From mystery to mastery (A channeled conversation with Maitreya)

If you’ve been resisting love or struggling to come to terms with the ending of a previous relationship—or both—then I hope this conversation with Maitreya helps you to view the relationship through a different lens.

“I believe the conversation will also benefit anyone who has been fighting against releasing past grudges and grievances in any form,” Maitreya then stated. “Some people seem to think that the soul will gently ignore the occasional harbouring of resentment, but nothing could be farther from the truth. The soul seeks to release any and all blockages that prevent the heart from experiencing the soul’s freedom as truth. The more you are willing to unearth old hurts and give them the healing salve they need, the more likely you will be able to plant seeds of new growth in their place. Remember that a refrigerator doesn’t keep the light on when the door is closed; it is meant to automatically turn on the moment the door is opened. Even the tiniest sliver of light can make a difference. The same holds true for an actual sliver in one’s finger. Remember the fable of the lion and the mouse who was willing to pull the thorn from the lion’s paw. It wasn’t rewarded with death, it was rewarded with gratitude. Perhaps it’s time to remove your own inner thorns so your inner child can be free from the hurt and pain you might be inadvertently holding onto. ‘All prayers are heard,’ is something you recently mentioned on a separate post on your personal timeline, and as you also remarked, ‘And if the only response you receive from God/Source/All-That-Is is SILENCE, then that’s exactly what you need. Peace is the answer.’ Of course, you know this because of the book that El Morya asked you to transcribe. That your friend is nearly finished reviewing the last draft of the manuscript and enthusiastically wishes to read it more than once speaks to the impact we would like millions of others to experience. As we have often heard the phrase ‘In a perfect world’ added before an ideal scenario, so would it be our ideal scenario that the book be witnessed in this year of Divine Recalibration, for it is in adjusting one’s internal vision that centering the mind and heart so they are able to align with the soul’s compensation that the rebalancing of the previous year can finally bear the fruit of what was desired. It is our intention to help. It always has been. Don’t go thinking you’re a ‘has been’ because the book is being published far later than you would have wanted. The timing, on a soul level, is absolutely perfect. Now, all you need is a willing audience. The more willing people are to surrender to the soul’s Divine enlightenment, the easier the ascension process will become. You are all here to learn and to grow. Some are not meant to integrate a tremendous amount of the soul’s light until a later lifetime. Rebalancing takes recalibration into account, and as the reverse also holds true, so must it be said that capturing a butterfly must be done in the gentlest of manners. It must also be done with the willingness to set it free after gazing upon the magnificence its internal transformation has provided. Do not overthink the recalibration process nor try to prevent it. It is as futile as preventing a caterpillar from surrendering to the alchemy that is both dreamed of and willingly embraced. Challenge yourselves to think of times when a situation turned out better because you didn’t receive what you had initially wanted. The path is part of the past, but it is also what is leading you to the future. It is in embracing that the direction you choose to following your mind that deters or attracts the soul’s light from entering the heart space. Would you not want to see what is there? Isn’t that the purpose of the all forgiving light that so many are seeking? The term ‘All is forgiven’ might seem tremendously foreign to those who have castigated themselves mercilessly, but as the soul knows, self-blame is not a soul worthy habit to create or instill in another. We are here to help people to ‘flip the script,’ as we’ve heard it referred to. Remember that a caterpillar’s first thought upon weaving its cocoon is not, What have I done? It’s, What will I be able to do when the magic and the mystery are allowed to unite as One? To those who are in the early stages of the path, please be patient with yourselves. To those who are here to lead others toward the soul’s freedom, have patience with those who still seek to ward it. Their time will come.”

“Thank you, Maitreya.”

“Our thanks to you, too, for sharing our words with those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts that are open to receiving the soul’s love, care, attention, bliss, and freedom is a gift, as well. Remember that care and attention are often shunned by those who grew up feeling unworthy of being loved. That I wanted to talk to you about this speaks to the need for bliss and freedom by many who have grown weary of the trials and tribulations they have endured. Had Shakespeare not penned all the words he heard when the soul began to whisper words of alchemy that needed to be seen as well as acted out in plays, people would not have experienced great tragedies through the eyes of characters who were completely fictitious. Yet aren’t these human conditions that millions of people can relate to? Wouldn’t it be much more fair for the soul to grant access to the answers so that millions can end their personal struggles or at least ease them to the point where they no longer fear all the soul seeks to offer? Celebrate this transition! we would tell the caterpillar. You will be able to experience so much more when you do. Is it not in offering a way through that a way out will also be provided? Cleanse the lenses of your internal vision. Remember that the wider a road is, the more people will be able to travel on it simultaneously, allowing others to merge when needed, and yield when the signs are clear that greater attention is required. And even if the path is narrow and few seek to follow, the more natural and organic the path is going to feel beneath the feet of those who are willing to wander and wonder, as the Universe reveals mystery after mystery after mystery. It takes very little to change mastery to mystery and vice versa. Sometimes the answers are black and white. Sometimes the world is meant to be seen in full colour. But the only way anything can be seen at all is if light is added. If your inner realm is willing to have the light turned on, the soul’s abundance can easily be given. Would you not want this for yourself? We hope the answer is yes. All prayers are heard. Let your inner realm ask for the best answer, and embrace the silence your heart needs if that is what is provided in response. All prayers are heard. Please let this echo within and take back your power instead of giving it away. The moment you do, you will be shining a light on obstacles and doorways that are needed for the soul to show you the answers that are lying beneath or behind them. Embrace the light! That freedom is the answer will always be given when What does my heart need to experience? is requested, so must it also be said that daylight is the most optimal time to travel when obstacles are the first to be revealed. Do not dam the elements. Work with the obstacles, instead. For as a rock can redirect a stream, so can a boulder redirect an entire river. It is your choice to determine whether a detour did, in fact, lead to the best possible outcome. Use your intuition wisely. It is a gift from the soul. That concludes today’s message.”

“But what about our conversation?” the young girl asked.

“Those who are willing to be led will follow. Those who prefer to be spiritual lead might very well be the ones concealing the greatest of mysteries. Add light! Darkness already knows its days are numbered, metaphorically speaking. An entryway can also be an exit. It is entirely up to you to determine which direction you wish to travel.”

~ Channeled January 18, 2020


“Water, water, everywhere …”

“Hey, a message already began with that phrase a few weeks ago,” the young girl said to the Elohim. “Give me something different, please.”

“Very well, then. Trust in the process.”

“People already know that,” the cynic commented.

“What would you like us to tell you?” the Elohim asked. “Do you need to know the answers to everything? A little mystery often sparks inquisition. Now, as far as the actual Spanish Inquisition was concerned, suffice it to say that some people wanted the answers to be something different from what they were. The same holds true today. If the answer to the question of whether you are meant to meet the love of your life is given a ‘maybe,’ would that prompt you to give up or question what you need to correct in order to shift the answer closer to ‘yes’? Perhaps there is a part of you that still distrusts love.”

The woman pondered the Elohim’s remarks and tried to envision falling in love again, and then she remembered a dream she had had the previous evening in which the love affair had ended.

“Many years later,” Maitreya observed.

“But I looked younger when I was shown the version of myself that was single again.”

“Perhaps it’s because you’re unwilling to let love go,” said Maitreya. “Looking at your history, you have held on to love when you knew, deep down, that you could’ve found a partner who was a better fit for you. That said, each partner you’ve had helped you to evolve. Lessons learned—even the hard way—are better than avoiding the lesson altogether. If you were to declare your evolution as being more important than any potential disappointment you might encounter, then your evolution has no choice but to bolster your confidence.”

“Not necessarily,” the woman argued.

“That’s because you’re not looking at this through a clearer lens. It would take a few hours to sort through your history to make sense of the challenges you’ve encountered, but you’ve worn a mask in many of your relationships. When you revealed your authentic self, you somehow felt rejected, am I correct?”

“Bingo,” said the cynic.

“And yet, when you have not done so, you consciously or unconsciously tried to manipulate your self-expression to ensure a successful outcome. Did you not sacrifice your evolution in the process, not to mention your inner happiness?”

“What is wrong with our world?” the young girl asked. “Why can’t people just be kind?”

“It isn’t that easy,” Maitreya said. “As much as I would like it to be.”

“I’m surprised to hear you saying that,” the fool said. “I always thought kindness was worthwhile.”

“Not if it means putting up with abusive treatment beforehand and silencing your authentic expression immediately afterward. Some people hold onto grudges long after an abusive encounter and inflict pain in order to retaliate when it isn’t warranted. What is needed in today’s society is a band of light surrounding each person.”

“I don’t understand,” replied the fool. “I can see a band of light around someone whenever his or her energy is clear.”

“My point precisely. If people have harboured resentment or anger in any form, that band of light is weakened and draws circumstances and encounters toward the person which match the vibration. This is not a punishment. It is simply the soul’s way of pointing to the energetic imbalances so they can be clarified. Masking authentic expression will not make the Universe suddenly stand up and say, Well, it looks like old Charlie here has finally gotten the lesson. The Universe does not lie. People do, unfortunately, but that’s ultimately an individual choice. Some learn to lie early on in order to survive and it becomes so second nature to them that they barely even notice when they’re doing it.”

“I’m guilty of doing that from time to time,” the troll suddenly admitted. “But I’d never do it to hurt someone else, only to deflect further pain or disappointment. I hereby resolve never to do that again.”

“Good plan,” the cynic said. “Frankly, I want to see the woman happy in a romantic relationship.”

“I’m still afraid,” said the woman. “I don’t really understand why.”

“Perhaps you don’t need to overthink it. Perhaps you simply need to embrace the idea of being pampered from time to time, just to prove to yourself that you’re worthy of receiving love. Sometimes you tend to over-give because you’re projecting unworthiness.”

“It’s difficult to tell where that line begins and ends, though,” the troll stated.

“Let me help you,” the young girl said, polishing the band of light that surrounded her. “Can you see me clearly now?”

“I could see you clearly before.”

“Look deeper, then,” the young girl urged the troll. “What do you wish you could correct?”

“I can’t correct the past.”

“My point precisely.”

“Thank you,” Maitreya said. “You’ve expressed exactly what many are unwilling to hear. In retrospect, the ego would like all things to be ‘perfect.’ The soul’s idea of ‘perfection’ rests in clarification, so if clarification in a situation is warranted or required in order for emotional and mental harmony to be obtained and maintained, then the idea of partnering can be seen through the eyes of ‘perfection,’ rather than inquisition from an ego’s perspective. I can’t correct the outcome of any given situation. No one can do that for anyone else. What the soul can do, however, is shine a light on areas where the ego might be turning a blind eye. Rest in the knowledge that the soul’s gift to you—or to anyone, for that matter—is to act in favour of love on a broader scale. While boundaries are important, Andromeda remarked quite some time ago that there is a difference between a boundary and a barrier. If you are willing to release your barriers to love, then challenge yourself to remove your expectations about how another should behave and come to the table with a vow to be authentic in all of your dealings with yourself and others. This is freedom in action. It is a state of awareness that doesn’t come with a price tag, although it might cost you a relationship or two along the way. Is that not your soul’s way of pointing you in the direction of freedom? Allow endings to be new beginnings, and new beginnings to be embraced with a sense of wonder, not a sense of cynicism. If clarity is desired, ask for it to be placed at the forefront in your dealings with another. If there is an unwillingness to meet you on this level playing field, then trust that finding an ally is better than fighting an opponent. In situations such as this, the other person is revealing an inner barrier to love and authenticity, and if you’re willing to shake hands and express gratitude for this redirection, you will find a much more harmonious partner later on down the road. It is futile to say that a relationship is meant to last forever on a human scale. Immortality is not seen as a viable option on a physical level, which is why the soul recycles. It would be worthwhile for people to read Dr. Brian Weiss’s book, Many Lives, Many Masters. It would help to alleviate a tremendous amount of discomfort and distrust in the soul’s agenda.”

“I’ve already read it,” the woman said.

“Then you still believe in love, because that’s exactly why you and I have become friends. While it’s taken you a long time to truly trust me, perhaps it is in releasing your own barriers to love that the Elohim has been able to communicate to and through you. Many mediums are only able to communicate with departed loved ones. Your gift was given to you because of your desire to assist others in alleviating their heartache and pain. This was especially clear when you were involved with the man Melchizedek asked you to leave behind. That the man retaliated spoke to his own distrust in his inner realm, which you continually pointed to. If the phrase ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ is thought to be a global Universal truth, then those who believe that statement haven’t encountered someone who has neglected his or her inner realm. Melchizedek asked you to leave him so that you could learn how to rebalance your own inner scales and set peace at the forefront of your inner desires. This makes sense, doesn’t it? I do recognize that this is already known, but can you integrate it on a level that solidifies your soul’s need for clarity being an act of kindness, not an act of disharmony or cruelty?”

“Of course!” the troll declared, setting his walking stick into the ground, directly beside the boulder that often accompanied images of him in the woman’s third eye. The troll then sat on the boulder and pondered his next move. “I don’t’ know what to do now. I’m sorry. I’ve tried.”

“Then that is an authentic expression. Perhaps people need to come to terms with the fact that they’ve done all they could to make a relationship work. If you’re sacrificing your own sanity or happiness to steady your nerves, then the boulder you’ve been sitting on might as well be directly on your chest. The heart needs to be seen and heard. That concludes this morning’s lesson.”

“Thank you,” the young girl said, making a few notes in her journal and drawing a single flower to honour the signs that were given from her paternal grandmother, who guided her to embrace her inner light at a time when the darkness was almost too much to bear.

~ Channeled January 16, 2020

Journaling recommendation:
Remember a time when a situation—whether it was a relationship or an event—didn’t go as you had wanted. Journal to discover the lesson your soul was trying to teach you through this experience. What resentments are you still holding onto? Journal without editing yourself and trust that doing so will help you to create a stronger connection with your soul, not erect a barrier between the two. There is nothing the soul has not seen or known, and the clearer your inner filter is, the more light will flow to the places where healing is needed. Buy a highlighter and highlight the blessings that were given to you. Let your ego vent for as long as is needed, and ask your heart what is needed if a similar situation presented itself. Take a few deep breaths and acknowledge your bravery for this endeavour. Drink a tall glass of cool, clear water while mindfully adding a brief mantra, “I am willing to release all that no longer serves me.” Be willing to repeat this habit a few times per week and keep track of the emotions that come up. Use your journal as a sounding board. Do not try to “think it through” using only your mind. This is an active release, and the blessings will be visually evident, which helps to silence an inner critic or cynic who might not have come to terms with the blessings the soul is seeking to reveal.

A promise is a promise (a channeled message from Jesus/Sananda)

Following is a message from Mother Mary, which serves as an introduction to a message from Sananda, whom many know as Jesus. I hope it brings you peace and comfort this holiday season.


With a view to opening up an intimate dialogue with those who have taken the time to review our messages, our scribe has been requested to post the message appearing directly below. It is from my son who, as I’m sure many of you know, went by both Jesus and Jeshua during the lifetime in which he ascended.

It was a challenging time for all of us, back then. It was also a politically and religiously difficult time, as has always been the case during major turning points in humanity’s history. I did not come here to admonish those of you who have read our messages and not shared them, and it might well be that a simple message from me is all that some might desire. And so here I am. I am with Mary Magdalene, who stood by my side more times than I could even begin to count. I suppose, of course, that I could count them, but sharing my son’s message is more important to both of us. So, if the subject line of “A promise is a promise” is enough to entice you, I would first like you to remember that my son did make a promise that he would return.

I know some of you are disappointed that he hasn’t come as a replacement for some of the religious leaders wandering the Earth who are still focusing on the old ways that divided humanity more than brought them together. It is our collective hope that Sananda’s message achieves that goal. I don’t normally refer to him as “Sananda.” Deep down, I see the Light within him and the joy and playfulness that stayed with him throughout his entire life. Remember that things are often far different than how the news reports portray them to be, and that, deep down, there is a Light within you, as well as joy and playfulness that might have taken a back seat, particularly in light of all the political events within North America alone that are dividing humanity even further. Please, please, please remember what my son came here to teach. Remember the goals shared by those who went before him and came after him, sharing an undercurrent of peace and tranquility combined with strength and justice, and know, deep down, that every flower will struggle for a time before it allows the grace and peace of the Light’s strength to coax it from its safety within the Earth.

You are not here to point fingers at each other and declare your neighbours “wrong” for not believing in the same God that you were taught to believe. In Buddhism, the term is replaced with other terms that have the same intrinsic meaning, and some could argue that Buddhists are likened to Atheists. Remove your fingers and toes from your body, and you would begin to wonder how you could manage. From the soul’s perspective, you would still be whole. You exist beyond your body and you exist because your soul chose to occupy a body so it could broaden and deepen its awareness of Source, God, or All That Is, depending on which term you prefer. That stated, it is worthwhile to remember that slashing a tire will require the replacement of more than just the outer shell, and if you slash a human life on any level, whether metaphorically or physically, there are areas within that will be resistant to healing.

Don’t think for a moment that I don’t understand the human condition. I have been watching over humanity for many centuries, together with the brotherhood and sisterhood of Light, which goes by a few names, including the High Council, the Council of the Great White Brotherhood, and even “the Council” by those who are familiar with the messages shared by the late Sylvia Browne. Her guide, Francine, was with her, and some were able to clairvoyantly view her while Sylvia performed. She wasn’t right about everything. She portrayed Maitreya as the Anti-Christ, and some will continue to be convinced that he is as close to the Devil as they come. That is a complete lie. As I came to understand and accept, Jeshua developed a telepathic relationship with Maitreya throughout his adult life, brief that it was, and his wise counsel is heard by many throughout the world, our scribe included. The late Benjamin Crème published a number of books containing messages from Maitreya before he left his physical body behind. Research his name and stand back for a moment. Do you believe an old man simply because he was a man more than you would come to believe that our messages and the ones Maitreya wishes to share are less valid because the scribe is a woman who is neither religious nor politically inclined? Wouldn’t you rather listen to someone who isn’t slanted either way, but who is willing to stand in the middle and observe a spectrum beyond what many term “mainstream,” particularly if the river of Life, such that it is, can extend far beyond a limited pond that has grown clogged and full of darkness that needs to be released before the soul’s Light can finally be allowed to take the place of all the conflict and disparity—and downright rage—that so many are feeling because they feel that God, however defined, has left them behind? This is a long statement and an even longer question to answer; yet, you are here to answer questions and question answers, and even challenge yourselves to look beyond what you were taught to believe.

“Ye are gods,” my son would say.

Remember that today. Remember the words that have been repeated from time to time which are best understood through the lens of someone who is willing to take a risk and share our words, in spite of the disappointment that is often felt when our wishes are not brought to fruition in the manner in which we had intended.

A catalyst can only do so much, but I’m sure many of you can think about a pivotal turning point that altered the direction your life was taking. Imagine being a young girl and having the repeated dream of attending a funeral and knowing that each and every version of you was in complete attendance, waiting in line to receive Holy Communion. Communion is often served at funerals, and the inner knowing that something traumatic would happen when our scribe turned 35 sat in a back drawer within, until a catalyst occurred to bring this drawer to the forefront.

What would you do if you received Divine Intervention, not once, but a handful of times? What if you learned to communicate with the Other Side and you discovered this turning point was exactly what your soul had desired so you could take your collective life experiences and manoeuvre through the aftermath of a failed marriage and the relationship that followed, not to mention a brief interlude that awakened the catalyst? What if you were told to write a book that chronicled your healing journey? What if your life purpose would not have been discovered, had you not been bullied and traumatized when you were a young girl?

I often told myself when I was growing up that nothing terribly exciting was ever going to happen to me. My life was sheltered and I was pupiled by advanced teachers who stretched my imagination and my awareness of the world around me. When I received Archangel Gabriel’s messages, I knew that the “virgin purity” of the sacred world around me didn’t define me as a grown woman. It called me to take action, and when I brought my son into the world, I did so without all the fanfare that many imagine. Yet, El Morya did attend shortly afterward as Melchior, and while I could tell you that his presence was a bit of a surprise, what struck me more was his intuitive guidance. His wisdom was shared with our scribe in the long-awaited book that has been built up more than it has been revealed. That will soon change, and you will come to understand how important A Tryst of Faith is meant to be. In the interim, my son’s message could be thought of as a prologue of sorts, and while no archetypal characters have been included in the message who are in need of healing, perhaps your inner child knows, deep down, that those who bring Light are here to transform the world. That was my son’s mission from the very beginning, and it is why I came here today to share this brief introduction.

I taught my son the importance of keeping a promise.

Look ahead. What did you see right in front of you before your eyes began to change their focus? What did it take for you to return? Did it take strength and will, perseverance and fortitude, or simply the willingness to surrender to the soul’s Light and enjoy a moment with our realm? I am not alone, I can assure you. We stand united and provide our blessings to all of you, regardless of your religious and political persuasions, not to mention your sexual preference. The soul has none of these; yet, it encompasses the awareness of All That Is, to varying degrees. The more you seek to advance your awareness, the further along your soul will be able to ascend. To that end, you are the catalyst for your soul’s advancement, as well. Please utilize this union to your best advantage.

Remember that the truth will set you free. Please be willing to redefine what you define the truth to be.

I Am known as the Divine Mother. My friends called me “Mary.” Jeshua referred to me as “Mother” when we spoke to each other in Aramaic. The soul is multilingual. Please don’t think for a moment that I would speak to you in such a way that my words would be difficult to understand and trust that my son’s message is meant to shift the course of your life. This, in and of itself, could be termed “Divine Intervention.” If it happened to our scribe, please consider this “paying it forward,” so to speak, and don’t forget the wonder of your inner child, who might be in dire need of something to look forward to.

We are sending our love as well as our gratitude for your patience and time. Please allow these words the patience and time that they are worthy of, and allow yourself the gift of time to surrender to the Love my son is seeking to give.

Be well, Dear Ones. We are with you always.



I have asked this to be shared on Christmas Eve Day as our gift to you in celebration of the season. It is time to celebrate the return of the Light. Please allow this to occur within.

We have heard your prayers, Dear Ones. Please heed our reply, as it is given with Love and a gentle nudge to take action in favour of the soul’s freedom, for it is your birthright and your inheritance.

How many times are we going to repeat word after word in response to your prayers for help, only to be expected to correct problems that the Earth family are continuing to create? If it was up to me, I would intervene directly and stand in front of you to prove that I have returned. I do not have the capability of re-establishing myself in human form to do so, but the written word can travel fast with willing hands and open minds and hearts. As such, what is done with this message is entirely up to you.

I am Lord Sananda. My friends in this realm know me by both Sananda and Jeshua, which is the birth name that I was given, as well as Jesus by those who have requested private counsel with me after they have made the journey home to continue learning, teaching, and integrating all that was learned during the incarnation chosen. You would not undertake this journey—nor have you ever taken it, for that matter—without the assistance of several high level guides who have worked with you throughout multiple lifetimes. There are times when these guides change as the new level of advancement is deemed necessary for your soul’s overall growth. The chart designed for my brief incarnation (being that living to one’s early 30s could not possibly have made me an old man), and I gleaned wisdom beyond my years as a result of the “lost years,” as they are often known. It was then that I discovered my ability to communicate with the next realm as a direct channel. Maitreya stepped forward immediately, and I often referred to him as my father, because that is how his energy felt. We were friends, as well, and continue to be friends to this day. I designed my soul contract with him, he mentioned, and we agreed to challenge humanity as a whole, so even though the ending was traumatic and excruciatingly painful, once I noticed the door home was opening, I didn’t hesitate to step through, only to be told that I needed to perform a miracle before my ascension could occur.

Does that sound about right? Could you imagine my beloved Mary Magdalene standing alongside her mother-in-law when I assured them that I knew I would be well taken care of? My mother in particular did not adjust to this transition as well as some might think, which she has mentioned directly to our scribe during a one-on-one telepathic exchange that is more commonplace within our realm than people might anticipate. There is much that I could discuss in that regard, which Maitreya might very well remark upon at a later time. As a friend and mentor, I would not be where I am, had I not adjusted my thinking to align directly to the soul’s everlasting light. Even as a child, I saw things through a different lens. In today’s society, I would have likely been bullied, especially if I declared my beliefs, going against the grain of what the majority of people were similarly taught to believe by their forefathers and foremothers.

I was a single man against Goliath, in a way. Remember the Star of David and try to view it through a different lens: a triangle integrated as they mirror each other. The soul’s trinity on Earth marrying the soul’s trinity in Heaven, as it is known. This symbol is one of the many symbols which form part of sacred geometry. Those who are scientifically minded will appreciate their intricacy. The archangelic realm can be accessed utilizing these symbols, and breathtaking works of art can be created when these symbols are understood and appreciated. Doing so could be thought of as co-creating with the Divine. They welcome the invitation to show you how beautiful combining this science with your own imaginations can be. Intention is linked to creation, and the intention of accessing the power of your breath through the practice of yoga can also set the wheels into motion for miracles and transformations to occur.

The Divine Creator and Divine Creatrix continue to co-create under many names, “God” and “Source” being among them. Together, they have brought many of their plans to fruition, balancing and rebalancing their Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies so that everything they collectively manifest will work flawlessly with pure intention. This Source Energy can be tapped into at will, as long as the ego does not stand at the helm and attempt to redirect traffic, so to speak. Your Divine nature understands the laws that were created to make this plan work as it is meant to. Rebalancing takes corrections into account, just as we continue to take corrections into account when we attempt to realign your own energies with the assistance of your own soul.

“We have never left you, Dear Ones,” the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine would tell you, and I can promise you that the Divine Plan has always had your soul’s highest interests in mind. The “human experiment” is one such plan, and each and every one of you forms part of it. Quitting on something that has taken hundreds of thousands of years to create is definitely not one of them.

When my soul contract was created and agreed to, it specified that I would return, but the door to the reentry had not yet been established. As a door can easily exist in electronic form, it was determined over the course of the last few decades that this would be the perfect place to attempt to recreate a human bond, even if it meant challenging the rigid belief systems of those who were taught to believe that I would return in physical form. I am a Light Being, just as you are when you are not incarnated. There are a number of wonderful recordings of visitations from my Mother; as such, please recognize that they were holographic in nature and very brief, as well. Angels are remarkable beings, and it is no surprise that many have encountered them in desperate times, saving them from impending peril. One might think that I was meant to be rescued, but that did not form a part of the soul contract that I consciously created with Maitreya by my side. There were many who uttered, “God be with you” as I made my reentry toward the beginning of my life, and El Morya, known then as Melchior, was among those who witnessed me as an infant.

There is much that has been recorded incorrectly. I am not here to correct every single line; I am here to help correct the lies that are regarded as truths. This will impact humanity on a collective level, if those who are willing to release their egos and reunify their minds and hearts and who are willing to pay attention to what I have to tell them.

I could have written a book about all the work that I did with Maitreya, but there was limited access to printing materials, so word of mouth was relied upon and, sadly, was manipulated from time to time by people who had a separate political agenda that had absolutely nothing to do with the Divine teachings I was guided to share. For the longest time, the High Council was known as the Council of the Great White Brotherhood. That “Sisterhood” was later added might leave much to be desired by those on Earth who continue to believe that God can only take the form of a bearded white male who some might have noticed bears a remarkable resemblance to the mythical god, Zeus. Our agenda has never changed, no matter which name we have chosen. Suffice it to say that, given that there are 144,000 of us, it would be a waste of time to calculate how many of us were men and how many were women during the lifetime in which we ascended. Like you, we chose multiple incarnations during which we chose to identify as masculine or feminine. The soul does not claim a preference, as it, like the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, contains both energies. You were created in the image and likeness of God, after all.

Please remember that analogies and metaphors were often used throughout the biblical teachings when they were required. There is no physical way to survive being swallowed by a whale. That was a metaphor for being overly consumed, which many of you can relate to.

It is said—and from what thousands of us have heard—that “moderation is key.” What is “key” is rebalancing, and many are struggling to adjust to shifting tides, shifting energies, and shifting mentalities. It is overwhelming, to be certain; but, in order to be truly certain, you must be willing to stand back, both individually and collectively, and take a look at the circumstances around you. Rather than criticize what is going on, do your best to contribute to positive changes that are both required and observed by our realm.

I could show you photo after photo of assorted crop circles that have been created, and we could then have an even longer discussion than the time it took for them to be created about how signs are always given to prove that humanity is not flawed as a collective. You are simply not communicating your deeper desires for compassion and commitment, and so many of you have become solitary creatures, disappointed and yet hungry for connection and absolute love, which so many of you were denied as children. Please make an effort to correct this within yourselves. Journal and directly talk to someone who is willing to listen—not judge or attempt to adjust your feelings—but to readily and actively allow you to state your truth aloud, even if it means feeling the shame and embarrassment that you’ve habitually been forced to deny.

Those who have been buried will rise—and continue to rise until they reach a frequency clear enough to create a communication link directly with their higher selves. This is both a fact and a truth. Please trust me on this.

You are being reborn in each and every moment. Do not deny yourselves the opportunity to create a sacred space that allows your inner child to roam freely. You can do laundry and practice rebalancing by folding your clothes and removing items you no longer need and donating them to charity. You can organize your refrigerator and compost items that are no longer nourishing to you. While they are categorized as ordinary and somewhat unpleasant tasks to some, they help to shift your biomagnetic field. The higher your frequency becomes, the more at ease you will feel within.

Imagine feeling free enough to talk to me as though we already knew each other’s secrets and never once stopped to judge each other as undeserving of the soul’s Love in a single lifetime, much less all the lifetimes your soul chose to self-create with the assistance of the Elohim and the magic contained in the conjoining of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies that are just as much a part of you as they are within each and every one of us. You do not need to prostrate yourself in front of someone who has limited knowledge of the intricacies of your nature in order to be forgiven of your sins. I chose to deny myself a few luxuries during my time because humanity’s health and welfare were my utmost priority. I have never changed that desire. I have been serving with my Divine brothers and sisters in the Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light from the moment an invitation was extended. Melchizedek also played an important role in my development, and I was known as a Priest in the Order of Melchizedek, which includes priestesses. Should you choose to read A Tryst of Faith when it is published during the coming year, you will understand a bit more of this. I make short appearances from time to time throughout the book, as do my Mother and my beloved, Mary Magdalene, who also form part of the Council, to use the simplest term for our group.

Regardless of which name we have elected to use, either personally or collectively, we are unified in our cause, and will continue to relay message after message through this scribe, as well as others. Please pay attention to them, as they consciously chose to sign up for the difficult task of putting their safety and well-being in our hands in exchange for a wider range of knowledge than what was previously integrated. They are here to help you expand your own knowledge, not tell you where you are wrong or misguided. You have all made mistakes and taken a wrong turn from time to time. There is a tremendous amount that El Morya wishes to talk to you about, which is also covered in the book. Our words are not meant to be reviewed with a cursory glance; they are meant to uplift your own biomagnetic frequencies and help you to integrate a greater degree of the soul’s energies and our own.

We deeply honour our scribe’s persistence, in spite of the lack of readership our messages have received thus far. It is our hope that this will shift during the coming year, when it will not only be 2020, but many people’s inner vision will return to the soul’s clarity, which never wavers from perfect 20/20 vision.

It is imperative to remind yourself that you are a byproduct of old patterns and habits, established from the moment you were able to observe the world around you and react or respond accordingly. Many of you have identified negative patterns and actively chosen to correct them. It is challenging and difficult work, but it is the wisest, most liberating gift that you can ever consciously choose to offer to your soul and especially to your inner child. If you are unhappy with the state of your life, please adhere to a diet that negates as many processed foods as you are able and come to terms with outstanding reconciliations within that are disappointing to you. As disappointment never fails to disappoint and millions of people are accustomed to disappointment, why not consider an outstanding debt as being worthy of repayment in order to receive an outstanding reward? El Morya would tell you that you’re far better off disappointing disappointment than you are pretending that everything is as you would like it to be.

Inner rebalancing serves to turn off the key that automatically ignites a mindset of limitation and lack, replacing it with one that ignites the soul’s vehicle, which offers far more in terms of “bells and whistles” than any other sports car on the market. Please don’t ignore any inner alarms that are signifying a tune-up might be due, if not long overdue. Just as a vehicle cannot run without fuel or regular maintenance, don’t consciously add low grade fuel to your body, mind, and heart if you are wanting and expecting your engine to last. As the Universe responds to your own frequency, inner work needs to be focused upon in order for your life to run more smoothly.

Challenge yourself to give yourself both room and time to re-pattern belief systems that are working against you.

Please create a sacred space and allow your mind to be open to taking on additional responsibilities of a spiritual nature. Rearrange your schedule to the best of your ability so you will have a bit of spare time to rejuvenate within. Let this be a priority. You are all cellular and energetic in nature. Allow more Light to enter. The rest will begin to take care of itself as you allow yourself to come to terms with past traumatic events, disappointments, regrets, and the like.

You are loved more than I can begin to mention. Please remember that, today and always.

I Am Sananda, known to many as Jesus the Christ.

We are One in the Light of the Christ within each and every one of you.

“All is well,” as Louise Hay would say. Trust that her teachings—especially the book, How to Heal Your Life—will be remarkably beneficial to those who are willing to take a stand against the darkness within and illuminate the heart so that freedom can be embraced, allowed, and integrated.

You do not need to filter yourselves in order to gain the soul’s acceptance. You need to clear the filter and allow the flow of its love and of its care and of its innate rebalancing nature to set things right.

A number of you have been in search of a mythical Holy Grail, not remembering to look within. Allow your own cup to be filled with nourishing foods, self-care rituals that restore a sense of relaxation if stress has been overwhelming to you, and spend time in nature to recharge and attune to the Earth, which is refreshed and restored from sunup to sundown. It is your responsibility to utilize the free will you were given to elevate your biomagnetic field. Search for a healer who will give you an energetic treatment, and allow the body to be touched with the healing Light of the soul, even if it means surrendering your wounds for transmutation in the process. This is an act of self-care, in and of itself, and it would be wise to sacrifice online time, particularly during the evening, so the circadian rhythms can be restored. The soul cannot restore what you are unwilling to expose for healing and transformation.

The Earth takes periods of rest in winter, which ultimately leads to spring, which leads to summer, which leads to fall, and then to winter, once again. Embrace the soul’s codes and its understanding of the cyclical nature of life, as its definition expands far beyond a single lifetime or a single year of seasons.

Live as if Heaven can be created on Earth. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Allow your inner kingdom to be a heavenly sanctuary for you to recharge—not once per week, but daily. Allow me to enter as a welcomed friend and imagine us talking. Your heart will hear me. Allow your heart to speak and release any misjudgments that are standing in the way of the soul’s freedom. You deserve the freedom it is seeking to offer.

Be well, Dear Ones.

I Am with you always.



Awakening your inner magic

For anyone who has suffered loss or is struggling to come to terms with the ending of a close relationship—or both—and is seeking clear guidance and wisdom from an ascended master who is able to transcend hurt, pain, and regret, then I hope today’s story, which was channeled over the course of two days, inspires you to awaken your own inner magic.


“If a trickle-down effect can only fill a willing pond, then how many ponds do you want to encounter in search of someone who will listen to what we have to tell them?” Lao Tzu asked the young girl. “We’ve talked about you a number of times, you know.”

“You have? But why?”

“Because there are 144,000 of us and several have waited quite some time before we could come forward to speak with you. Maitreya asked me to sit with you this morning to remind you that you’re here to help awaken humanity. Satisfy it to say that only one person who is willing to embrace what we have to tell him or her is a victory, in and of itself. That the woman is complaining about feeling like a failure has to do with expecting that more than just one will follow. There will be many more, I can promise you. If it’s a matter of ‘when,’ then it also rests in her hands to set the record straight with someone from her past before she can move on with her life.”

“Who might that be?” the cynic asked.

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Embracing your soul’s freedom

Maitreya came through during a few of my morning channeling sessions and asked me to transcribe the messages below, which includes what could be considered “appetizers” in the form of an introduction and a transcription of a brief conversation that leads into the main course. Maitreya specifically asked me to wait until November 11 to share it, as a portal of Light from their realm is being widened to assist humanity in our individual and collective spiritual growth. He also asked that the following be included as a snack:

“Many who are struggling with the energies this year has presented will benefit from reading this message. While it will take dedicated effort on humanity’s part to shift the scales toward the soul’s light so that people can feel a sense of inner balance that will inevitably be reflected outwardly, my intention in creating this message is so that those of you who intend to focus on inner and outer peace will be given an opportunity to learn from those of us who have sought to redefine love in a way that encompasses the soul’s freedom as truth. We are members of the High Council, which has been known by a number of names over the years, including the Great White Brotherhood and Council of Light, and have overseen humanity’s evolution over the course of multiple centuries. It has never been our intention for humanity to suffer. Each and every soul has experienced darkness and light over the course of a number of lifetimes, and it is our hope that this message will offer a clear path that doesn’t restrict those who choose to embark upon it from embracing the soul’s healing light. It is our collective intention to clarify as well as to provide clarity on a few aspects on your respective spiritual journeys so that when challenges and obstacles are encountered, you will have the stamina and strength to overcome them. Those who are willing to invest time in reading this will not be expected to pass a test or perform a ritual; yet, it might very well catapult the reader into a different level of awareness that resolves and absolves old wounds so they no longer inhibit the soul’s freedom from being experienced. The short dialogue I had with our scribe beforehand forms part of the message, but it can be skipped over if reviewing the main portion is desired. Many have found themselves in relationships or situations that no longer serve them and are struggling with justifying why a new adventure cannot—or, worse yet, should not—be undertaken. Trust that the soul knows when a change in direction is needed. Limiting your playing field not only imprisons the heart but does not allow the mind to view the heart with the compassion that is often long overdue. Those who understand metaphysics and esoteric psychology might find this message a bit simplistic, but it was written for those who are seeking to surrender their fear of the soul’s Divine Love, not reinforce the fear that was instilled by those who had yet to embrace their own Divine Essence. We are here to liberate as well as unite humanity, and it is my personal hope that this message reaches those who are in need of the soul’s comfort, care, and friendship.”

In his message, Maitreya states:

“You are All That Is within yourself. There are no divisions within this truth; there are only doors to self-awareness that have yet to be opened.”

If you’re hungry for a healthy dose of spiritual nourishment from the Divine, I hope you’re willing to open them. All are welcome.



Clarity is something that most people try to achieve. For some, it can take an instant; for others, it can take a lifetime.

The soul’s clarity is never in question. The ego, however, often pits darkness against light and right against wrong, not accepting that they form part of an enormous spectrum that can never be divided. Working in harmony with the self requires a certain level of clarity that can only be found when accepting the soul’s perspective offers far more value than that of the ego. The completion of personal goals to bolster one’s self-esteem cannot generate an inner sense of happiness unless a person is willing to offer up the ego for self-assessment. This does not mean that right will be levied against wrong or that a person’s darkness will be shunned by the soul’s light, for it is in accepting that darkness must be revealed that the entire spectrum of one’s awareness can be honoured and respected.

Many who were brought up to be fearful of the God Source that continues to create All That Is have shunned an aspect of themselves that needs to be brought into the soul’s light for reclamation, as well as clarification. Do not undermine the soul’s willingness to take all matters into account, for it is in reclaiming the self that a person’s darkness can be integrated in much the same way the yin-yang symbol is understood to represent the balance of darkness and light and masculine and feminine.

You are All That Is within yourself. There are no divisions within this truth; there are only doors to self-awareness that have yet to be opened. If you are willing to accept this within yourself, then I challenge you to review this message. If you are unwilling to accept this within yourself, a time might very well come when you wish you would have listened to an inner voice calling out to be seen, heard, and known.

Do not deny yourself your Divine nature, for it is in accepting that your soul is wild and free that your heart can finally surrender to the knowing that any darkness you encountered was part of your soul’s journey. When you reclaim the lost and forgotten strength and power that exists within the infinite power of All That Is, you will come into your own, with reserves of strength and power that would not have been gained otherwise.

It has always been our mission to lead those who seek to be guided and to accept those who seek to be accepted. There has never been a better time to surrender to your soul’s light than Now.

You are Divine in nature. Please embrace that as truth.

I am Maitreya. This message is a gift of love from our realm to yours.

You did not come here to recreate the darkness you have carried from lifetime to lifetime. You came here to peel back the layers of illusion that are preventing you from embracing your soul’s freedom as truth.

The time has come for you to reclaim your true nature. Let today be the day that you choose freedom as your Divine Inheritance. Doing so will liberate the darkness held within and allow your inner child to reveal what is held as truth.

Do not deceive yourselves into believing that you are meant to prostrate yourselves in order to be accepted by the soul or by any of us who seek to nourish your hearts and remind you that your place at the soul’s banquet is guaranteed, without exception. There is no need to martyr the heart or play victim for fear of ridicule. The biggest lie ever taught to humanity is that men, women, and children will be held back from entering the Gates of Heaven, when those gates are merely doorways within that have yet to be opened.

Be mindful of how you use your time, for it is far better spent embracing adventure than it is to shun it by distracting yourselves from experiencing that which has been designed to bring harmony and joy into every aspect of your lives.

Once the decision to embrace freedom as truth has been made, many will continue to struggle as they learn to embrace themselves as being worthy of the soul’s love and will require more clarification than others, but everyone deserves a second chance to learn how to be held without struggle and learn how to be loved without condition.

We are here to pave the way for those who have stayed silent and guarded their hearts in fear of the soul’s light. Do not restrain your hearts any longer. The time has come to speak your truth and set yourselves free.

And so it is.


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Opening Doors to Love

Maitreya came through and asked to preface the next story with the message below, which was channeled a few weeks ago. He specifically asked me to wait until today to share it. The epilogue at the very end came through after I finished proofreading his message. It is profoundly powerful and transformative. He mentioned this morning that if there’s one simple takeaway he could give you from today’s blog, it would be this:

“Embrace your inner light. It will guide you to where you need to go.”

He then added, “Each time you look within, doorways to all that has been held as truth will be presented by your soul. These doors are not meant to be opened all at once; they are meant to be opened one by one, just as your own inner truths are meant to be examined one by one. Do not be overwhelmed by the enormity of this task. Take baby steps, if necessary, and give yourself permission to stumble, fall, and get back up again. This is how all children learn to rebalance themselves and become more confident and surefooted. You will know when you are ready to make progress on your journey. Inner promptings will be provided and synchronicities will become more frequent. As you learn to trust your intuition and pay attention to these signs more and more, know that other doors will begin to open on their own. Each door will lead you to your heart’s freedom.”

I paused for a moment to take few long, slow, deep breaths before he continued.

“As freedom is the soul’s ultimate goal and the heart is seeking this freedom every time an obstacle is encountered, my message is intended to shine a light that will assist in this endeavour. As such, if you’re willing to expand upon your own I Am Presence, then set aside time to collaborate with our realm on a deep and meaningful soul level. You are a Divine Child of the Light, as all beings who walk upon the Earth are, regardless of their race, nationality, or religion. These are not representative of the soul’s light—they are aspects that were chosen to assist your soul’s overall growth, as well as the growth of humanity as a whole. The soul’s elevation is only thwarted when a person’s ego determines a hierarchy is needed in order for others to be told how they are allowed to manoeuvre through the world. You are neither lemmings nor cattle to be herded. You are not meant to be encumbered by the dross given to you by another. If we, as members of the High Council, were to incarnate and set ourselves into positions of political power, there would be unity, collaboration, and an undercurrent of commitment to elevate the entire human race on a global scale. There would be no walls or communities where others are unwelcome. Stripped of a person’s egocentric beliefs, the dividing line between Heaven and Earth would be completely invisible. How else are you to elevate your own I Am Presence if this goal were not deemed to be a deciding factor in your own day-to-day affairs? How can you diminish your own ego and elevate your own inner light? The answer is simple, but not as easy to put into practice as some might want: by choosing to allow the ego to be a servant of the greater good of humanity as a whole. My message is not untimely by any stretch of the imagination. It is perfectly well-timed, and if you are feeling the need to control the outcome of what is going on in the world, please consider my request as being worthwhile currency to barter your way through the political upheavals that are starting to get out of hand. We are not here to manipulate your Divine free will, only encourage you to utilize it in a manner that will eradicate the inner anxiety that is overwhelming so many at this time. We cannot manipulate those in power to choose humanitarianism as fuel to foster movement. You must be fueled by your own desires to work in harmony with those in power by influencing them to listen. If this means collaborating in larger groups to raise your voices so that they are heard, remember this and take it forward: a child’s voice is not meant to be muted. It is meant to be nurtured. It is meant to be convinced of its worth. It is meant to be known as Divinely necessary, for you are leaving this world to each and every child on this planet, and if the New World Order is set into motion blindly, without any thought of consequence, your own free will will be eradicated. Am I attempting to elevate concern? Only to the extent that you must think about the consequences of your actions. You must think about the consequences of your thoughts. You must think about the consequences of every act of unkindness toward another—including animals and plants, which are accumulating the same toxins that are poisoning this generation and the next one. The words, ‘Wake Up!’ could be requested of you, but it would already be too late for those who are convinced that their voices don’t matter. We promise you that they do. Please take our concerns to heart. Please take our willingness to assist you to heart. Please take our concerns for your wellbeing forward. And finally, please take your love for each other and consciously nurture it daily. Practice that same habit with yourself. It will be your salvation, we promise you. On behalf of the High Council, I Am Maitreya.”



When endings occur, many people begin to doubt their self-worth. We understand this. We also understand how difficult it is to open your hearts to love after being profoundly disappointed.

The term “inner work” has been a bit overused, in our opinion. We understand the hesitancy many people have to drop what they’re doing and delve into a longer message than what they might typically be tempted to review, but if you’re struggling with the overarching need to make sense of why some people are the way they are (and one of those people might very well be you) or if you know someone who has broken up with someone and they can’t quite wrap their heads around the feeling of rejection being a recurring pattern (whether that person is someone who has been repeatedly rejected or has been rejecting others because of a fear of emotional vulnerability—and again, one of those people might very well be you), I ask that you, once again, remove your ego from the forefront and sit with me for a moment, heart to heart.

Our scribe is blessed to have a tremendously close “tribe” of friends, as she refers to them. This tribe, truth be told, replaces the family unit that she no longer feels a strong connection to. Other than a few brief visits with a small handful of relatives scattered throughout the year, it is not uncommon for the remaining members of her family to spend years apart. Now that her mother, father, stepfather, and grandparents have all “elevated” (as we refer to death, which is merely a transition from one state of awareness to another), the likelihood of her spending time with both of her elder sisters at the same time is decidedly miniscule. While our scribe expected me to say “slim to none,” there is still a part of her that prays this will occur.

Hope often comes before prayer and many continue to hope that certain cantankerous relationships will resolve themselves or that the “right person” will magically come along and take away the seemingly unending loneliness that seems to be all pervading, particularly in your addictive culture that keeps people at arm’s length for fear of rejection far more than what most people might anticipate.

Please take the last paragraph to heart and ask yourself if you are one of those people, too. Are you too nit-picky about how another appears? Does this make-or-break attitude prevent you from a genuine heart chakra connection? What does your inner child think? What if he or she genuinely wants to connect with someone and patterns of rejection are so ingrained that a prospective partner is automatically swept away because he or she doesn’t quite fit the imagined “ideal” that society (or a person’s ego, for that matter) seems to think would be “perfect”?

Let’s take the word “perfect” and dissect it for a brief moment. How the word is pronounced will determine how it is defined and then interpreted. To perfect a recipe (and ultimately make it so-called “perfect”) requires a few different attempts. Had Edison not made thousands of attempts to perfect a single lightbulb, someone else would have come along and invented what ultimately shifted the state of humanity literally in the blink of an eye. As doors open to esoteric knowledge, so are those doors also able to open to scientific knowledge that is equally accessible by other beings beyond the Earth plane. I promise you, you are not alone and we have been watching over you for millennia. That is something that need not be questioned; however, if you are seeking “proof” of our presence, let this message be among that proof. If more tangible signs are required, you could always print this message to have your own copy of something that millions of people have been requesting but few are willing to receive.

We are not here to give you all the answers to your burning questions. We are not codependent by nature. We can be firm and strict; still, as our scribe well knows, we have your best overall interests at heart. I did not set out today to begin an argument, but to perform a peacekeeping role to serve those who are battling inner wars and those who have yet to lay down their arms when feeling infringed upon by another who is seeking to dominate a partner, friend, or romantic interest into accepting a tiny morsel of love as being enough. We are here to offer you a banquet.

We are also here to shine a light upon certain societal beliefs—and, yes, some old, worn out memes and religious beliefs, as well—to awaken those who are stubbornly affixed to ways that are, ultimately, preventing the soul’s evolution from being propelled forward.

It might seem unusual that a simple story could change that, but for those who have taken the time to follow along and are able to identify with a few of the characters (most notably the cynic, to be certain), were you to have been introduced to the cynic as he appears in A Tryst of Faith, I have no doubt that you would be shocked by the transformation that has occurred since he first began following the group along their journey. He, like many, felt like an outcast, and he, like many others, sought a sense of belonging that could only occur when he was willing to present himself authentically.

We do not expect people to pretend they’re “good enough.” We want them to release the fears that they aren’t. The soul has not made a mistake in how you were created. In fact, you consciously chose to meet certain people during your life path who are or were meant to inspire you to heal the wounds you might very well have held onto since childhood. The healing journey contained in A Tryst of Faith is based on actual events, and after Melchizedek intervened, he specifically indicated that he knew our scribe wanted to write a book and offered to help, but further indicated it wouldn’t be as she anticipated.

Our scribe is not a writer. She is, however, able to consciously transcribe messages from both our realm as well as her own inner realm, and it is in presenting this bridge that readers are provided with an opportunity to understand both the nature of the soul and also how one’s inner realm can make sense of traumas or other life-altering events that occurred during childhood. Her childhood was intentionally chosen to contain a series of rejections, abandonments, and disappointments that forced her to go within. It is absolutely critical that the soul be accepted, even in the face of these circumstances, in order for healing to begin. Our scribe’s choice of vocation does not lend itself well to performing our work on as large of a scale as we or she would like, and I would like to request that you consider sharing these messages to help broaden her platform.

Our words are not meant to be “fluff” or spiritual meanderings to placate a sense of aloneness in the world; they are intended to “cut to the chase and chase to the cut” (as I have heard our scribe mention), in order to get to the heart of a particular obstacle or self-imposed limitation.

I would like you to be liberated from your fears, not constrained by them, and in order to do so, I am inviting you to choose a door right now and imagine yourself walking through it. One of us will be standing there to greet you, and while you might not know us right out of the gate, you can be certain your inner child knows exactly who he or she would like to talk to.

Trust your intuition. It won’t fail you.

Just over twenty years ago, our scribe was surfing the internet and stumbled upon a chat room. A certain name leapt out at her and, within a short period of time, they became acquainted. It would not be wise for me to reveal his name, but what I can tell you is that her inner child intuitively knew this person on a soul level. In fact, that sense of knowingness was so profound that certain shifts began to escalate in our scribe’s life, ultimately leading up to a life-altering epiphany toward the end of the month after he first introduced himself. As many of her friends know, their relationship was volatile, to say the least, but it helped her to delve into her inner realm so she could discover her life purpose. Had our scribe not followed her intuition, I would not be here right now, asking her to transcribe our words.

Many times, a certain event will have minimal impact on one person, yet a similar event has the potential to scar another person for life. For some women who are more self-assured than others, a “fly bye knight prone to short term layovers” would barely get the chance to exit the runway, and there’s no way they would even think of giving a lover a second chance, particularly if he denied certain fundamental aspects of his past or kept them hidden completely. On the other hand, for someone who is inquisitive by nature and who has a deep desire to come to terms with why such a strong connection existed in the first place, it wouldn’t be a far stretch to give that person multiple chances until his or her inner realm was completely satisfied that the answers had been found. While I realize I’m being intentionally vague, I would like to remind you that the events leading up to Melchizedek’s intervention and A Tryst of Faith being subsequently channeled are factual, and he intervened because of a concern for our scribe’s safety; as such, stepping in was not only necessary, but also perfectly timed, regardless of the fact that there were still many questions that had not yet been answered, as well as many answers that had not yet been questioned.

I would like to challenge you to poke through your own repertoire of acknowledgment to find an old bone that a part of you would love to chew on in order to glean additional knowledge that you would benefit from. That said, if you’re willing to learn vicariously through the experiences of another, suffice it to say that you’re reading this for a reason, and that part of you is questioning the intelligence of dragging an old bone out in the first place. Suffice it to also say that adding a bone to broth will add benefit to the overall recipe, even if it is discarded immediately afterward. The reason why I am using this analogy could be a long explanation or a short one, but the bottom line is the same: you need to be nourished and the soul is seeking to fulfil this need on a barebones level so it can sink right down to your core to help strengthen your inner foundation. After all, the frame of a building is often considered to be its “bones,” and any architect worth his or her weight in salt knows how to add strength to a building without overwhelming those same bones to the point where the entire structure would collapse on itself.

Your soul’s blueprint was created before your birth. Each doorway or opening that you’ve felt drawn to go through was created in advance. The details might not have been made known, but the soul’s design cannot be predicted in its entirety, as free will is also taken into account. A person’s intuition can be discarded or ignored, and certain instances of déjà vu can easily be swept aside, but for those who are seeking to propel themselves forward, one’s intuition must become an ally and not an adversary.

What you’re reading is a byproduct of a series of events—or doors, if you prefer—that were entered that made little logical sense to almost everyone else in our scribe’s immediate circle. Would you dare to knock on your soul’s door if you knew that you would be taken on a 20-year long detour that would help you to answer all your burning inner questions so that the flame of truth could burn so brightly that you would turn to it on a daily basis for reliable wisdom and knowledge that could not have been gained through any sort of book, school, or university? Why does the soul seem so elusive … or is it? Perhaps it is those who are afraid of their own inner light that shun the light within another. Perhaps the answers that are being sought are “truth bombs” that would shatter the illusion of the so-called “reality” that society deems is best for you. What do you feel is best for you? Would you like to tap into your own inner realm to find out? If the answer to that question is YES, then invest the time in Julia Cameron’s 12-week program, The Artist’s Way, which our scribe has been guided to recommend to a few people. It will help you to lay the foundation. As for what the soul wishes to add, let it be said clearly that the soul has already guided you to this point, but it’s entirely up to you whether you wish to accept or reject the love, knowledge, and Divine wisdom that is being provided through all the intuitive promptings and déjà vu experiences you’ve received to date.

Were you to be able to record and categorize particular déjà vu moments, synchronicities, and prophetic dreams that took place throughout your life, you wouldn’t be surprised when these shifts occur. Our scribe recalls experiencing strong déjà vu moments when she was in elementary school. She stood out like a sore thumb to a handful of teachers who attempted to punish her for both her outbursts and the times when she was caught daydreaming, but those so-called escapist behaviours had everything to do with trying to control a feeling of unworthiness from being added upon. Fast forward through a few long-term relationships that were not intended to stand the test of time and you might wonder why those relationships ended. From the soul’s viewpoint, it was because the lessons those relationships offered were learned. Fast forward again to the summer of 2000 and imagine yourself sitting in a luxurious living room with a trance channel medium who unexpectedly slumps over and then promptly sits upright and proclaims, “You have not learned the lessons you were meant to learn. You can choose to repeat them or move on.” Of course, after I stated those words through the other medium, I also indicated that great gifts would be bestowed upon our scribe once she left the relationship that was awakening her inner realm more than any of her previous relationships combined. Our scribe didn’t listen (and I somehow knew she wouldn’t), so we set her on a mission to become more aligned with her intuition by quietly prompting her to study neurolinguistic programming (known as NLP for short), as well as completing her Masters in Reiki. Fast forward one more year to Melchizedek’s intervention in September 2001, which coincided with the tail end of our scribe’s Reiki attunements and NLP exams. Melchizedek’s first words could not have been more clear: “If you don’t leave him, you will die.” Shortly afterward, her paternal grandmother stepped forward and added a few messages of her own.

Our scribe’s ability to communicate with our realm was assisted by her NLP and Reiki training, which also assisted her body in accepting the soul’s light without feeling as overwhelmed by its strength as many have been, especially after accumulating a few “bad habits” along the way. Smoking—which helps many to quiet the mind and maintain a sense of order within, as well as paradoxically gives a person “breathing room”—was the most nefarious habit, and we were insistent that this comforting habit be laid to rest so that her soul could begin gardening and bringing the first channeled book to life. “I would like to explain why it has been shelved for a while,” her inner child could tell you, but shelving something could easily have two meanings, were you to imagine setting the book right in front of you and examining the front cover alone. While a simple daisy might not look like much, it was the precise sign that her paternal grandmother sensed would be needed to provide sufficient physical proof of her presence. As her inner child well knew, the memory of her grandmother teaching her how to draw a daisy was indelibly ingrained in both her mind but also in her own repertoire of acknowledgment, as El Morya (who plays the role of Melchior throughout A Tryst of Faith) so aptly coined the term.

How many times have you questioned whether our realm is real? Does Heaven exist? What about Hell? Have you not known experiences that could easily be lumped into both categories? Have you ever been in a relationship with someone who was making your life a living hell and subsequently prayed for help? Our scribe did, and channeling the book helped her to heal from the aftermath.

How often have you wanted your life to change and then questioned how to complete such a transformation without a guidebook or a handful of guides who are willing to coach you? The book is thought-provoking and also has the potential to alter the reader’s ways of thinking. One of the reasons why I chose to come forward now was to prepare you for a few of the chapters that will be shared, as well as to help you to understand why we continue to tell stories as a way of transferring our teachings so that deep inner healing can be integrated and then passed along to others, who will similarly learn vicariously through the transformations that might very well occur after reading a single chapter of the book alone. It is also our hope that similar transformations will occur in the lives of everyone who takes the time to read and integrate messages such as this one.

Our realm is acutely aware of the shifts that are going on in the world and we are seeking to help in any way that we can. If you know any lightworkers you feel intuitively drawn to, reach out to him or her and ask for help. If you feel similarly drawn to reaching out to me, I ask that you communicate this desire with our scribe directly. Her life work is intended to shift, and in order for that to happen, our words need to be communicated, even if they are longer than what many would like.

Those who are seeking a change need only select a single door. Those who are seeking to close off their soul’s light from entering will automatically walk away. We ask that you pay attention to what you feel is needed. Let your heart guide you. Your heart’s compass might be in need of recalibration, but you can’t keep ignoring this calling and the fact that True North will hold steadfast, just as the soul’s love does. You will need to turn a light on to view it, and it is our hope that this message provides sufficient enough illumination to inspire you to consciously align with this magnetic force.

You are all wired for connection. While some rebuke this, look underneath the resistance and begin to question how and why your heart might be resistant to the soul’s love in the first place. I could go on at length about the karmic rebalancing decisions that were made during your life planning stages. I could also go on at length in an attempt to prove to you that your soul is far wiser than what your ego might anticipate. Were you to be willing to take a step back and plant yourself in an observer role and let your inner critic take over, you might very well come up with a whole host of things that need recalibrating. Do not start with how others should be changed or altered to fit your imagined ideal. Start with yourself and challenge yourself to look toward your heart for solutions that will help your heart feel liberated from the prison that the ego’s self-protective mechanisms might have instilled that are preventing this freedom from being known as truth and not an illusion.

The way out of an unhappy relationship or marriage might not be what the ego wants, but it might very well be what the heart needs in order to find not only one’s life purpose but also a reason to face the world with a sense of calmness that would never have been possible, had that person chosen to stay committed to the romantic ideal of living happily ever after with someone who refuses to correct a mindset intent on negating that ideal. Living happily ever after is not a delusion, but it does require all illusions to be relinquished, and that was one of the reasons why our scribe was guided to leave her own marriage. Were you to have met her exactly twenty years ago this month, when she was sitting on the precipice of making the decision to leave, you might have judged her, being that her background as a Catholic looks down on the concept of divorce. Marriage is intended to be “until death do us part,” and as our scribe well knows, staying in a loveless marriage is tantamount to death.

Biblical teachings were not intended to be literal. Many were adulterated and completely blown out of proportion, and many of the true teachings of “the Christ” (as he was known) were manipulated to exclude the importance of the Divine Feminine. We are also here to correct that, as well as to set the record straight, and the only way we can do that is if people share what we have to tell them.

As the storyline resumes, it might seem to be missing a few ingredients; namely, a character appears and hands the woman a letter, which happens to be the forth one she has received. At the risk of spoiling the storyline, these letters are from the next man she is intended to meet. While this might seem far-fetched, as our scribe well knows, the man she met toward the end of 2009 made his presence known during her channeling sessions well in advance, and even went so far as identifying himself by name. He then appeared during her dreamtime and revealed what she needed to know about his appearance. This information was made perfectly clear, and when the time came for their lives to intertwine, our scribe was instructed to set up a specifically worded dating profile that would capture this man’s attention. In one of his profile photos, he was wearing an outfit that was almost identical to the one he wore in the first dream. In the dream, he seemed rather perturbed and instantly advised her that he wasn’t ready yet. A few months later, he appeared in another dream, sitting at the dining room table of her family’s home in front of three children, who our scribe intuitively identified as being fragments of her inner realm.

Suffice it to say that the relationship was only meant to last a few short months before he decided to tell her (and I’m using his words), “You check off all the boxes, but all I want to do is run away from you.”

Sit in our scribe’s shoes for a moment and ask yourself whether you would bounce back quickly from this or whether you would take that rejection so deeply that the idea of risking your heart to love is something that you’d dare to do—at least for a while.

While we weave actual events into the storyline that is being told and our scribe is still recovering from the disappointment of a recent relationship failing to get off the ground, this setback has also given her an opportunity to revisit karmic ties with two specific men who left lasting impressions on her, both before and after her marriage ended. Those ties have now been released, as their respective soul contracts have been fulfilled.

Soul contracts are karmic agreements that are made before birth. Completing them is not always painful, but holding onto them in lieu of honouring the blessings they contain slows down the soul’s progression. All marriages contain blessings—even the arranged ones that are challenged by those who they are enforced upon. Sometimes freedom is taught by presenting a difficult lesson that will ultimately benefit countless others, and in the case of a relationship that took nothing short of Divine Intervention to end, let it be stated as clearly as I am able that the soul contract between our scribe and the man Melchizedek requested that she leave behind is intended to benefit all those who are seeking the soul’s freedom, but are unclear of how to contend with conflicting political and religious beliefs that they were instructed to uphold.

I am not afraid to discuss so-called “taboo” topics. I am not as cerebral as many might like, but I did not come here to challenge theological or political ideals. I sought to build a bridge between your realm and ours so that the idea of “crossing over” doesn’t terrify all who believe they will burn eternally in Hell for saying the Lord’s name in vain. We are fully aware of what has been said, thought, and done by all who walk or have walked upon the planet, including politicians and priests alike who have struggled (or continue to struggle) with their own “inner demons” and who have yet to come to terms with their own transgressions while pointing stern fingers at those who committed the same or similar misdeeds.

Misjudgments are not automatically wiped clear from the soul’s slate after a mandatory life review has been experienced. Soul contracts continue to be made and completed until they are cleared. It is one of the Cosmic Laws that is automatically enforced because it is just, fair, and equitable for all parties involved, and it can take several lifetimes to work through a single contract in order for all the so-called boxes to be checked without running away from the Divine rebalancing that I discussed in my previous message.

There was never intended to be a law that prevents an ethical, love-based marriage from being honoured—even if such a marriage takes place between two men or two women. “Love is love” has been echoing in your realm loud and clear. Let me also make it clear that the same phrase has been echoing in our realm far longer than any government or organized religion has been brought to humanity’s doorstep. It is time to leave those old, worn-out beliefs outside and tend to what matters within instead—including marriage that ends in divorce for the greater good of more than just the two people that signed on the dotted line before jettisoning themselves into their respective human bodies. The man the woman left behind in A Tryst of Faith is not an enemy of her soul; he was a catalyst for her growth in much the same way she was a catalyst for his own. Both of them endured traumas during their childhoods that caused them to shun love yet desire it at the same time, and while the back story of their love story is meant to be private, the unraveling and reweaving of the soul’s Divine thread came as a result and created a tapestry that is meant to be witnessed by millions who are seeking to weave their own tapestries for future generations. The latter three words resonate deeply with our scribe, who just recalled that the man she eventually left behind assured her the poems she shared toward the beginning of their relationship would be kept for future generations. As a child, our scribe often wrote poetry to assist in processing her emotions, and it was the first time she felt liberated enough to express her feelings without censoring herself out of habit. Those poems were whispered from her heart two years before Melchizedek and her paternal grandmother stepped in to separate them, opening up an entirely new door that was presented the moment the intervention occurred. There was little doubt that it was absolutely imperative she walk through it. At the time, she sincerely wished the man she declared her undying love to would have the courage to leave the “dark side,” as he referred to it, and follow her. It took several years before she felt liberated by Melchizedek’s request to leave him, rather than feel guilty for doing what ultimately resurrected her inner child.

Many cannot imagine the concept of living in darkness the same way others cannot fathom living without it. The same holds true for those who choose to live in the light. The bottom line is, it is a choice, and it is one that must be made without interference, unless the soul determines an intervention is the only way out of a relationship or situation that has the potential to create more long-term harm than goodor, in some instances, could potentially result in death. Divine Intervention requires tremendous consideration before it occurs, and it is not without its share of consequences, as our scribe can directly attest.

The term “until death do us part” requires recalibration, as I stated earlier. Think long and hard about the commitments you have made that negate your inner light from being witnessed.

Embrace your inner light. It will guide you to where you need to go. Please pay attention to when that echo occurs, as it will be a signal from your soul to make a choice that will expand your reality, not limit it.

Our scribe often mentions that there’s a difference between a marriage of the heart and a marriage on paper, and that she has had both, but not with the same person. While this self-awareness might seem completely illogical to an outsider, the soul is not driven by human logic: it is fueled by light and love.

Were Mary Magdalene to step forward in my place, she would tell you with absolute certainty that she was married to Lord Sananda, whom many know as Jesus. Her placement within the High Council is no different from his, as far as the wisdom and knowledge that they have both obtained throughout the course of various lifetimes. While I could go on for quite some time and do my best to attempt to “prove” (for lack of a better term) that the concept of only having “one life” is not meant to be limited to this particular lifetime, that would require a reader to relinquish attachment to a religious belief that Lord Sananda himself would similarly attempt to convince you couldn’t possibly hold an ounce of truth.

Every lie is a denial of the soul’s light. Every truth that is addressed mends the tapestry that will shelter you and keep you safe from the darkness that is seeking to destroy the very fabric of humanity’s existence. Do not fall prey to the illusion that you are not loved by your Godself, which is synonymous with your higher self or soul. Your soul forms part of the fabric of All That Is. Dear Ones, your souls are eternal, and the knowledge your soul is attempting to provide cannot be found if you are not willing to make the effort to look. In a similar vein, your heart cannot be free if you are not willing to clear the slate and open a few new doors.

The image to be chosen to accompany today’s message has just been placed before our scribe’s third eye and I am able to witness how deeply it resonated. It is our hope that the same holds true for all who are willing to witness these doors and see them as opportunities to make new choices that nourish the heart and allow it to shine. It will not be the first time celebratory bells have been chimed by the angels, signaling another who has chosen to consciously follow the soul’s light home to the Divine Light of the Creator, which is a gender neutral term that unites both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine as One. Your soul knows this unity as truth. It is up to you to remember it.

Your Akashic Records are vast—so vast, in fact, that each volume could quite easily be a door that you willingly choose to enter to explore the background of a specific lifetime in which you might have convinced yourself that a vow of chastity and poverty was the most noble way of being accepted by God. This is an illusion. Not only was the vow made because circumstances caused you to believe that decision was vital for your survival, but you might very well have suffered such extreme disappointment and trauma in this particular lifetime that you vowed to exclude love from your state of awareness as a self-protective measure that would ensure your survival, too.

Listen to your heart. Are you willing to survive without love? Since when is that living? Since when is that thriving? Since when is that feeling whole and complete when you are denying yourself one of the very things that makes life worth living?

You were all given adequate air to breathe; yet, many shallow breathe as a matter of habit. Many are unwilling to open their heart chakras again for fear of being hurt. I can’t give you a canteen filled with the soul’s elixir and command that you drink it, nor would I choose to do so. I will, however, ask you to imagine receiving it from me. You are free to imagine me however way you would like to, which directly explains why none of the characters in the stories contain personal descriptions.

Your minds are treasure troves, as are your hearts. As I mentioned earlier, your souls are intertwined with specific people during this lifetime who are meant to inspire you to heal, and as our scribe understands this is precisely why she met the men she dated, regardless of how long those relationships lasted, her repertoire of acknowledgment (which could be thought of as a treasure chest of the soul’s wisdom) has grown immensely because of her experiences. The young girl is the one in charge of its safekeeping and, little by little, she is coming to the understanding that some of the things she holds as truth might have been misinterpreted.

Many men associate love with someone who actually resembles their mothers—even if they happen to be gay, this same observation applies. The same holds true for women, as far as their fathers are concerned. I could stop there and let you think about this, but I would like to point out something that you might not anticipate: the mother or father (or both) might very well represent the antithesis of love, as far as your inner child is concerned. Conversely, he or she might have represented such an ideal that absolutely no one else would ever be able to measure up to that standard.

How committed are you to being alone? Even if you’re married or in a relationship, how connected do you truly feel to your partner? Are you staying in a marriage because of children or because a priest who is not permitted to be married has decreed on the church’s behalf that you are not permitted to end what is slowly draining the life force energy from you?

I’m sure some people weren’t expecting me to be a rebel. I am a light bearer. I am here as a guardian of your heart’s freedom. Ask yourself if there are areas within your life that are seeking perfection. Ask yourself what you hold as that ideal. And then ask yourself what steps you’re willing to take to make freedom a reality. Are you willing to walk through a few new doors?

I am Maitreya. When I return, I will provide the introduction to the next chapter of the story. While it might seem as though we are backtracking, please remind yourself that unwinding is an important step when healing is needed, and that heeling is also an important step before taking a giant leap forward. To be certain, many of you would willingly hold onto a child’s hand if he or she chose to dance through a meadow, taking giant leaps and bounds, and proclaiming that life was meant to be embraced, not simply endured.

Deep down, your inner child is not afraid of the soul’s light. He or she might only be afraid of being forgotten and alone in the darkness.

You have not been forgotten, nor have you ever been alone. Perhaps it’s time to open the soul’s doors to freedom so you can accept that statement as truth.

Embrace your inner light. It will guide you to where you need to go.

Trust that we will be with you each and every step of the way.

~ Channeled March 9, 2019


“As the Equinox has now come and gone, and the recent full moon has opened a door to new beginning, allow this day to be a day a celebration,” the Elohim said to the young girl.

“What are we celebrating?” she asked. “My freedom?”

“Let that be a statement and not a question, and hold your freedom as truth.”

“But how?”

“By opening your heart and letting go of all the obstacles that are standing in the way.”

“But there are so many doors to choose from.”

“What if we told you that all doors lead to the soul’s freedom?”

“Even the ones that lead to dead ends or U-turns?” inquired the young girl.

“Those are merely illusions,” the Elohim replied.

“It’s true,” the fool said. “They’re both ‘you-turns’ in disguise.”

“Open one,” the cynic said, suddenly realizing that each and every doorway formed part of the Oneness of All That Is.

~ Channeled March 24, 2019





Divine Rebalancing

Today’s message was channeled on March 12. As is often the case, it came through as a dialogue. It also serves as a prelude to a longer message from Maitreya that was transcribed last weekend, which I’ll be uploading very soon.

“There are a few more messages to come,” he mentioned. “Don’t forget: you came here to serve as a scribe. Our words might not resonate with those who hold fast to religious doctrine that seeks to exclude the Divine Feminine. It is important that a divine rebalancing be integrated within all men and women; hence, the reason you were intuitively prompted to utilize that particular title for this message. After the other messages have been uploaded, we will need you to take another step back so that A Tryst of Faith can finally be self-published. As we have said a number of times, many are awaiting our words. Many have also requested so-called ‘proof of God.’ As man cannot exist without a woman playing the role of an intermediary of the soul, bringing life into human form will never change from what was designed by the Elohim and the respective souls of the men and women whose unique gifts are combined to create life. It needn’t matter whether copulation occurs. If a surrogate is needed, then trust that the soul knows it would to be the best way for life to be created. Why shouldn’t the trinity of mind, body, and spirit include a third party to assist in this endeavour?”

Maitreya then paused before continuing, “Life is about balancing and rebalancing. It is about training the ego to feel and know the soul’s presence as truth. Witnessing it and hearing it are also examples of how clairvoyance and clairaudience are manifested by the soul. Many describe the soul as being a masculine force, just as Lord Sananda did, according to biblical teachings. As you know, your soul’s name is Inaticia, and she represents herself to you during your channeling sessions as being feminine, just as you are. You are not separate—‘she’ merely sets herself apart from time to time so that you can understand and integrate the love she is willing to share. Your inner child is highly attuned to the frequencies of your higher self, yet many still negate the importance of aligning with their inner realms in order for certain illusions that might have been held as truth to be revealed to the soul’s light for correction, rebalancing, and realignment. While this isn’t news to you on a personal level, transcribing A Tryst of Faith was precisely what was needed for this to occur. You are still a work in progress, and as you allow your learning and inner transformations to continue, so will you continue to ascend along your soul’s journey toward enlightenment. You are not alone in this, nor will you ever be. It is imperative that you ‘stick to the plan,’ as I have heard many repeat. Your soul’s plan included meeting two unique and different men who served as catalysts for the divine rebalancing that you experienced since Melchizedek’s intervention in September 2001. Your divine blueprint is clearly seen and the details are becoming more and more clear each day. Still, there is no time to waste and many are in need of our help. I need to ask you a favour, by the way.”

“What favour is that, Maitreya?” I asked telepathically. Continue reading “Divine Rebalancing”

Daring to soar

Maitreya came through this morning and asked me to transcribe the following:

“There are millions of people in the world who would pay at least ninety or one hundred dollars for a single conversation with or a message from an ascended master or archangel. While our messages are currently being offered on this platform for free, their value is not diminished; in fact, they are priceless. Please upload a few more messages before you take another hiatus. Before you do, though, I’d like you to recall the first time Melchizedek intervened. Your life circumstances were much, much different than they are now. Still, those who have known you for a very long time have watched your metamorphosis, and while some have left you as a result of their own intuition releasing them from the need to communicate with you, trust that their absence has allowed others who are more spiritually attuned to you fill the spaces that were left behind. You already know there’s another man coming. He’s come through a few times already, and his unexpected presence during the conversation with Archangel Gabriel that was transcribed yesterday is no different. For those who are reading this and wondering what transpired at the end of December and into the New Year to cause the shift that occurred in the storyline but haven’t read the previous blog that was uploaded, it would be well worth your while to read it. The coming blog posts will also explain it in further detail. For those who are inspired to align with me for an hour for a personal session, please send our scribe a private message to schedule an appointment. While it might not be me who shows up during the conversation, it might very well be Archangel Gabriel, who requested that you transcribe the entry which immediately follows the conversation below. And, finally, for those of you who are continuing to read and share our words, please accept our gratitude. Alright, Chela, let’s begin. And I know, I haven’t referred to you as ‘Chela’ for a while, but a Chela is a spiritual aspirant, which you are, although many of us now view you as an Adept. Besides, I still like to use ‘Chela’ as a term of endearment. I know full well that ‘Sheridan’ is a pseudonym and the reason why it was chosen had everything to do with the man Melchizedek asked you to leave behind. Will it matter when you’re marketing A Tryst of Faith? Perhaps, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

“Onward!” another cried out, and Archangel Gabriel appeared. “Please share our conversation now.”

“I will,” I replied telepathically.

“Please accept our gratitude, as well. We archangels are always available to assist, if requested. While it might mean that a man or a woman needs to set his or her ego aside, true inner healing can only occur when the heart is open to receiving the divine elixir that it has been thirsting for. The poem, Awakening, will continue to inspire people who are willing to embrace the ecstasy the soul offers. It needn’t be thought of as anything illicit, but it will elicit inner wounds to come forward so they can be replaced, just as yours were. Yesterday’s conversation touched on a few important areas. Once people have reviewed this, perhaps it might also be worthwhile for a question or two to be asked or a separate channeling session be booked if he or she does not wish for personal so-called ‘problems’ to be displayed openly. We know you’re wanting to create an online presence, as well as a business to support your existing income, and there is one person we know who would benefit from an hour of your time. We’ve been projecting an image of her onto your third eye. It’ll be interesting to see if she picks up on the fact that it’s her. Who knows, maybe two people will come forward, or even a third. One by one, those who are in need of healing will begin to accept and understand that the first steps are the hardest, but then life will become easier.”

“Onward!” another cried out, and the young girl revealed herself. “Let’s get started.”

~ Channeled February 10, 2019


“Now, then, where were we?” Archangel Gabriel asked the woman, pointing to the message she had been requested to transcribe the previous morning. “I don’t think I have anything else to add.”

“I do,” the young girl remarked, holding up a picture of the woman and the young girl that was taken the previous day. “How did you do this?” Continue reading “Daring to soar”

Soul Gardening

For the past few weeks, Maitreya has come through during my morning channeling sessions and requested that I transcribe a small handful of messages, but refrain from sharing them. Considering they formed part of the continuing storyline, I thought that uploading them as they came through would make sense; however, knowing Maitreya as I do, I suspected there was a reason for the delay, even though I wasn’t privy to it, just yet.

“Things won’t remain hidden from view for much longer. While it is often said that the soul works in mysterious ways, sometimes they aren’t meant to be revealed in ways that makes sense to man’s ego. Would it be alright if I offered my viewpoint, please?” he asked.

“Of course,” I thought. “In fact, I welcome it.”

“Thank you. It might be better if I explain this, anyway, as it will also allow you to take a step back and observe. You’ve already had years of experience detaching yourself and transcribing our words, and today is no different.”

“I’m ready.”

“I know; otherwise, I wouldn’t be here. Being one of the soul’s gardeners, I intend to plant some seeds of love today. Are you up for the challenge?”

“I am.”

“A very powerful statement, indeed,” Maitreya stated. “Let’s begin.”

🌼 Continue reading “Soul Gardening”

Building an Empire

Years ago, I wrote down the words, “In my hand is a single grain of sand. Is it the end of a castle or the beginning of its creation?”

Today marks a new beginning, as well as a New Year.

“Every day marks a new beginning,” Maitreya said. “The New Year serves as a strong reminder for those who are choosing to reflect and recalibrate to do so with intention—or within tension, as El Morya would say. It is safe to let your barriers go. Please repeat that as a mantra. Allow the energy of 2019 to magnetize wisdom and knowledge, both from the divine and from within. Let your creative energies be nurtured and explored. Many are awakening at this time. Many who have been awake for quite some time will no longer feel the dragging down energy of resistance that so many others have held onto. Begin purging all the items and belief systems that do not serve your highest good. Create space for new beginnings. Create space for new entrances, much like the one that Andromeda mentioned in this morning’s brief channeling session. Below it you will find other messages, one of which contains a manifesto by Vesta, who resides within our realm and who forms part of the High Council, as we are now known. Channeled over a two-day period, this particular message, while lengthier than most, will assist in the transformation of many who are willing to first take a step back in order to prepare to take two giant steps forward. Let that be all.”

“Maitreya, are you sure there isn’t anything else you’d like to add?” I asked him. Continue reading “Building an Empire”

Into the fire

It’s hard to believe today is already December 31st. During this morning’s channeling session, Maitreya mentioned, “You are not here to slay your dragons. You are here to make peace with them. We are here to assist in this endeavour.” Continue reading “Into the fire”