A Prelude to Light

Today’s channeling session pushed my boundaries and encouraged me to take a leap of faith. Knowing that I wanted to self-publish my first channeled book, A Tryst of Faith, by the end of this year and have encountered a number of unexpected delays, I was guided by El Morya (who is also known as Melchior and who plays a lead role in the book) to include the prologue toward the end of the transcription. I hope you enjoy it. Namaste.

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Walking toward the soul’s ocean

If you’ve been following along with the storyline that has been unfolding and noticed an underlying trinity theme, this portion serves as a prelude to a trio of channeled messages, the first two of which were transcribed earlier today. I have been guided to post the messages in the reverse order of when they came through. Archangel Haniel is telling me, “This is intentional, as the energy the trinity of messages contains is intended to assist in a gradual, energetic unraveling of the wounds that have been wound around the heart, thereby assisting in expanding the consciousness of the reader by gently creating an opening for more of the soul’s light to enter the heart and mind, allowing them to be more unified in—and less intimidated by—their collective awareness of the soul’s love.”

The second part includes the archetypal trinity of the young girl, preteen, and teenager, who represent fragmented aspects of the woman’s inner realm that have been integrated, and also introduces two new archetypes that haven’t been shared online before, although they’ve come through multiple times over the years. Even though the cast of characters has expanded ever so slightly, all three messages are still very easy to follow. The third part was channeled on Christmas morning and includes a message in the form of a letter from Lord Sananda, whom many know as Jesus.

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