Divine Surrender

As with the message that was uploaded on Boxing Day, I’ve been guided to share today’s message before the one that was channeled a few days ago. Maitreya is reminding me that unwinding and unravelling are both necessary steps in preparing us to surrender to the soul’s light. He also mentioned that witnessing another’s awakening can challenge those who are in fear of that light to do the same. To that end, I intuitively feel the time has come to share the poem, “Awakening,” from the channeled manuscript, A Tryst of Faith. Line by line, the words seemed to be whispered to me from the time I arrived in Kauai in July 2000 until when I returned home. “Hero’s journeys are homecomings,” El Morya (who is also known as Melchior throughout the manuscript) is telling me. “And your story is meant to be shared, as it is intended to inspire others to return home to the soul’s ocean, just as you did.” The poem is nestled between the prologue, “A Prelude to Light,” which was uploaded yesterday, and the Introduction by El Morya, and has been included at the very end of the transcription below. While the poem contains erotic overtones, the heart’s bliss is remarkably liberating, which is exactly how I felt when I began embracing the new beginning that my heart had been searching for. I hope it inspires you to blaze new territory, too. You’ll see. Namaste.


“I, Inaticia, ask for the Elohim to intervene today,” requested the woman’s higher self, seeking their counsel.

“No one can alter the course this journey is taking, Inaticia,” Divine Unity replied, as Divine Grace appeared alongside. “We are with you at all times, Dear One.”

“This is a difficult transition for my human form at this time.”

“We are aware of the changes that are taking place. Please tell her to remain steadfast and firm in her resolve to self-publish her first channeled manuscript, A Tryst of Faith. There are millions awaiting our words, as well as the High Council’s words, even though they first represented themselves as the Council of the Great White Brotherhood when it was transcribed. It is time to display The Council begins with the Counsel—or the poem, Awakening—whichever you believe would have the most impact. We would also like you to tell her that A Prelude to Light has yet to be read by those who are in need of it. To that end, we would like it to be reposted tomorrow morning. It is our understanding that she feels unsettled by the new man’s impending departure.”

“He isn’t gone yet,” said the woman.

“No, but he has been slowly retreating,” Divine Unity said.

“This knowledge was revealed to you two days ago,” Divine Grace continued. “It is not as Maitreya would have wanted, yet, as the words, ‘If you love something, set it free; if it comes back, it is yours; if it doesn’t, it never was,’ were observed as coming to your mind upon awakening during the middle of the night.”

“I have an idea,” the young girl said, pointing to the poem.

“I have an idea, too,” the cynic replied, pointing to the transcription that the woman had been requested to set aside.

“Upload them both,” Divine Unity replied. “If people choose to read them, they will; if they don’t, perhaps they’re not meant to, just yet.”

“Dear One, please don’t be discouraged,” Divine Grace stated clearly.

“I’m trying to remain as calm and as centred as I can be,” the woman answered.

“Your repertoire of acknowledgment has received a tremendous overhaul since A Tryst of Faith was first transcribed,” said Divine Unity. “When Andromeda returned the other morning, her words touched on an area within that many have yet to reach. The lightning bolt contained in El Morya’s words that were uploaded two days ago was meant to be witnessed by seven specific people. Trust that it has reached those who were meant to see it. Detach expectation from an outcome. El Morya is nearby and would like to speak with you one final time before you begin retreating to complete the work that needs to be done.”

“’Thy will be done,’” the young girl said, rereading the words that the Queen had written on a piece of paper the previous morning.

“This page is sacred,” remarked Divine Unity. “Everything man does is a reflection of what he feels within himself or, often times, what he doesn’t wish to feel.”

“I understand,” the woman replied.

“I thought you might. You are no longer in danger, I might add, and although there were many years when you felt Maitreya was playing mind games with you, he was simply pointing to different areas in your inner realm where conflict had yet to be resolved. Those who are indifferent about love often require tremendous self-reflection to come to terms with how they define love. Many would be well served to dismantle this definition in its entirety, along with the residual heartache they might be feeling, as far as certain close relationships were concerned. Trust that the heart’s wisdom is not meant to be overruled by the mind; it is meant to surrender to the soul’s light, and the moment a man or a woman decides to do exactly that, everything can change in a single heartbeat. We ask that you remember these words and carry them with you: Thy will be done. You are the creators of your own destinies, Dear Ones. Please remember that truth and let it carry you into the New Year. We are watching over you at all times. It is safe to surrender to the soul’s light. Please remember that truth and let it carry you into the New Year, too.”

“Thank you, Divine Unity,” the woman said.

“I’d like to add something, if you don’t mind,” requested Divine Grace. “You cannot prevent others from surrendering to their fears, instead. All you can do is remind them that time is irrelevant, as far as the soul is concerned. Love is meant to be expressed as it is felt, not when society determines is the ‘right time.’ The time will always be Now. Open your hearts to love. Close them only to what makes you feel less than worthy. Please remember that the soul’s love will clear the way to the abundance that the heart seeks to know as truth.”

“And so it is,” said the young girl.

“And so it is,” repeated the cynic, who resolved to take larger strides forward and remember the Elohim’s words.

“Please shine a light on man’s resistance to love,” El Morya then said. “It’s time.”

~ Channeled December 30, 2018


“Awakening,” from the channeled manuscript, A Tryst of Faith, by Sheridan Cooke


I stand alone

on a beautifully imperfect shore

the champagne sun

whispers softly

over cool water

on the edge

of a distant horizon

For a few brief moments

the turquoise sea and sky

meld as one


in a warm and tender embrace

Rays of light

dance silently

toward me



scattering a dazzling blanket

of brilliant diamonds

reflecting pure radiance

across an ocean

of shimmering pearls

endless possibility

and timeless wonder

Waves beckon each other

then magically meet

in buoyant, jubilant reception

riding and rolling

in perfect rhythm

with amazing, combined power

strength and courage

slowly building


nearing the breaking point

and then ultimately releasing

with a thunderous roar

tumbling exultant

lapping and trickling divine elixir

into the deep coral pockets

of a coast worn resilient

over time

A solitary butterfly

bright orange

blazing new territory

its wings caressed

by the trade winds

flutters past me

and pauses to rest

quietly nearby

I stand alone

the sea’s gentle mist

sparkles like a prism

against my bronzed skin

as the Universe

plays the symphony

that awakened my soul



Author: Sheridan Cooke

I am a medium, scribe, intuitive healer, and Reiki Master, and have been channeling messages intended to invoke deep healing and rebalance inner archetypes since September 2001. I work mainly with the High Council, Archangels, and the Elohim. From time to time, I also receive messages from other elevated light beings, such as the Pleiadians and Andromeda, and will often receive messages directly from a person's inner child or an archetype seeking to reintegrate the soul's Light more fully.

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