Christmas presence

This morning’s message was deep and transformative, and left me feeling both hopeful and encouraged by Archangel Haniel’s presence and the gifts that she and the others who came forward bestowed. I hope the same holds true for you. Merry Christmas, everyone. Cherish those you hold dear. Namaste.


“You do know there are other available men in the world who have searched long and hard for someone like you,” Archangel Haniel said to the woman.

“I’m sure there are millions of other women like me,” she replied, blushing at the idea of being complimented by an archangel.

“You complement each other well—the new man, that is.”

“I know.”

“But? I can hear a ‘but,’” the cynic said.

“But he isn’t ready to be in a romantic relationship.”

“Maybe you aren’t ready, either,” commented the archangel.

“Of course, I am. I wouldn’t be with him if I wasn’t.”

“Then maybe, on a deeper level, he wants to be, but he’s just waiting until he’s uncovered the reason for his internal unrest. It could well be that he’s synchronized with your own.”

“What unrest?” the young girl asked, and the preteen and teenager instantly revealed themselves.

The woman softly chuckled at the idea of the young boy and his pet dragon showing up, too, but then she caught a glimpse of them in the corner of her eye.

“Holy sugarplums!” the cynic exclaimed. “Look at the light above the dragon’s head!”

“The same light is appearing above the young boy’s head,” the preteen observed.

“The same holds true for you,” the new man remarked. “And you, too,” he added, causing the teenager’s cheeks to flush. She hid her face, not wanting to be seen.

“You already know the biggest hurdle you need to overcome,” stated Archangel Haniel.

“I don’t know if I’m ready to go down that road just yet,” replied the woman.

“You do know that you’re not the only woman who has had blemishes,” said the preteen.

“And just because you were made fun of repeatedly throughout your formative years doesn’t mean the bullies were right, by any stretch of the imagination,” said the new man, trying to encourage the teenager to accept herself as she is.

“You know exactly what wounds are in need of healing, don’t you?” the woman asked the new man.

“You could say that, but it might be that you’re holding the same cards.”

“Perhaps it’s time for both of you to reveal them,” said the archangel, eyeing the calendar.

“Merry Christmas!!” the shadow girl cried out as she materialized, holding a few gifts in her arms.

“Do you know what’s wrong with this picture?” asked the young girl.

“I know. We’re missing the extra Christmas stockings. The woman couldn’t find them,” the shadow girl said, calmly laying out the gifts, one by one.

“It doesn’t matter whether you put the gifts in stockings or not. What matters is that they’re given from the heart,” Archangel Haniel declared.

“They are,” the woman said. “Everything has sentimental meaning to it.”

“Let the new man wait until Christmas afternoon to open them. Allow him to set the time when he chooses to arrive. You have a few things to prepare before he does.”

“I wish my mum and stepdad were still here to celebrate with me.”

“We’re here,” the woman’s mother then said, presenting herself carrying her favourite Christmas tray and coffee mugs. Her eyes twinkled and she flashed a brilliant smile at the woman, just as she did when everything seemed right with the world. “Please play one of my favourite CDs today. Remember all the fun we had opening our stockings on Christmas morning, enjoying breakfast as a family.”

“And then having a nap!” said the young girl.

“For many years, we went to your maternal grandparents’ house for what your granddad referred to as ‘The Tree,’” the woman’s mother continued.

“There is much discord within your family that had nothing to do with you, and yet you have been outcast.”

“I’m not going to diminish my gifts or renounce them in any way to make someone else feel more comfortable around me, Archangel Haniel,” replied the woman.

“You could turn down the volume just a little, though, and remember your audience, as your elder sister would say. I know she’s one of the family members you miss the most.”

“I do,” said the woman as she hung a single heart shaped wire wreath on her miniature Christmas tree.

“Don’t forget that her reasons for removing you from her circle are intended for your highest good,” reminded the archangel. “And you are not meant to wait around for anyone to decide to be ready. There is a tremendous amount to accomplish during the coming year. We want you to tackle the chores that are needed and simply soldier on, regardless of who shows up.”

“Or who doesn’t,” said the preteen, thinking of her birth father and imagining him as he was throughout her childhood.

“Coming through,” a man suddenly announced as he made his way through the group in his wheelchair. “You never saw me walk, so it doesn’t make sense that I’d show up any other way in order for you to know that it’s really me.”

“I’m sorry I neglected you, Daddy,” the young girl blurted.

“I’m sorry I neglected you, too,” he answered. “You were the last one I saw,” he added, looking at the teenager. “I knew you intended to come back so we could mend our fences. I’m sorry I couldn’t stay. Your grandmother was calling me home, and I didn’t have much time left, as it was. In a way, not talking to you served your soul’s growth, and I wasn’t very good about opening up, anyway. Just ask your mother; she’ll tell you.”

“All I remembered was the two of you bickering. It seemed like you fought each other more than you loved each other,” the woman said. “It wasn’t until my stepdad arrived that we started to feel like a normal family, but I still never felt like I belonged.”

“You did,” her stepfather said, putting her hand on the woman’s shoulder. “Both your father and I neglected you when you needed us the most. I know we can’t change that now, but you need to accept that neither of us knew the depths of the sorrow you didn’t expose. All you displayed was a veneer that made everyone feel you were unapproachable.”

“What can she say: still waters run deep,” the cynic said, and the new man stood in silence, looking at the woman. Sensing his gaze, she glanced over at him and a single tear rolled down her face.

“I wish I could tell you why our connection means as much to me as it does,” she simply said.

“I have a feeling you just did,” Archangel Haniel said. “If man doesn’t communicate his feelings or his thoughts when navigating a new romantic relationship, what is frequently seen is a façade that bears little resemblance to the deeper wounds that are awaiting the soul’s touch. Barring sexual attraction, souls will immediately recognize each other as being connected, often months before those inner wounds are known to exist. In some instances, however, those wounds are revealed at the outset, and it might very well take a tremendous amount of compassion and understanding to unravel the pain, disappointment, and hurt that were woven around the heart by the mind until the time is right for the heart to speak its truth. Sadly, many become frustrated when embarking upon such an exercise, mostly because of a lack of compassion and understanding toward the self, which is clearly needed when the heart is seeking to be known, wounds and all. Please trust that the heart’s wounds are not permanent scars; they are merely protective barriers. When a safe environment is provided to overcome areas where disappointment, rejection, or abandonment are more prevalent, the bright, shining light that is known by the soul to exist in every blissful moment of its love will then be allowed to assist the heart in releasing those layers of pain, hurt, and regret. Take comfort in those who provide it without attachment to expectation or reward. Those who simply seek to love are rare jewels that the soul has often polished, using the same tools and methods that can then be transformed into skills to be used to reveal and alchemize the damage done by those who were not awakened to their soul’s highest truth when those wounds were created. Give yourself permission to allow your heart to be willingly seen and heard. Your heart is often reaching toward a layer of pain, simply because it knows that the slightest pressure will crack the façade, once and for all. Freedom is its own reward, Dear Ones, and freedom is the soul’s true nature. The archangels are always present, awaiting you to beckon for our assistance and attention. Allow your heart to be a beacon. We will see and hear you, as we have done since your soul’s journey first began.”

The young girl frantically started writing in her journal and everyone in the room remained silent until she was finished.

“All you drew was a heart,” the cynic observed.

“Look closer,” Archangel Haniel urged.

“’I deserve to be free, I deserve to be free, I deserve to be free’ were the only words she wrote.

“Yes, Dear One. Those words are her truth, and they have been inscribed on every single area of her heart.”

“What’s on the other side of the page?” asked the fool.

“Freedom,” the woman said, intuitively seeing the words in her third eye.

“And a new beginning,” replied the preteen.

“I was just about to say the same thing,” said the teenager.

“Thank you,” the woman said to the new man.

“For what?” he asked.

“For being here with me.”

“I haven’t done anything.”

“Yes, you have. Your presence is a gift.”

“To be present is always a present,” said the fool, acknowledging the words that the woman was trying to say.

“I don’t always say the right thing,” the woman continued. “And I might not know how to navigate these waters nearly as well as I would like to, but I’m willing to try.”

The new man looked at her and smiled, as the young boy removed the collar from his pet dragon, who remained beside the young boy, protecting him, as he heard the words, “Freedom is its own reward,” echoing in the wind.

~ Channeled December 24, 2018



Author: Sheridan Cooke

I am a medium, scribe, intuitive healer, and Reiki Master, and have been channeling messages intended to invoke deep healing and rebalance inner archetypes since September 2001. I work mainly with the High Council, Archangels, and the Elohim. From time to time, I also receive messages from other elevated light beings, such as the Pleiadians and Andromeda, and will often receive messages directly from a person's inner child or an archetype seeking to reintegrate the soul's Light more fully.

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