Soul Gardening

For the past few weeks, Maitreya has come through during my morning channeling sessions and requested that I transcribe a small handful of messages, but refrain from sharing them. Considering they formed part of the continuing storyline, I thought that uploading them as they came through would make sense; however, knowing Maitreya as I do, I suspected there was a reason for the delay, even though I wasn’t privy to it, just yet.

“Things won’t remain hidden from view for much longer. While it is often said that the soul works in mysterious ways, sometimes they aren’t meant to be revealed in ways that makes sense to man’s ego. Would it be alright if I offered my viewpoint, please?” he asked.

“Of course,” I thought. “In fact, I welcome it.”

“Thank you. It might be better if I explain this, anyway, as it will also allow you to take a step back and observe. You’ve already had years of experience detaching yourself and transcribing our words, and today is no different.”

“I’m ready.”

“I know; otherwise, I wouldn’t be here. Being one of the soul’s gardeners, I intend to plant some seeds of love today. Are you up for the challenge?”

“I am.”

“A very powerful statement, indeed,” Maitreya stated. “Let’s begin.”


For those who have been following along, the coming blog posts will reveal that a few significant shifts have taken place in the storyline, which our scribe has similarly experienced in her personal life. Even though these shifts have been relatively small, the repercussions have been significant, and it has taken time for her to adjust to them. As such, we determined it best to give her time to work through the recalibrations that were needed so she could come to terms with a somewhat unexpected departure, as well as an unexpected return, both of which sent a tremor through her inner core, rattling her more than she anticipated. Needless to say, a few things have since been shaken loose, and the benefits of these shifts is now being viewed through a more altruistic lens—or at least a clearer and more compassionate one—now that her ego perceives the ending and new beginning as having long term benefits.

Transitioning to a new reality is difficult for many; yet, from time to time, the soul will mimic a tall oak scattering acorns, thereby supporting new growth. The challenge for all humans is to work with the tools that one has within and make the best of what has been given. There are multiple analogies I could weave into my commentary to support this remark, but the metaphor of soul gardening is far more applicable, considering the topic of one of the next blogs to be uploaded, which includes a single chapter from A Tryst of Faith.

”There are no needles in the haystack, are there?” the fool could inquire, to which I would reply, “That would depend on whether you decide to look.”

This has been a challenging time for millions of people. Even people within our scribe’s circle of friends have commented that they have been witnessing multiple departures that left them feeling emotionally depleted.

While not as many people have been reviewing the blog posts as we would have liked, there is still an enormous amount of learning that can occur on a subconscious level. We have often mentioned to our scribe that many are awaiting our words. That stated, there are a few pieces to the puzzle that have yet to be set where they’re meant to be placed before more people will feel energetically attuned to the soul’s wisdom and knowledge without feeling bombarded internally with new ideas to digest. While I am mentioning this, our scribe immediately saw a playful exchange in her third eye of a wood nymph tossing acorns at an unsuspecting visitor, who might not understand that the soul’s gifts aren’t always provided as indirectly as man might anticipate. Sometimes, a person is meant to drop everything that he or she has been holding onto in order to catch a single acorn to be planted in a secluded area of the forest where someone might remark upon the sapling that eventually appears as being the precise “sign” that he or she was waiting for.

New growth cannot be forced, but it can most certainly be assisted. It is my intention to help lay the groundwork for this to occur.

“It might be helpful for me to mention something, too,” the young girl might also remark. “I knew another man was coming; in fact, I’ve seen him in my mind’s eye for a few years now, and the second he returned, everything fell into place. I’m surprised I didn’t recognize him sooner.”

I have no doubt that the woman’s character would concur, even if this person was merely a temporary passenger who helped to set the record straight and give some closure and completion to a long-held desire shared by both of them, thereby closing a chapter so that yet another new one could be written.

Now, the next thing I could do is instruct our scribe to lay out all the messages she recently transcribed and recommend which one to upload first, allowing space and time for people to integrate the teachings that they contain. My approach is always intentional. Still, as our scribe well knows, proofreading is not as quick of an endeavour as some might anticipate, and I often request her to make minor modifications, which are relayed on a line-by-line basis, looping back to specific topics every now and again so that concepts and ideas can be both woven together and brought full circle. I would like to add that we do this for the reader’s benefit, as weaving a tapestry requires minute adjustments to be made, particularly if threadbare areas are in need of mending or reinforcing.

I fully understand that only a limited amount of followers will have the time, interest, or energy to invest in giving our messages an in-depth review. A cursory review will rarely yield the deep healing that your soul might determine is either needed or long overdue (or both), and healing cannot sufficiently occur if only “Band-Aid solutions” are provided. Sometimes those Band-Aids need to be removed so that the deeper wounds can receive the care and attention that is needed.

Our words focus on self-awareness and personal transformation, and our intention is for deep, transformative healing to occur on a cellular level. For those who are skeptical, my only comment is that this statement can be scientifically validated. (I have asked our scribe to emphasize this in order to prove a point.) If your Merkaba field were to be reviewed both before and after reviewing a single blog post and photos of your aura were taken before and after to support this observation, you would notice subtle—or perhaps even marked—differences that would inspire you more than watching videos or observing photos of kittens or puppies. I fully anticipate similar differences could also be observed in your brainwave patterns and dopamine levels, were they to be measured. If you are visual by nature and mentioning kittens and puppies (or birds and horses, for that matter) prompts you to see them in your mind’s eye, know that there have already been minute changes in your auric field and brainwave patterns, simply by reading this sentence alone, as your emotional realm automatically drew upon specific memories in order to create them, thereby influencing the vibrational frequency of the experiences you will continue to attract.

Lord Sananda, whom many refer to as Jesus, once remarked, “Ye are gods,” and I can’t tell you how important it is to pay attention to that simple statement. Your thoughts and feelings are extremely powerful, and taking a more intentional approach to surfing through social media will directly influence your mood, either positively or negatively, over both the short and long term.

While pictures are worth a thousand words, a few thousand words can also be perceived as priceless. Communicating with the next realm might not be everyone’s idea of a “good time,” but the repercussions of aligning with your soul’s energy is exactly what is occurring when your mind pays attention to my words, as well as the other messages our scribe has been requested to transcribe and upload. I can promise you that your heart is also paying attention, and healing is occurring on a cellular level, even if storytelling has been chosen as the method of delivery. The simple act of reviewing a conversation between a sage and a fool whereby they come to mutually understand and accept their respective viewpoints can broaden a person’s internal perspective to the point where darkness and light are no longer seen as being separate from each other, but form part of the soul’s spectrum. The soul would never disavow a person’s darkness, as it understands and accepts human nature completely. It also acknowledges the importance of integrating a person’s darkness so that it can be alchemized and transmuted into the soul’s light, which will ultimately benefit the human mind far more than watching videos or observing photos of kittens or puppies (or birds and horses, for that matter).

A Tryst of Faith was written to assist in integrating the soul’s energy deep within, and even reading a single chapter can have the effect of stimulating your brain to alter its neural pathways to be in more harmonious alignment with your soul’s constant desire to connect and integrate on a more holistic level, rather than as an occasional afterthought of the ego, which might perceive the soul as being more of an interference than a trusted ally or companion. Your soul is all that and more, I promise you.

Our words are meant to help people to make positive changes in their lives and coach them on a spiritual level, not a religious one. The soul holds no denomination as truth. I would like to mention that, despite the fact that we have been defined as “ascended masters,” we cannot and will not attempt to control the free will of another, nor can we intervene when a man or a woman’s inner blockages are reinforced, rather than removed.

While the will to win is within, some people continue to think they know better than their souls, which have immediate access to far more than what many are able to fathom. And yet, a library is not difficult to imagine, and I could offer to take a handful of you to the Akashic Library for the afternoon so that we could review certain lifetimes where the energetic frequencies contained within them were so negatively tipped out of alignment that the soul has taken portions from one lifetime to the next and set into motion a few traumatic events that were specifically intended to jolt the human mind into re-centering itself without feeling completely “unhinged,” as many have referred to it. Given that you are all ordinary people living extraordinary lives—

“Not!” the cynic interrupted.

Good. That’s another bolt from the inner vault that speaks to redemption and freedom that can easily be identified and then removed, simply by mentioning an untruth and jolting the subconscious mind into stating its claim and claiming its state so that it is in more harmonious alignment with the soul’s frequencies.

Transformation takes time. It also takes someone who is willing enough to “walk the walk and talk the talk,” which most people would admit is easier said than done until sufficient time and energy is spent committing to self-transformation in the first place. Our scribe is not an avatar, by any stretch of the imagination, and she stumbles from time to time, as billions of others continue to do. What makes her slightly different, however, is her daily willingness to communicate her questions and concerns directly through her soul’s energy to our realm so that we can assist her in return.

Many pray for Divine Intervention, as our scribe did in the summer of 1999, and although she doesn’t regret Melchizedek’s direct intervention two years later, you can imagine that having her own inner transformation be so blatantly displayed would be a bit disconcerting. Nevertheless, there is a great deal of truth to Eleanor Roosevelt’s saying, which our scribe often repeats: “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.” That said, however, if all your lifetimes were taken into account, you can be certain you’ve made far more mistakes—or, rather, “miss-takes”—than your ego might care to admit. (Notice how I’ve twisted that around and how simply changing “a twist of fate” to “a tryst of faith” has the potential to change everything?)

Eleanor’s words spoke directly to the hearts of millions, and it is most certainly our hope, as members of the High Council, that our words will also speak directly to the hearts of millions. Like you, many of us learned lessons the hard way. And, like you, many of us stumbled repeatedly before we started to find our footing. Many of us lacked firmed foundations during our youths, too, and yet, internal fortitude was something that was learned directly, through our own experiences. Many of us grew up in small circles. One man in particular was overseen by me throughout much of his spiritual ministry, and I considered him a son as much as he considered me a father. Lord Sananda/Jesus was able to telepathically communicate with me and still does, although we don’t connect with each other nearly as often now as we did during specific periods of his most prominent lifetime on Earth, simply because we are both continuing to directly guide as many aspirants who seek to willingly surrender their wounds to us for healing.

Healing requires the emotions that many have been taught to stifle or deny altogether to be experienced and then surrendered, and our scribe can attest to the full and complete knowing that no judgment has been attached to any of her past decisions, nor has any judgment been attached to those who have consciously attempted to stifle her light or paint her in one that is less than flattering, to say the least.

The soul does not condemn but does demand recapitulation, which many term “karma.” To that end, all men and women will reap what they sow, which is why weeding—especially at this time in humanity’s history—is absolutely imperative. I suppose one could say that a “tipping point” has been reached, and attending to a preemptive strike as far as healing one’s inner wounds is concerned is far better than attempting to do what is referred to as “damage control” after a castle has fallen. To that end, the following line in a recent blog post likely spoke to a few people who are attempting to rebuild after their lives have felt as though they crumbled: “In my hand is a single grain of sand. It is the end of a castle or the beginning of its creation?” For those people, learning how to rebuild by watching someone else stumble, fall, and learn how to get back up again will provide sufficient enough fuel to soldier on, put a smile on his or her face, and seize the day, regardless of how many other obstacles are encountered.

My goal today is to provide you with a few seeds to plant. Allow your intuition to tell you where weeding is needed, and who might be available to help you to unearth the deeper roots that are impeding new growth.

Gardening might seem like an ordinary task, but extraordinary gardens can easily be created with sufficient effort.

“Walk tall and keep your heads high,” could easily be requested of you, but what if you were traversing through an area that had yet to be cleared? Would you not want to make sure the path is unobstructed? Of course, you would. Would you want someone to help you without attachment to a reward? I can hear some cynics say that it sounds too good to be true, and I can understand their skepticism, but what they must also understand is that we are willingly committing our time (such as it can be defined, being that none of us wears a watch or pays attention to a calendar, unless a specific timeline is required to set a goal into motion) without being remotely attached to whether or not you choose to believe that what have come here to tell you is true. You were given free will and we have tremendous compassion for those who have come to believe that they no longer have a choice to improve their lives because their self-esteem and self-worth have been depleted to the point where—

“Wait!” a fool could then interrupt, pointing to a single acorn, planting and nurturing it, and then shifting a timeline a number of years until a giant oak tree is revealed, standing in its majesty and shedding acorns for future growth. “If one acorn can do all that, anyone can!”

“You are masters in disguise,” I could then reply, and many of you might automatically begin searching within to provide other examples that would verify the fool’s observation. I have no doubt the sage would verify its accuracy.

Please stop and consider whether any of this is resonating and if you believe it is worth sharing. You are free to copy down any of my words, so long as you provide credit to our scribe, who painstakingly continues to channel thousands of words per month at our request. She, like you, is simply a mortal human who chose a non-traditional life purpose prior to her incarnation that was set into motion with our assistance. Her soul’s blueprint carries tremendous weight in our realm, as we envision it as containing morsels of knowledge that could only have been obtained through experiencing tragedies and losses throughout her childhood that caused her inner realm to fragment so that, by the time she met someone who was equally fragmented, all the pieces of the puzzle could finally start to come together. Channeling A Tryst of Faith required her to maintain the anonymity of the people involved, which is why the characters lack names and physical descriptions. I assure you, they are real people, and there is sufficient evidence to prove that the encounters occurred. Although neither of the men who are referred to in the book have a problem with being fictitiously represented, it would not be in anyone’s best interests to reveal their identifies, specifically as one of them still fails to acknowledge the intentional damage that was inflicted after Melchizedek’s intervention.

While other mystical and paranormal events took place, both before and after the intervention, those might very well be written into another storyline down the road. For now, certain events that transpired since the end of December need to be brought to light, even if they might challenge the reader to refrain from judging how the woman manoeuvred through the departure of the new man. Their relationship (such as she attempted to define it) served as an essential stepping stone to her emotional and spiritual development. For those who have been following the storyline, his departure was prophesied a few days in advance of it occurring. Still, he arrived on time and left on time. You’ll soon learn why.

Now would be a good time to take a break, if you need one. We can easily pick up where we left off, when you return. Just look for the magnifying glass marker point, as I continue to look a little deeper. More nuggets of the soul’s wisdom will be revealed.


Many are convinced they are meant to be ordinary people who aren’t destined—or even permitted—to live an extraordinary life. Disavowing the latter four words from even coming into being has the potential to instill fear in those who are convinced their families and friends would never approve, not to mention coworkers who are intent on competing against him or her by undermining the innate knowledge and wisdom that has yet to be brought to the forefront.

You are meant to help each other to thrive and to shine, and it is Mother Mary’s hope—as well as the hope of thousands of others within our realm—that you will find the inner fortitude to soldier on, rather than be trampled by those who are intent on letting their egos get in the way of their own growth. When they are meant to see themselves clearly, they will. I would like to add that you wouldn’t be reading this, were you not ready to move beyond your self-imposed limitations, which are merely inner blockages that have yet to be excavated. (Enter the gardener, right? I thought so. I’m teasing, of course. So-called “ascended masters” do have senses of humour, after all, as El Morya/Melchior so aptly demonstrates throughout A Tryst of Faith.)

As a gardener digs, so is the choice made to create a compartment, if he or she desires to plant a single seed. The taller the tree, the deeper its root is meant to be.

Compartmentalization, especially among men, is not uncommon. Conversely, the desire to eradicate or diminish those compartments is often desirable among women, who often mistake them as barriers against love. Sometimes, however, they are, and it is imperative to pursue self-reflection as a means of clearing out the clutter that impedes honest, open communication. As always, balance is imperative, as a castle cannot stand if support systems are not established. The removal of a load bearing wall can cause an entire building to collapse. Perhaps the best approach is to communicate which walls are barriers and which ones are boundaries. As Andromeda has said before, “There is a difference between a barrier and a boundary. The sooner people learn how to differentiate between the two, the freer they will begin to feel within.”

Tearing down all the barriers to greatness requires a level of commitment that also requires a person to look within and tap into energy reserves that, up until recently, might very well be inaccessible, had certain people—much like weeds that stifle growth—not been removed from your soul’s garden. (Again, I have asked our scribe to emphasize this in order to prove a point, although the entire paragraph before it could very well have been emphasized, due to its importance.)

Regardless of how suddenly a person might have departed or been weeded out, his or her removal serves to clear energetic space to allow additional transformation to occur, and it is quite likely that, on a soul level, he or she was merely a temporary passenger in your life that was meant to serve as a catalyst for your growth. Don’t allow the cargo that might have been left behind to be emotional baggage that you force yourself to carry. Sift through it and find the hidden gems. Be like a magpie who focuses its gaze on a pretty, shiny bauble and sets its sights to obtaining it, regardless of the obstacles that are impeding its goal. Sifting through the rubble of a “failed” relationship, friendship, or marriage can seem like a daunting task, and while this endeavour can be emotionally challenging, in and of itself, it is both liberating and alchemical in nature, and your soul delights in mastering alchemy. It has been practicing this craft for lifetimes. The soul also holds freedom as an unwavering truth.

Do you recognize the importance of dusting and polishing a cherished piece of furniture so that you can remark upon its beauty? While this is a rhetorical question, I trust you instinctively know that helping something to shine is worth the time and effort—as are you, of course. Doing so will allow others to see their own beauty in your reflection.

Yes, it’s true that some of you are extraordinary people who live ordinary lives, too. Yet there are some who are convinced they are meant to remain stuck in an old meme that has little to do with the soul’s overall growth or man’s inner enlightenment, simply because they are convinced that playing small is somehow a humble virtue that deserves an accolade. I am here to tell you that it does not; it diminishes your greatness from being excavated and then revealed.

There are no rewards for those who are unwilling to make an effort to both enter the race and see it to its completion, while giving their best efforts. You are not meant to accept what someone else determines is “good enough.” You are the one who decides what’s best for you and what you’re completely capable of, not to mention what you can work toward. Set your goals high. Give yourself a daily challenge that builds muscle and stamina.

Look at what a sprinter sets his or her feet against and ask yourself whether there are any internal or external blockages that can be used to propel forward movement and take action today. Even if you stumble, you can start over, and even if you don’t win the race, you will still build muscle and stamina by making the effort. Chances are, you might not win the race the first time, but what fun would there be in learning how to compete against old, worn-out modes of coping with disappointments than by challenging yourself to use them to your advantage?

I could recommend that you carve out time to attend to journaling and find out what your inner blockages are on your own, or I could simply ask you to question the answers and answer the questions. Do you really think the soul would be so stingy that it would only give you one single lifetime when there are so many things to learn? As A tryst of Faith specifically indicates, “As the life path of man is continuous, so is the nature of the soul to be cumulative of this experience.” It also states, “We are aware of the choices man has made within each life path. As the choice to anger or the choice to love is within all obstacles placed before man, so is the victory of the soul a choice that exists for all men. We cannot heal that which man does not surrender to the soul.”

Distinction and extinction contain similar letters, and while the bumblebee is nearing a critical end point that will directly influence humanity’s awakening, we would like all humans to reconsider how a humble bumblebee can be saved. If a few thousand people were to scatter wildflower seeds in meadows or in their own yards, those simple seeds would eventually find a place to take root. Some seeds will invariably end up being blown in the wind and might very well land where no sunlight or soil will assist in their intended growth.

You must garden your own inner sanctuaries before planting new seeds. I can’t tell you exactly when your next lifetime (or your own rebirth in this one) will occur, as the soul is meant to keep a few things hidden from view. This is not done to play mind games with men and women; it is meant to inspire them to look deeper. Plant seeds that speak to your heart. Cultivate relationships that nourish and sustain you. Weed out those who are too difficult to contend with or who lack the self-determination to right the scales of balance within and who are more intent on controlling the outcome of the lives of others to serve what they believe is an ideal that bears little resemblance to the soul’s overall status along the timeline of its eventual ascension.

When a human life ends, its journey of spiritual awakening doesn’t miss a single beat; yet, there are times when a period of rest and rejuvenation is absolutely imperative before commencing a life review. In the next realm, this life review is mandatory. In your current life, it is merely a recommendation and one that we would like you to take to heart. Do you want to spend your time with people who are the way showers? Will you shun them for being different or not fitting your ideal, both in appearance, mental stamina, and esoteric knowledge?

Put a priest on a pedestal, and those who support him are instructed to obey strict protocol in order to keep things flowing smoothly. Were you to translate an entire King or Queen’s speech into Aramaic, you would have little difficulty understanding the words on a cellular level. Is this true or do you seek to understand how the Universal Language of Light came into being? While our scribe is fully aware of how this might make her appear outwardly, admitting to dating a few men within a relatively short period might tarnish her reputation to someone who rarely dates at all, not to mention someone who is more attached to solitude than those who desire physical and emotional intimacy. Why doesn’t dating a few women have the same effect on a man’s reputation? Perhaps it might do so over the short term, but not to the point where his credibility as a teacher is concerned. There are multiple so-called “ascended masters” who carried on a small handful of love affairs simultaneously during the last lifetime they experienced prior to their respective ascensions. Not everyone is able to meet the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of a lover, which is one of the reasons why men seem to have little difficulty dating more than one woman at a time. Polyamory is not uncommon. It isn’t societally acceptable in many areas, mind you, but it has existed for as long as Kings and Queens have been in existence.

So what if the soul decides to reinvest time and energy in relationships that were set aside so that the karmic debt can be settled and brought to completion? What if a single date is all that is needed to finally realign the scales within so that regret is no longer being carried forward? What if taking the time to visit with someone with whom a debt—and by “debt,” I don’t mean something monetary, but karmic—will help to alleviate the discomfort the shared memory of each other has created?

I’m going to stop there for today and request that a simple inventory be taken. There’s no law saying that spring cleaning can’t begin on a spiritual level before it trickles down into a willing pond, nourishing the deep coral pockets of a coast that has been worn resilient over time. Our scribe’s poem, Awakening, which was recently posted online and is contained within A Tryst of Faith, was written to inspire the reader to consider how an ecstatically pleasurable intimate encounter could also be a metaphor for the soul’s elixir finally entering not only the heart, but also the mind, which, when the two come into vibrational harmony with each other, can shift the tides in their entirety.

You are masters of your destinies. Do not squander your remaining time on Earth. Make a difference in the lives of others and include yourself in that charitable endeavour. When you plant seeds of love within, nurture them daily. Give them time to breathe. Give them the darkness needed so that the roots can take hold and anchor you deeply with both the passion and conviction that self-care is absolutely imperative. I’m going to repeat that for good measure: self-care is absolutely imperative. Please allow that to echo long and hard or short and soft—or short and hard, as a hammer would do when breaking open a shell that is restricting the freedom of a tiny seed that the wind blew into the deepest crevices of its inner domain. How many bumblebees can nurture this seed after it blooms into a flower if it is not allowed to be planted and grow? How can you grow if you don’t allow yourself the time and generosity required to be nurtured?

Be willing to make yourself a priority. Be willing to put your own needs at the forefront, even for a single hour. That hour could shift your entire life. Allow that to be witnessed as a single grain of truth that your soul is willingly offering you through our scribe’s hand and from my thoughts, which are connected to the Universal Consciousness of All That Is. As our scribe has often said, “The Earth is one Family. We are all One.” Don’t let today pass by without knowing and accepting that tiny little seed as truth.

We love you even more than you can begin to imagine. Today, I would like you to begin imagining what true, unconditional love feels like. Chances are, your heart has been waiting for you to bring that love home and allow it to take root.

Nurture your inner sanctuary today. Breathe new life into areas where discontent impedes the flow of light from entering. You will feel replenished and reborn before you know it.

I am Maitreya

~ Channeled between January 27 and February 3, 2019



Author: Sheridan Cooke

I am a medium, scribe, intuitive healer, and Reiki Master, and have been channeling messages intended to invoke deep healing and rebalance inner archetypes since September 2001. I work mainly with the High Council, Archangels, and the Elohim. From time to time, I also receive messages from other elevated light beings, such as the Pleiadians and Andromeda, and will often receive messages directly from a person's inner child or an archetype seeking to reintegrate the soul's Light more fully.

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