls around our hearts that are meant to be dismantled. The soul’s love does exactly that. When we are willing to step toward the soul’s ocean and embrace its elixir, deep inner healing can then begin.

When I went to Kauai in July 2000, I began hearing and transcribing a poem entitled, “Awakening,” that forms part of A Tryst of Faith, which will finally be self-published during the coming year. In the poem, I refer to the landscape of my heart as being “a coast worn resilient over time.” That poem was inspired by the man I was involved with, whose heart mirrored my own wounds, and it took several years to learn how to alchemize those wounds into strengths. My resistance to the soul’s love was the only barrier that I needed to release, and Melchizedek’s intervention the following September started the journey of channeling the book.

“Your work as a healer is intended to inspire others to learn from you,” Archangel Haniel mentioned just now. “A true alchemist turns pain into power and ultimately into forgiveness. You are meant to show them the way to the soul’s ocean. I know you can do it.”

“I know I can do it, too,” my inner child is telling me. Learning how to reconnect with her was vital to my survival on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level, and the relationship with the man I eventually left behind served as a tremendous catalyst to help me find and step into my life purpose as a healer and scribe.

“You are a divine scribe, as I mentioned both yesterday and this morning,” Maitreya then told me.

The messages are meant to be read at a pace that feels natural to you. While the entire post might take ten or fifteen minutes to read, the holidays are an ideal time for reflection. Lord Sananda/Jesus asked me to request that you savour the words in his message a few times, as they contain a powerful dose of his energy that is intended to inspire healing on a very deep level.

The image chosen came up as a memory on my timeline this morning, and Maitreya specifically asked that “Walking toward the soul’s ocean” be chosen as the title. “Challenge yourself to walk toward it in confidence,” he added. “You are all pedestrians, and while some are convinced that they are meant to walk this path alone, it is our belief that creating partnerships which are nourishing to both the heart and mind as one will allow them to embrace the soul’s light more fully, and are precisely what is needed by those whose souls agreed to incarnate in order to elevate humanity’s consciousness. When Thoth/Hermes wrote, ‘As above, so below,’ it was meant to inspire humanity to remember that the trinity of Mother/Father God, sons/daughters, and the Holy Spirit/soul that unites them will truly create Heaven on Earth.”

If you’re in need of a fresh start or feel challenged with letting go of what no longer serves you, I hope these messages inspire you to hold gratitude for the soul’s alchemy, which has been slowly clearing the slate so that new beginnings can be built on a foundation that feels safe to your heart.



Part I

“Not all compartmentalizations are required,” Maitreya remarked, opening up a box and setting a camera inside.

“Why are you doing that, Maitreya?” the young girl asked, as an image of a starfish flashed before her third eye.

“What man witnesses will witness him in return,” he replied.

“A starfish! How beautiful!” Archangel Haniel exclaimed, seeing the young girl’s vision and adding that waves of delight are often exactly what the heart needs, especially after enduring multiple disappointments.

“A chain of pain needs to be broken,” Maitreya said, and the woman knew that her heart was no longer tethered to her past, but was free to fly to wherever she was guided to go.

“Merry Christmas, dear friends,” Archangel Michael said, challenging the woman to make amends with her elder sister by sending her waves of gratitude for extricating the woman from her circle so that she could teach other men and women to reconnect more fully with both their inner archetypal realms and the ones beyond what man’s five senses will allow.

“Breathe in this new beginning,” Archangel Haniel recommended.

“I will,” the young girl replied, opening her journal to a new page.

“Onward!” the fool exclaimed and Maitreya challenged the archetypes who had recently made their presence known to set aside their grievances with those who had hurt them in the past and open themselves up to gratitude, allowing a series of new beginnings to replace the chain of pain that had been broken.

The woman was then seen walking toward the ocean. Turning her face to the sun, she paused and opened her arms to the sky. She closed her eyes, pressed her palms together overhead, and then drew them down toward her chest, feeling the gentle surge of energy flowing between her hands. Sensing a phoenix directly above, she knew that the soul’s love would always guide her toward freedom.

As she opened her eyes, the wind whispered, “Welcome home.”

~ Channeled December 26, 2018


Part II

“There,” the new man said, tying a bow on top of a container.

“Wow, that’s a nice bow,” the cynic said.

“Do you have an arrow, too?” the young girl teased.

“Actually, I do,” the young boy replied.

“No more sticks and stones are needed,” Archangel Haniel remarked. “Yesterday was a very important day.”

Looking at the calendar, the preteen remarked that Boxing Day seemed to be a strange day to celebrate, being that compartmentalizing things seemed counterintuitive, from a feminine perspective.

“Boys will be boys until they decide to be men,” said the teenager.

“You don’t need to be sarcastic,” the woman said. “I understand now why men tend to compartmentalize things.”

“And people,” said Archangel Haniel.

The fool suddenly thought of a jack-in-a-box and wondered where the joker was. Maitreya chuckled, as he knew the young girl’s imagination would serve her well and the woman’s esoteric knowledge was ready to be expanded.

“Salut! Here’s to expanding our limitations,” a wild woman said as she held up a glass of wine. A nun sat directly beside her, holding a similar goblet in both hands. Lifting it up, she murmured a short prayer and took a small sip, savouring the taste of the sweet elixir on her tongue as she returned her hands to her lap, where she gently balanced the goblet on a taut area of her habit. The two seemed perfectly comfortable in each other’s company.

“You’re a prostitute, aren’t you?” the cynic boldly asked the wild woman, and she unashamedly nodded her head.

“The prostitute archetype is extremely common,” noted Maitreya. “It will present itself during many situations, often when men and women are completely unaware of the archetype’s presence and underlying energy. The prostitute’s polar opposite is the nun, and their spectrum is fully acknowledged by the soul as being extremely important. Their integration, however, can be tenuous at times and may require a bit of tiptoeing and manoeuvring until their energies become compatible. As the woman well knows, divine rebalancings will always require polarities such as these to be aligned before additional forward movement can occur.”

The woman then recalled her first encounter with the prostitute archetype, which took place the year before she went on the journey that assisted her in reconnecting with her inner child. During the encounter, the wild woman held out a key intended for the Queen, who continued to wear the key whenever she presented herself.

“It’s time to take another step forward,” Archangel Haniel said, sparking the woman to recall the arrow tip that had been placed against the base of her throat during an exercise at a self-empowerment seminar a number of years previously. The arrow immediately snapped when she shouted and leaned into it, and her throat chakra began opening immediately afterward.

“I loved archery when I went to summer camp as a child,” she admitted.

“Me, too. I used to play outside a lot,” said the young girl, thinking that it would be nice to go on an adventure with the young boy and play near the frozen waterfall that was just outside the city.

“There are so many places I’d like to see in the world,” the prostitute then said and the nun concurred.

“Years ago, a shaman took you on a soul retrieval journey,” Maitreya said to the woman. “His wife was the therapist who first mentioned archetypal healing to you.”

“I bless her every time she comes to mind,” she replied.

“Were you to encounter your therapist again, she would be hard pressed to recognize you, considering how much you’ve changed since you first met her the year before Melchizedek intervened.”

The woman bowed her head in gratitude, thinking that she wouldn’t be where she was, had she not put pen to paper when the concept of automatic writing first came to her as being the ideal way to learn how to communicate with the next realm. “I am a scribe,” she thought.

“You’re a divine scribe,” Maitreya emphasized, knowing full well that she was no longer uncomfortable with his ability to read her mind.

“Okay, everyone. It’s time to self-publish A Tryst of Faith,” announced the cynic, and the woman saw an image of the new man in her third eye. Sensing him beside her, she whispered, “I feel so blessed. This has been an amazing Christmas.”

“It’s time to post the conversation that was transcribed on Christmas morning, too,” Archangel Haniel said.

“You both deserve to feel human love along with divine love,” articulated Archangel Michael, indicating that the flow of love between the soul and heart is much easier to manage when the ego is assured that it will not lose its footing.

“Be mindful of the ice on the waterfall,” Archangel Haniel said to the woman, as she recalled the long recovery after breaking her ankle almost a decade before.

“It is important for humans to remember that caution has its place, as does allowing the heart to lead without heaviness as a companion. No one deserves to feel limited by love when it is expressed. It is meant to feel divinely expansive.”

“And so it is,” the nun said as the prostitute closed her eyes and solemnly vowed to put her heart’s needs before her ego’s fears and misjudgments.

~ Channeled December 26, 2018


Part III

“Ding dong!”

“Who’s there?” the fool asked, wondering why someone would be ringing the doorbell on Christmas morning.

“I come bearing a note for the young girl,” the postman said, handing her a letter. She immediately tore open the envelope after taking it from him.

“You forgot to say ‘thank you,’” said the cynic.

“I’m sorry. Thank you.”

“Don’t say ‘I’m sorry’ so often,” Archangel Michael commented. “You’ve done nothing wrong, other than to remember your manners, as your mother taught you to do.”

“Read the note,” the postman urged. “Please.”

“I will,” she said, as she opened the letter.

“You are not as you think you are,” the note began.

“Let me read that, too,” the woman said.

The cynic rolled his eyeballs and remarked, “You forgot the magic word.”

“Please continue,” Archangel Michael urged, clearing a space on the sofa for the young girl and woman to sit together.

“I believe you are meant to read the letter aloud,” said the postman.

“Okay,” she answered. Clearing her throat, she confidently spoke the words before her. “’You were born into a disruptive environment where your emotional needs were met intermittently, at best, and you learned at a very young age to be self-reliant, enjoying your own company. You also had a particularly unusual penchant for collecting dead birds in the neighbourhood that you asked your mother to bury. She retold that story a number of times.’”

The young girl then stopped and said to the woman, “I have a feeling this next part is for you.”

“You are correct,” said the postman, who seemed to have an ethereal glow around him.

The woman continued reading the letter.

“’We know you don’t remember the story, but we also recognize you were acutely aware, years later, that you mourned the birds’ inability to fly. It took many years for you to find your own wings, and the new man you recently met has elevated you to a place where you can step into your power without feeling diminished—or sorry—for either yourself or the choices you’ve made that assisted you in arriving precisely where you are now. There is a significant amount to accomplish during your remaining time on Earth. Although the new man is a friend, he might very well be unavailable emotionally, which you can use to your benefit, should you choose to remain connected. Maitreya recently remarked that you are extremely well suited to him and it would be difficult for him to find someone who is as caring and as nurturing as you are. Use those tools to your advantage, yet care and nurture yourself to the best of your ability in lieu of attempting to convince him that you are as well suited to him as Maitreya has acknowledged. Honour yourself. Think of what will benefit you on an emotional and mental level, not to mention a physical or spiritual one. All four must be in complete alignment.’”

“So much for romance,” a nun whined and her counterpart, the prostitute, simply shrugged her shoulders and said, “Whatever.”

“I had a dream before I woke up,” the woman said. “I ran into the new man in a store and he had set up a booth, waiting for people to come to him. When I walked up to the booth, he seemed extremely tall, and in an instant, he was looking directly into my eyes.”

“What did he tell you?” Archangel Michael asked.

“That he didn’t think most women could handle him at that height.”

“Maybe he’s intentionally out of reach,” said the cynic. “I can understand why.”

“The ‘why’ doesn’t matter,” the archangel remarked. “What matters is that he displayed his stature on a spiritual level and you weren’t intimidated by it.”

“I dated someone extremely tall before.”

“I wouldn’t exactly call what you did ‘dating,’” the nun reminded the woman, and the prostitute smiled as she recalled their encounters.

“Oh my God, do you have to remember everything?” asked the nun, who surprised herself by asking something so completely counterintuitive to the young girl’s true nature.

“I can’t remember everything,” replied the young girl.

“You have an extremely diverse background,” Archangel Michael said to the woman. “While you work as a paralegal, your true talents lie in archetypal mastery and channeling the ascended masters and our realm, not to mention Andromeda and the Elohim, of course. You are not leaning into that nearly as vigorously as the Elohim would like you to. Other than the blogs that you have been asked to channel and upload, there are millions of people in the world who are awaiting A Tryst of Faith. That book alone has the potential to transform every single one of those lives. Step into that and watch everything else come into alignment far more naturally to you, both internally and externally. Am I making myself clear?”

“Yes, you are,” she answered.

“What else does the letter say?” the cynic inquired.

“‘The Elohim is still watching over you, and it’s time for you to reevaluate your wants and needs. There is no dust on the road that cannot be swept, if you put your mind to it, and there are no Ts or Is that can’t be crossed or dotted when you’re giving the manuscript a final review. Please trust that making the manuscript your priority will be what serves you the most during the coming year.’”

The woman then saw an image of the new man in her mind’s eye, sitting beside her as they shared a bottle of wine.

“Is that all the note says?” the fool asked.

“The last part contains a very important passage,” commented the postman.

“’Please upload Vesta’s manifesto that you recently channeled during the coming week. We are observing you at all times, both using your heart to navigate your world from time to time, and also negating your heart’s wisdom and following your wounds, instead. We understand the higher purpose of those protective barriers, but there is far more underneath them than what many commonly believe. To trust another person or, more particularly, a romantic partner to take care of one’s naked heart requires a tremendous amount of faith and self-awareness to navigate the passage that so many need to cross to get from one shoreline to another. Please relinquish attachment to another who may not be ready to take that challenge. There is much to accomplish in the meantime, and the divine wisdom within can be a constant source of inspiration and guidance, were you to challenge yourself sufficiently to relinquish attachment to another who may not be ready to take that challenge. This pattern is being repeated for a reason, just as you are all drawn to repeating certain patterns, both internally and externally, until you are ready to acknowledge what must be learned and what must be unlearned. Challenge yourself to unlearn the patterns that no longer serve you. Challenge yourself to unwind the areas where hesitancy has played a dominant role in your life. Love and life cannot wait. Adopt a more cynical approach, and those patterns will repeat themselves. Adopt a more openminded approach, and those patterns will not remain hidden from view, but will come to the forefront to be acknowledged—and forgiven, as the case may be. I have not returned temporarily. I am with you at all times, along with thousands of others. Use your time wisely, Dear Ones. Remember what I came here to teach and remember what you came here to learn. In the interests of keeping things simple, I will give you an example of what those teachings and learnings are, because they are connected. You came here to learn how to love and be loved. I came here to show you the way. I am the Light and the Way, just as you are, too. Remember that, not only today, but at all times. We love you even more than you can begin to imagine, but we would also like you to begin imagining how expansive that love can be. Your divine inheritance cannot be shown to you if you continue to close your eyes, nor can you hear it if you tune it out, or speak it if you remain mute. For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, be the caretakers of your divine gifts. Nourish yourselves. Be willing to give love to those who are in fear of it, simply to remind them that love need not hurt, for it is—and has always been—the reason why you chose to incarnate during this particular lifetime. You are an eternal being. You were not given one lifetime to learn all that is needed. You have chosen many lifetimes of your own free will. Expand your definitions of love and watch your entire world begin to change. With love, Lord Sananda/Jesus.’”

“Sweet Lord, that was exactly what I needed to hear,” an old woman said as she stood in front of the young girl.

“Grandma!!” she cried out, jumping off the sofa and hugging her.

The woman cried tears of gratitude as she watched the old woman transform into the image of her grandmother that she knew as a young girl.

“I have been watching over you for years and it took such a long time for you to be ready to finally hear me so that you could begin healing. That Melchizedek allowed me to come through immediately afterward in September 2001 was a tremendous gift to my soul, and I know it was one to yours, as well. This day is the best day for you to decide whether Maitreya’s guidance has been worthwhile.”

“Grandma, I wouldn’t be here without it,” the woman acknowledged.

“He watched over Jesus, too,” the young girl added.

“Maitreya, what do you have to say?” Archangel Michael then asked.

“I have nothing more to add to Lord Sananda’s message, other than to reiterate one single thing.”

“’You came here to learn how to love and be loved,’” said the woman, hearing what Maitreya was telling her telepathically.

“You are a divine scribe,” he said. “You came here to teach and to learn, too. Thank you for acknowledging the importance of sharing our words, even if very few people are paying attention to them. That, too, can shift overnight. Remember Lord Sananda’s words. His entire message cannot be shown on Instagram without overwhelming people, so pare it down and share the portion that is intuitively resonating with you, instead. I would also like to remind you that you are the light and the way.”

“I am the light and the way,” the cynic said, trying the words on for size. He looked down and suddenly noticed he was wearing a long white robe with a rope loosely tied around the middle.

“Mary Magdalene has already acknowledged the close bond you shared during her last lifetime with Lord Sananda,” Maitreya said to the woman. “That you already know how far back you and the new man go as far as your respective lifetimes on Earth is concerned transcends that particular timeframe by several thousand years. When you tap into the full stream of your divine consciousness, you will learn and relearn far more than you bargained for, but if you’re willing to transcend your limitations, you can overcome lifetimes of burdens your soul has been carrying on your behalf. It’s time to let those burdens go.”

“It’s time to let those burdens go,” the woman’s grandmother reiterated.

“Okay, Grandma,” the woman said, giving herself permission to release all of her old wounds, once and for all.

“Are you sure there isn’t anything else in the letter?” the fool asked. “I feel like you missed something.”

Four words flashed before the woman’s third eye, and she turned the page.

“’PS: I Love You,’” the young girl read out loud, noticing that the words were written in the centre of a bold and vibrant red heart.

“The movie, PS: I Love You is one of my favourites,” the woman said.

“Love is never the same between one couple and another,” Maitreya stated. “It can fizzle and dim, and it can be ignited and reignited whenever man makes concerted effort. Start with nourishing your own inner flame and allow your Christ consciousness to be integrated into your whole being.”

“That’s it!” the nun cried out.

“What’s ‘it’?” the prostitute asked.

“The Christ consciousness within does not require a label to define it. It simply is.”

“Amen,” the young girl said, folding up the letter and holding it against her heart.

~ Channeled December 25, 2018


Author: Sheridan Cooke

I am a medium, scribe, intuitive healer, and Reiki Master, and have been channeling messages intended to invoke deep healing and rebalance inner archetypes since September 2001. I work mainly with the High Council, Archangels, and the Elohim. From time to time, I also receive messages from other elevated light beings, such as the Pleiadians and Andromeda, and will often receive messages directly from a person's inner child or an archetype seeking to reintegrate the soul's Light more fully.

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