Into the fire

It’s hard to believe today is already December 31st. During this morning’s channeling session, Maitreya mentioned, “You are not here to slay your dragons. You are here to make peace with them. We are here to assist in this endeavour.”

Most people would like to end the year on a high note. In many cases, the holidays—especially when we’re navigating endings, whether they took place a while ago or are fairly recent, heralding new beginnings—can be a difficult time.

“From our realm’s perspective,” Maitreya then stepped in to say, “many people have yet to cope with old endings, which is why new beginnings can be challenging. You, of all people, should know how difficult it was to cope with the death of a stepparent before Christmas, not to mention the sudden ending of a relationship the year previously, along with other endings that occurred beforehand. Wouldn’t it make sense to start the year off with a clean slate?”

“I have one,” my inner child just said, revealing herself standing on the most solid foundation she could present in a vision. In fact, the vision is so vivid that I can feel the texture of the foundation beneath the soles of my feet, including feeling the coolness of the bedrock that is clearly visible in my third eye. I feel completely connected to her, which was not the case until after I channeled the first draft of A Tryst of Faith before my mother committed suicide the day before Father’s Day in 2004. She comes to me quite frequently, and I have absolutely no fear of her presence now, in marked contrast to how I felt as a child.

Over the years, I have made peace with the deaths of both parents, as well as my stepfather. My birth father died when I was 16, and the last thing I ever saw him do was mouth my name. Multiple sclerosis had robbed him of his speech, not to mention his ability to walk before I was born, but he hadn’t lost his ability to recognize me, even though our family had fractured a few years before, and I hadn’t seen him for longer than I care to admit. When the illusions of rejection, neglect, and abandonment that seemed to flow in both directions were healed, I realized not only the higher purpose of his illness, but also that the love we shared was strong, deep, and everlasting, and it was something I could rely on as truth and hold inside my heart, even though we could no longer hold each other in our arms. My stepfather drowned after losing his footing on his boat and falling into the ocean. One of the first things he told me after he crossed over was, “Just when I thought my life was over, I saw the brightest light I’ve ever seen.”

Closure came much later than I could have liked, but when the chains of pain finally broke, I knew I was free.

None of my parents lived to witness the full depth or breadth of the transformation that occurred after Melchizedek’s intervention in September 2001, but I know they’re able to see me clearly now, too. The blessing of being able to connect with all three parents, along with Maitreya and many others, is that the wounds I carried throughout my childhood are now viewed as being jewels in disguise that had not yet been excavated.

“And polished,” Maitreya added. “Please allow me to continue for a time, as there are a few things I’d like to share.”

“Thank you, Maitreya,” I thought, knowing full well that he is able to read my mind and giving him free reign to continue guiding me, as he has been doing for several years.

“The gratitude is mine, my friend,” he answered.

He then asked me to transcribe the following:

“As our scribe well knows, maintaining a solid footing when the Earth is shaking beneath one’s feet can be a challenging place to step into a New Year. If you have been following along with the storyline, the woman has yet to fully understand why the new man has been slowly retreating. What if she were to wake up one morning with a firm resolve to give him the time and space that he is in need of to come to terms with the old endings and new beginnings that have yet to be sorted through? Would it not make sense for her to recognize it because the same desire was lurking beneath the surface? It seems clear to me that a person will come into the life of another to help him or her to heal. Sometimes, that healing energy is not one-sided, but the exchange flows in both directions, just as the soul’s ocean constantly ebbs and flows, leaving divine treasures in its wake. Sometimes, they have also agreed to come into each other’s lives to unite and help many others manoeuvre through the old endings and new beginnings that have been provided by their respective souls.”

I paused for a few moments to integrate Maitreya’s words.

He continued, saying, “Were you to shatter a mirror into as many pieces as the fabric of its structure is able to allow, many of you would attempt to retrieve the largest pieces by hand before sweeping up the remainder. In some cases, the first thought is that seven years of bad luck could be expected. Let’s back up the truck for a moment, as I’ve heard so many say. If multiple rejections have been experienced (as was most certainly the case for the woman), then it stands to reason that a certain amount of hesitancy is to be expected when the next romantic interlude is slated for a person’s experience. Make no mistake: as the soul charts all significant relationships at a specific time, an unexpected new beginning can very well be charted when a man or a woman is least expecting it. Take time to honour your wounds. As Archangel Haniel mentioned the other morning, ‘Please trust that the heart’s wounds are not permanent scars; they are merely protective barriers.’ With this in mind, today’s message, which was channeled three days ago, presents the woman with a vision that she wasn’t anticipating. Please recognize that these stories are intended to help you to heal. They contain both our energy, as well as the energy of the archangelic realm, the Elohim, and Andromeda, whose presence is extremely comforting to our scribe. During the coming year, tremendous shifts will occur for several of you. These are intended for your highest good. While Sheridan has yet to adjust her schedule to accommodate private readings, we will be instructing her about specific openings that can be created, which will allow those of you who seek private words to be shared either in person or via Skype to reintegrate the soul’s light more fully. This is precisely as her soul intends, and it might very well be what your heart needs. Please honour the request for a monetary exchange for this unique service. We have requested our scribe to post these messages for free, up until now, and in the New Year, the messages will be less frequent, but also provided in a slightly different format that is intended to be more interactive. We would like you to share these messages if you have taken the time to read them and they have spoken to you or struck a chord within that harmonizes with a deep desire to heal. When our scribe’s natal chart was prepared, Chiron, the Archetype of the Wounded Healer, was noted as figuring prominently. While her ‘house of children,’ as it is known, is completely vacant, the integration of two severed fragments, represented by the preteen and teenager, are extremely important, as far as the storyline is concerned. You are not here to slay your dragons. You are here to make peace with them. We are here to assist in this endeavour.”

“Let the last three sentences of Maitreya’s message be repeated, Dear One,” Andromeda is adding, “but do so at the very beginning. Trinities are important.”

I returned to the top of the page and added them. She continued, saying, “Very good. Now that things have come full circle, you can include the storyline below. I am very much in favour of your choice for the title, as incinerating old wounds into the soul’s flame is exactly what many need to make a fresh start. We will speak again very soon. Continue your work, as you have been doing. Let things come as they will, and remain as present and centred as you are able. After A Tryst of Faith has been self-published, your entire life will change, yet again. There is much to accomplish during the coming year. Tend to your wounds as best as you are able, and allow the skin to be given air and time to breathe. Remember Archangel Haniel’s words: ‘Please trust that the heart’s wounds are not permanent scars; they are merely protective barriers.’ Use caution when navigating the wounds of others, and remember that their skin will be extremely sensitive when a scar has been excavated. This has been a challenging year for many. With Maitreya’s help, as well as with all the others who are working alongside him, including myself, a New World will be revealed. Let it be a world worth living in.”

On that note, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read these messages and wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year.

“Focus on ‘happy,’” Maitreya then added.


With love,



“I am vibrant!” the preteen announced. “I’ve held onto my fear because I’ve been told I’m unworthy of being loved.”

“No one told you that. It’s what you believed,” Maitreya stated.

“Then I have absolutely no intention of holding onto that fear ever again.”

“Good luck,” the cynic said. “It seems stuck to your fingers.”

“Not to mine,” the Queen said, taking the mistruth from the preteen and tossing it into a cauldron of fire. The flames evaporated it almost instantly, adding to the flame’s intensity. The preteen warmed her hands on the fire and felt liberated by the release of a long-held belief that had always made her feel insecure.

Heaving a sigh of relief, the teenager said, “Thank you. Doing that was really helpful to me, too.”

“You’re welcome,” the Queen replied, stoking the fire and making certain no remnants of the fear remained.

“Purging one’s fears in a fire is extremely therapeutic,” said Maitreya.

“It always has been,” the Queen agreed. “My cauldron is available whenever you need it.”

The woman looked on the other side of the flame and noticed the young boy standing beside his pet dragon, and the new man was standing behind them. None of them said a word. The woman felt relieved by his presence. A few moments later, he turned away and wandered off, and the woman felt a slight twinge in her solar plexus area.

“You are not meant to chase him,” the Queen urged the woman. “Let him attend to what he needs to and give him space. Both of you have much to accomplish.”

“Andromeda’s here!” the young girl announced.

“I’m nearby more often than you know,” she remarked. “I, too, am available whenever you need me.”

“Is there anything you’d like to tell me today, Andromeda?” asked the woman. “I’m always grateful for your wisdom.”

“It isn’t in your best interests to modify your style or attention span to accommodate a man’s fears. You are dialing back your light as a result.”

“Woah, that’s harsh,” the cynic said.

“It’s my fault,” the teenager said. “I believed that I always had to twist myself into a pretzel to try and please someone.”

“Your mother’s inconsistency did little for your self-esteem,” said Andromeda. “Maitreya has been clearing the slate with you for several years. You now know where your feet are planted. The coming year will be a year of rebuilding. There is an empire awaiting and a tremendous amount of work to do that will require your focus when you are not at your place of work. You will be given adequate downtime to rest in between, but this must be your mission. You have set aside the first manuscript to assist in Maitreya’s endeavour. Do not rest on your laurels. Give your attention to what stirs passion within you. The flames of love cannot be dampened when sufficient fuel is added. Release your fears and add them to the fire. Allow the soul’s flame to transmute and transform them. You need not stay silent about your emotional needs, especially if they are diminishing your soul’s light from shining. Accept the removal of all who deny you entrance to their inner realms, for a castle that has no drawbridge will be difficult to climb and the moat might very well be too cold to traverse. Relinquish attachment to an outcome when presented with an emotional challenge. Look within and find a spark of truth to inspire you to come to terms with whatever inconsistencies have brought this situation to the surface to be dealt with, as it is intended by the soul for your highest good. You are warriors, Dear Ones. Remember that truth. Fight for what feels right to your heart. You are not meant to fight against the love offered by another, but dig beneath the surface of your own fears to unearth the seeds that were planted and took root. Do not diminish your own flame to serve another. You are here to shine. Remember that truth, too.”

“Thank you so much, Andromeda. That’s exactly what I needed today.”

“You’re welcome. Stand your ground. You have fought long and hard to get here.”

The woman looked up and noticed the sun had started to rise. It was blissfully clear, yet cool, and she resolved to take charge of the day, regardless of whatever obstacles were placed in her path.

~ Channeled December 28, 2018

Author: Sheridan Cooke

I am a medium, scribe, intuitive healer, and Reiki Master, and have been channeling messages intended to invoke deep healing and rebalance inner archetypes since September 2001. I work mainly with the High Council, Archangels, and the Elohim. From time to time, I also receive messages from other elevated light beings, such as the Pleiadians and Andromeda, and will often receive messages directly from a person's inner child or an archetype seeking to reintegrate the soul's Light more fully.

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