Daring to soar

Maitreya came through this morning and asked me to transcribe the following:

“There are millions of people in the world who would pay at least ninety or one hundred dollars for a single conversation with or a message from an ascended master or archangel. While our messages are currently being offered on this platform for free, their value is not diminished; in fact, they are priceless. Please upload a few more messages before you take another hiatus. Before you do, though, I’d like you to recall the first time Melchizedek intervened. Your life circumstances were much, much different than they are now. Still, those who have known you for a very long time have watched your metamorphosis, and while some have left you as a result of their own intuition releasing them from the need to communicate with you, trust that their absence has allowed others who are more spiritually attuned to you fill the spaces that were left behind. You already know there’s another man coming. He’s come through a few times already, and his unexpected presence during the conversation with Archangel Gabriel that was transcribed yesterday is no different. For those who are reading this and wondering what transpired at the end of December and into the New Year to cause the shift that occurred in the storyline but haven’t read the previous blog that was uploaded, it would be well worth your while to read it. The coming blog posts will also explain it in further detail. For those who are inspired to align with me for an hour for a personal session, please send our scribe a private message to schedule an appointment. While it might not be me who shows up during the conversation, it might very well be Archangel Gabriel, who requested that you transcribe the entry which immediately follows the conversation below. And, finally, for those of you who are continuing to read and share our words, please accept our gratitude. Alright, Chela, let’s begin. And I know, I haven’t referred to you as ‘Chela’ for a while, but a Chela is a spiritual aspirant, which you are, although many of us now view you as an Adept. Besides, I still like to use ‘Chela’ as a term of endearment. I know full well that ‘Sheridan’ is a pseudonym and the reason why it was chosen had everything to do with the man Melchizedek asked you to leave behind. Will it matter when you’re marketing A Tryst of Faith? Perhaps, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

“Onward!” another cried out, and Archangel Gabriel appeared. “Please share our conversation now.”

“I will,” I replied telepathically.

“Please accept our gratitude, as well. We archangels are always available to assist, if requested. While it might mean that a man or a woman needs to set his or her ego aside, true inner healing can only occur when the heart is open to receiving the divine elixir that it has been thirsting for. The poem, Awakening, will continue to inspire people who are willing to embrace the ecstasy the soul offers. It needn’t be thought of as anything illicit, but it will elicit inner wounds to come forward so they can be replaced, just as yours were. Yesterday’s conversation touched on a few important areas. Once people have reviewed this, perhaps it might also be worthwhile for a question or two to be asked or a separate channeling session be booked if he or she does not wish for personal so-called ‘problems’ to be displayed openly. We know you’re wanting to create an online presence, as well as a business to support your existing income, and there is one person we know who would benefit from an hour of your time. We’ve been projecting an image of her onto your third eye. It’ll be interesting to see if she picks up on the fact that it’s her. Who knows, maybe two people will come forward, or even a third. One by one, those who are in need of healing will begin to accept and understand that the first steps are the hardest, but then life will become easier.”

“Onward!” another cried out, and the young girl revealed herself. “Let’s get started.”

~ Channeled February 10, 2019


“Now, then, where were we?” Archangel Gabriel asked the woman, pointing to the message she had been requested to transcribe the previous morning. “I don’t think I have anything else to add.”

“I do,” the young girl remarked, holding up a picture of the woman and the young girl that was taken the previous day. “How did you do this?”

“It’s magic,” said the archangel, immediately transporting the young girl to the bedroom window of her childhood home. As they stood floating outside, the archangel leaned over and wiped off the egg that was splattered on the window. The preteen immediately appeared beside them and chipped off a few pieces, as the teenager watched from below to make sure no one would fall. A few moments later, Archangel Gabriel floated down to the ground and the woman found herself inside the living room, looking toward the front yard. In a split second, the archangel was standing beside her.

“Imagine brief visitations occurring with everything that left a negative residual energetic imprint throughout your childhood,” Archangel Gabriel added. “And then imagine all the healing that can occur as a result.”

“When I was doing my NLP certification, I saw the young girl sitting on the sofa by the living room window during one of the exercises and I asked her what she needed. She clearly told me she wanted her paternal grandmother. Melchizedek and my grandmother came through when I started automatic writing later that summer. I wasn’t expecting Melchizedek to give me such a forceful message, much less hear from her immediately afterward. She didn’t hesitate to tell me why it was so important that I listen to his warning.”

“You already received a few other signs from her, including the daisy that a waiter gave you two years earlier. We did our best to prompt him to trust his intuition and give it to you. Your grandmother was thrilled that he listened,” the archangel remarked before handing the woman a single envelope that was gently wrapped with a red silk ribbon. “You’ve received other messages from this man before. Tuck this one in your back pocket for now and wait to open it when your inner guidance tells you the time is right.”

“I feel butterflies,” replied the woman. “I haven’t felt these for almost twenty years.”

“It’s been longer than that, in fact,” the woman heard.

“No, it hasn’t,” the woman said. “I felt butterflies before I met the man I left behind.”

“It was he who mentioned he felt butterflies, not you,” Archangel Gabriel said. “You were able to telepathically pick up on each other’s feelings long before your paternal grandmother and my dear friend Melchizedek chose to intervene. You were telepathic, even as a child, but had yet to realize you were given a tremendous opening. Being electrocuted when you were eleven proved to you that your consciousness was acutely active, even though you temporarily lost your vision and your ability to speak.”

“I’m ready,” the young girl suddenly said, walking into the living room and holding a tiny lizard. Behind her was a tall dragon who sniffed at the lizard and motioned for her to return the lizard to the yard.

“It’s been a while since the dragon was here,” the teenager declared and the preteen agreed.

“Let’s sit down for a quick moment,” the archangel recommended, and the woman looked around the room as she recalled the time when she told her mother about the man she had met in Mexico.

“This is the same room you were standing in when the man you left behind called you three times in one evening—“

“Just to tell me that he loved me,” said the woman, completing Archangel Gabriel’s sentence.

“Maybe you should open the letter, just for fun,” the young girl said.

“It isn’t time,” said the archangel, as the woman remembered all the ways her mother had rearranged the room throughout her childhood. “Every time you decided you wanted to shift the energy in your own bedroom, you would draw the new furniture layout on a piece of graph paper. You were an interior designer, even before you knew it.”

“I was waiting for you,” the woman then heard. “I still am.”

“What do I do now?” the woman asked.

“Prepare for me,” she heard.

The woman then saw a penny on the carpet in front of her. “The carpet hasn’t been this colour since before I got married,” she said. Suddenly, every single iteration of the room that the woman recalled seemed to morph into one image, and when it stopped, the room was exactly as she last saw it before she closed the door for the last time. When the woman felt herself standing in the front driveway, the house seemed to drift away from view and the few remaining tethers that were attached to the house began to fade. One by one, she felt herself encircling every corner of the house until she returned to the front yard. “I had a dream shortly before the man I left behind came to visit me for the first time. The masks he laid out on the front yard seemed like shields, and I remember noticing they were stacked on the north side of the yard by the time the dream came to an end.”

No more barriers to love are needed,” the young girl declared, returning to the north side of the house and opening a small door to empty the ashes that had accumulated in the fireplace. Inside, she noticed a small crystal that resembled a diamond in the rough.

“It is a diamond,” Archangel Gabriel said, motioning for the girl to hold onto it.

The second the young girl picked it up, it seemed to evaporate in her hands, leaving a milky white residue in her auric field that immediately gravitated to an area where the woman often felt an energetic imbalance.

“This will do the trick,” the archangel said. “As long as you don’t intentionally damage your auric field by accepting lies as truth, your clairvoyancy will begin to improve. To be clairvoyant is extremely common, but you are far more clairsentient now than you were when you were a child. Of course, you’ve always been clairaudient, but that goes without saying.”

“So why did you mention it?” the cynic asked, peering inside the door to the fireplace to see if there were any residual diamonds. He ran his fingers through the ashes and withdrew his hand.

“I don’t think there’s anything left to burn,” said the preteen, sparking the woman to recall the time when she burned hundreds of email messages to and from the man she left behind in an effort to incinerate the energetic attachment she felt between them, even though it had been a while since the intervention.

“Imagine yourself closing the door to the past now,” Archangel Gabriel said and the woman sensed that the diamond remained in her field.

“How does this happen?” asked the fool. “One minute you’re one place, the next minute you’re at another.”

“Do you need an explanation to this or are you simply willing to accept that the soul understands what you’ve been through and how often you struggled to make sense of the beliefs that conflicted with a deep inner knowing that you were valued far more by your soul than you were taught to believe? Now that you’ve accepted the soul’s love as truth, you can create an entirely different reality for yourself. You’re meant to teach this. That’s why your soul created the contracts you made with both the man you met in Mexico and the man you eventually left behind. ‘This too shall pass’ could have easily been said when things first began to fall apart all those years ago, but your inner child’s determination to get to the bottom of things was ultimately what saved you from repeating the same pattern, over and over and over.”

The woman felt a wave of nausea, thinking about all the time and energy she wasted, trying to prove she was worthy, rather than attempt to understand why she held unworthiness as truth in the first place.

“Men and women will eventually honour their inner wounds and talk to their inner children,” Archangel Gabriel said. “It might not take place until their life reviews, mind you, but if you continue serving our realm as you’ve been doing, one by one they’ll come to the recognition and the realization that you’re not here to diminish their realities, but inspire them to create new ones that are in more harmonious alignment with their soul’s light and energy.”

Just then, the woman was taken back to the time when she drove the man she eventually left behind to the airport toward the end of their first visit, and the song “Lift me up” was playing on the stereo.

“That song struck a chord deep within him,” the archangel observed. “He mentioned it to you a few times.”

“I tried my best—I really did,” the woman said. “I didn’t expect him to be so angry with me. I tried for more than two years to get things back to how things were when we first met.”

“But life doesn’t happen in reverse, does it?”

“No, Archangel Gabriel, it doesn’t.”

Feeling the woman’s auric field, the archangel sensed a bow and arrow had been laid beside her, and the young girl transported herself to the summer camp where she first practiced archery. The group followed. Sensing an owl with her, the woman knew Pallas Athena was nearby.

“Her message will strike a chord with a few people,” the archangel said. “Please share the message from me yesterday morning before you upload her message. The two of you will begin to work closely together.”

“What about Maitreya?” the young girl asked.

“I’m still here,” he answered, assuring the woman that the contracts she had made with both men resulted in the diamond being created. “Don’t worry about your ex-husband. His financial needs were taken care of after you divorced, which allowed him to live the life of relative solitude and leisure that he longed for. He knows you tried to make your marriage work, but his inner realm wasn’t attuned to being in a relationship. Being with you, particularly toward the end of your marriage, prompted more inner changes than either of you intuitively felt you could complete together. And although he doesn’t seem to accept who you are now—”

“He isn’t the only one, Maitreya,” the young girl interrupted.

“He knows you’re far better off without each other.”

“So that’s it? That’s how the story ends?” the young girl asked.

“It’s how this particular chapter ends,” Archangel Gabriel said. “Don’t think twice about sending waves of gratitude to your ex-husband for the alchemy that your relationship set into motion. The same holds true for the man you recently dated. He will continue to be your friend and will eventually meet someone with whom he feels drawn to creating a future. You don’t need to force anything with the man who returned to your life shortly after the man you recently dated left. Just send him gratitude for also allowing the two of you to bring your contract to completion. The man who returned doesn’t understand you the way you would like him to, and things are markedly different than how you imagined them would be, which is allowing you to detach your energies without feeling pain or discomfort. The same holds true for him, I might add.”

“But you won’t need to explain yourself to me,” the woman then heard. She smiled and withdrew the envelope from her pocket, and noticed that it resembled a papier-mâché box that held a pair of earrings she purchased during one of her annual trips to Washington state to visit the only cousin she had on her father’s side of the family.

“You’ll need to book another trip sometime,” Maitreya recommended. “Your annual sojourn means a lot to both of you.”

“I’m embarrassed that the book hasn’t been self-published,” admitted the woman.

“As I recently mentioned, a few pieces of the puzzle needed to be set into place.”

“That’s it!” the young girl exclaimed, observing a single puzzle piece in La Conner, Washington.

“I love it there,” the woman said, feeling a sense of calm, as she imagined herself sauntering through the assorted shops.

“You have a five foot long strand of freshwater pearls that you purchased the last time you were there,” Archangel Gabriel declared. “Were you to count them, you would be astonished to find out how many pearls there are. Every single one represents a valuable lesson that has been learned since your marriage ended.”

“Please tell me I don’t need to learn those lessons again,” the young girl said, transporting the group to one of the boutiques. She then started thinking about how hard she would have to tug on the strand of pearls before they broke.

“Let them be,” Maitreya remarked, observing the young girl’s thoughts. Turning to the woman, he said, “In time, all who have been reading our messages will eventually come to the realization that they were energetically aligned with all the people they formed important relationships with over the years, and that every single person agreed to assist with their soul’s ascension and personal karmic clearing. That most certainly holds true with the man you left behind and the one you met in Mexico, not to mention the man you recently dated and the one who returned shortly afterward. Your contracts with each of them, specifically the first two, ultimately served to help you to heal the areas that fragmented after the traumas that occurred when you were a young girl, preteen, and teenager. A Tryst of Faith would never have been written if Melchizedek and your paternal grandmother hadn’t intervened when they did. When you return to the store you’re seeing in your mind’s eye, you can finally buy the ring you’ve been trying on every time you returned.”

“I don’t think I need anything else,” said the woman as she wandered along the pathway just outside the store.

“All paths will lead to the soul’s ocean eventually,” Maitreya declared. “While some might take a more circuitous route, you’ll be drawn to the people and places that the soul has orchestrated to come into your life, long before your birth.”

“I know that,” the young girl said. “I also know that I’m willing to be loved as I am, even if I’m not perfect.”

“You are perfectly imperfect, exactly as you are,” assured Archangel Gabriel, who wandered in to another store and observed the wind chimes that were strung throughout the rafters.”

“What a beautiful sound,” the cynic said, picking up a single seashell.

“You can’t force the soul’s music to be heard,” Maitreya said. “But you can teach others how to hear it.”

“Remember why you came here, Dear One,” Archangel Gabriel said.

“I do,” said the woman, imagining herself trying on the ring that she had coveted.

“Why would you pretend that you’re engaged to be married?” asked the cynic, looking at the ring on the woman’s third finger.

“There’s a difference between a marriage of the heart and a marriage on paper,” she replied. “I’ve often said that I’ve had both, but not with the same person.” The woman felt butterflies in her stomach again and sensed the next man standing beside her.

“We’ll be together before you know it,” he whispered. The woman acknowledged his words and then imagined herself walking out of the store. She paused and looked across the street at the Tibetan boutique where she had purchased the pearls.

“Here,” the young girl said, handing the woman an entire strand. “If you hold onto them, then I won’t be tempted to pull them apart.”

“A deep seated fear of being loved and accepted will often result in self-destructive and addictive patterns and behaviours manifesting themselves,” Archangel Gabriel declared and Maitreya admitted he was thinking the same thing.

“I need you to wear my pearls soon,” remarked the woman.

“Why?” the cynic asked.

“Because it’ll remind me that everything has come full circle.”

“Ah, there you go,” Archangel Gabriel said, transferring an image of a single puzzle piece to the woman’s third eye.

“That’s enough imagery for one day,” Maitreya said, encouraging the woman to begin the process of renewing her passport.

“It’s time,” the woman heard, as the sound of ocean waves began echoing in her mind.

“Ding, dong,” said the fool, reminding the woman of another message the postman had recently delivered. Holding onto the envelope again, she said a silent prayer and imagined herself writing a note in return, putting it in a bottle, and tossing it into the ocean.

“I’m right here,” he said, standing beside the woman again.

“Let me have a look at you,” she said, standing back to take in a few of his features. She caught a brief glimpse before his image vanished.

“I’m told you aren’t meant to know what I look like, just yet. I’m not a mirage, I promise you,” he added. “You have a few things to complete before the wheels can be set into motion for us to meet. All the old contracts have been completed now.”

“Now I can move on,” the prostitute said as she appeared with her counterpart, the nun. Both of them heaved a sigh of relief.

As the sun shone overhead, the woman reminded herself that she was shown everything she needed to know, and she sensed a small dog had joined them.

“I’m sorry,” the next man said. “I have a dog.”

“That’s okay,” she said. “As long as it doesn’t bite.”

Reaching down to touch the dog, she felt the texture of its fur.

“Don’t overthink this. I’m giving you all the signs I can, for now.”

“Okay,” she replied, sensing it was time to review Archangel Gabriel’s message.

“Good work,” the archangel said, shining a light above them. “I call in the Elohim to transmute all old energies into new beginnings. And so it is.”

“And so it is,” repeated the young girl as she wandered down the pathway toward the ocean.

~ Channeled February 9, 2019


Following is a message from Archangel Gabriel:

You are not your wounds or your misperceptions about yourself. You are a culmination of your experiences, and what you think about yourself directly impacts how you feel. If you were to seek to turn this around, then you need to start in the reverse, rather than try to convince yourself that you’re smart when, deep down, you might feel completely different. But “feeling dumb” isn’t a feeling; it’s feeling unworthy that’s the root, and if you can face this misperception head on, then your feelings about yourself will continue to shift until they right themselves. A little self-understanding can go a long way, as can a little soul who understands that the grander vision of a single human life is connected to multiple other lives over the course of several millennia.

Do you carry a wound of unworthiness as a means of recapitulating upon a hurt you inflicted upon another or because someone else inflicted a hurt upon you that you have yet to face? Do you continue to prostrate yourself and convince yourself that your voice no longer needs to be heard? Do you attempt to silence your mind when there are multiple thoughts screaming out for your attention? How many things are truly important to you? How many of those things do you have control over?

As man can attempt to control the weather, so must he also learn how to cope with the repercussions of adding chemicals to the air. The same holds true for the mind or other distractions that are provided to silence the inner child whose needs have long been ignored. Would you ignore a child if he or she was sitting in a schoolyard with no one to play with? Would you bully him or her into thinking that no one would want that person? Do you know the reason why a single child was shown? Because that single child might very well be you, and he or she might also be wondering what was done to deserve such blatant disrespect.

So many of you were taught to respect your elders, and were often taught to honour your mother and father. From our perspective, these are the masculine and feminine aspects of the Godhead, which unites the two in perfect balance and harmony. It does not place one before the other, but trusts that they know each other well enough to cooperate with intention, both pushing and pulling (which are masculine and feminine traits) without destroying the other’s point of view. Why are you destroying your own point of view? Or perhaps a better question would be, “What can you do to retell your own internal story?” How many times have you thought that a different ending might serve a particular story better? How many times have you thought that the characters need to get their heads on straight? How many times have you tried to convince yourself that an old, worn-out meme is better than no meme at all? Wouldn’t you want to wipe the slate clean? Can you imagine a simple child doing exactly that and creating space so that the two of you can rebuild together? Would you like to learn how to do exactly what we’re requesting?

A vision is exactly that: a vision. How many times do you think you’ve been shown a vision that you thought was impossible but, little by little, you chipped away at the obstacles that stood in its path in order to create a masterpiece that was ten times better than what you started off with? Woodworkers will often see the end result before they begin. They learn how to temper their natural tendencies toward impatience. The same holds true for ice carvers and those who have made a living out of creating masterpieces such as Michelangelo’s “David,” which, despite some inaccurate representations that can easily be perceived with the naked eye, contains such magnificent beauty that even imagining it can strike awe into a novice whose first attempt at alchemizing a slab of marble into a work of art is anything but noteworthy.

“Never give up” could be requested of you. Never give yourself the chance to believe that what someone else told you was true if, deep down, a part of you was shown the absolute lunacy of a misrepresentation that was forced to be accepted as truth.

Do you believe in miracles? I’ve just shown you one today.

I am Vesta. I am Maitreya. I am Lord Sananda. I am Lord Vishnu. I am Sanat Kumara. I am Quan Yin. I am Saint-Germain. I am Ganesh. I am Pallas Athena. I am the Archangel Michael. I am the Archangel Uriel. I am the Archangel Raphael. I am the Archangel Gabriel, and if I were to stop there and ask you if you were willing to sit down on a broad piece of slate with me in your dreamtime and point to a single rock sitting on the outskirts of a circle that I had drawn, just to answer a single, pointed question, would you? The question is this: “When did you stop believing in yourself?” What do you think your inner child would say in return? “When I accepted a lie as the truth.” “Draw a second circle,” I could then request, “and then another one and another one, concentrically toward yourself. What would you do with the stone? Would you carry it with you all the way to the centre? What if the single stone represents a planet?”

“Why is Pluto no longer considered a planet?” the fool might ask. “And why is Chiron referred to as the Archetype of the Wounded Healer?”

Carl Jung spent decades attempting to understand the nature of archetypal healing. The late Debbie Ford continued with her groundbreaking book, The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, which continues to inspire readers to face their inner demons or, more particularly, their inner shadows (which will often represent themselves in the form of archetypes), without feeling diminished or depleted by their presence. Since when are demons real? What if they’re illusions that have been made into monsters? What if they’re merely disguises worn to mask the darkness of the mind that has yet to be challenged?

How often would you treat yourself to an ice cream cone if your body accepted the sugar without it directly impacting how the body and brain accept the interference? To some, even the mere mention of sugar causes salivation and hunger within. What are you truly hungry for? The soul’s banquet assures you that all your emotional needs will be met. No, they cannot be met in one sitting, for that would be too much for a person’s inner child. In your mind’s eye, take him or her to the banquet today. Let the child show you what is desired and who he or she wishes to speak to. Chances are, a parent might come to mind. Chances are, a part of you also believes you’re not allowed to speak your mind because your true thoughts and feelings would somehow be punished because being taught to honour your mother and father also meant you were never allowed to disobey or correct the person, even if a tremendous disservice had been done. The soul would never punish you for your honesty—it would congratulate you and alleviate you of the burden you’ve been carrying. How many of you are attempting to stifle tears while reading my words? How many times have those tears turned into attempts to pacify a deep-rooted feeling of unworthiness that has been carried for far longer than your soul would like? Would you want to throw stones at the person or parent who hurt you, or simply lay the single pebble down in front of him or her (or attempt to cut the stone in half, just as you have no doubt felt fractured within a time or two before), and declare the stone is no longer yours to carry. You can be certain a pebble, carried over time, might very well become an enormous burden. And yet, that very burden could have taught you tremendous resilience and inner strength that could not have been learned without this occurring.

How many times have you convinced yourself that you were wrong when you knew, deep down, that you were right? How many times have you told yourself, “If only”?

If only I had started over.

If only I stopped believing lies as truth.

If only I had a reason to start rebuilding.

I have given you a few reasons today.

This is your day to decide whether “failing” can mean something different to your inner child, and if he or she has been taught to believe a lie—or has accepted a lie because no other choice could be made, as there was no evidence to disprove it—then perhaps the next challenge for your inner child would be to fail to accept a lie as truth from this point onward. Let me repeat that statement a different way to emphasize how vital it is to your soul that you accept its love: from this point onward, disavow all lies as truth.

How many times have you imagined yourself holding onto the stone I referred to earlier? Are you willing to centre yourself and hug yourself so tightly that your inner child is able to physically feel the affection as real? Why would you want to pacify this need by resorting to a pattern or behaviour that drowns out the child’s longing to be seen, heard, felt, and known? Clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance are all linked to those longings. The more directly they’re addressed, the stronger these gifts from your soul will become. Trust this as truth. You are responsible for your healing, Dear Ones. Allow the Lords of Karma to balance the scales. I promise you that they will, right down to the single pebble your inner child has been attempting to hide from being seen, heard, felt, and known. Do you understand how important it is to befriend your inner child in order to make sense of the illusions he or she has held onto and accepted as truth?

I have given you much to think about, and yet I have also given you a reason to view your inner story through different eyes.

What vision for your life do you want to create?

I am the Archangel Gabriel. All the other names that were mentioned earlier were present around the circle this morning. They have been there to guard your inner child, as well as to guide you to the point where an ending can easily be perceived as the new beginning you are in need of.

You are Divine child of the Light. You were created because this Light sought to experience itself in human form. You could not choose one so-called “ideal reality” or to be one man or one woman, but all of them combined in order to view this magnificent masterpiece in its entirety. That masterpiece includes you, Dear One. It will always include You, for it has been You, all along, distributed among the stars, which dance in delight, mirroring the sparks of light that are scattered among the Earth, often avoiding each other like the plague when someone displays the truth so blindingly that a false persona needs to be placed at the forefront.

“I couldn’t disguise myself if I tried,” Archangel Michael would tell you.

“Nor can your inner child,” I would add.

It is time for the masks and illusions to be removed, Dear Ones.

It is time to set yourselves free.

It is time to unite in harmony and soar.

~ Channeled February 8, 2019


Scribe’s note:

When I finished channeling this message, I saw an image of the young girl dancing through a meadow, happily flapping a pair of handmade wings, which I knew had been built using the tools in her treasure chest, which El Morya/Melchior refers to as her “repertoire of acknowledgment.” The Archangel Gabriel presents herself as distinctly feminine to me, and I saw her smiling as she tossed a pebble up and down in her hand, before it vanished in mid-air. The vision clearly showed me that my inner child had found her wings. There is no doubt in my mind that she fought long and hard to earn them, and was finally daring to soar.



Author: Sheridan Cooke

I am a medium, scribe, intuitive healer, and Reiki Master, and have been channeling messages intended to invoke deep healing and rebalance inner archetypes since September 2001. I work mainly with the High Council, Archangels, and the Elohim. From time to time, I also receive messages from other elevated light beings, such as the Pleiadians and Andromeda, and will often receive messages directly from a person's inner child or an archetype seeking to reintegrate the soul's Light more fully.

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