Building an Empire

Years ago, I wrote down the words, “In my hand is a single grain of sand. Is it the end of a castle or the beginning of its creation?”

Today marks a new beginning, as well as a New Year.

“Every day marks a new beginning,” Maitreya said. “The New Year serves as a strong reminder for those who are choosing to reflect and recalibrate to do so with intention—or within tension, as El Morya would say. It is safe to let your barriers go. Please repeat that as a mantra. Allow the energy of 2019 to magnetize wisdom and knowledge, both from the divine and from within. Let your creative energies be nurtured and explored. Many are awakening at this time. Many who have been awake for quite some time will no longer feel the dragging down energy of resistance that so many others have held onto. Begin purging all the items and belief systems that do not serve your highest good. Create space for new beginnings. Create space for new entrances, much like the one that Andromeda mentioned in this morning’s brief channeling session. Below it you will find other messages, one of which contains a manifesto by Vesta, who resides within our realm and who forms part of the High Council, as we are now known. Channeled over a two-day period, this particular message, while lengthier than most, will assist in the transformation of many who are willing to first take a step back in order to prepare to take two giant steps forward. Let that be all.”

“Maitreya, are you sure there isn’t anything else you’d like to add?” I asked him.

“I could easily channel a few thousand messages through you this year, if you had enough time. Let your first channeled manuscript be a priority. We will provide you with specific messages to be shared in lieu of lengthy dialogues. What matters now is that you set a clear intention to continue to be of service, which you and the new man are aware is the soul’s highest calling. If you feel the need to add your own commentary, your higher self will similarly guide you. Today is a baptism of sorts. It is a baptism of fire, and for those who are new to following along with the storyline, it would be extremely beneficial to read the blog post, Into the fire, before continuing. That’s all for the time being.”

I paused for a moment, feeling as though there was still something he wanted to say. “You know me well, as I you. As you were thinking earlier, everything seems to have changed for you since Vesta’s manifesto was first transcribed. Let time be a friend and not an enemy, as I have often said. Let us begin anew, as Mother Mary remarked upon a year ago.”

“Let us begin anew,” my inner child repeated, showing me an image of a bold and beautiful heart. For some reason, a part of me expected it to appear scarred, but the image I’m seeing in my third eye is a heart that is glistening. “Thank you for listening,” she added. “And for hearing me.”

“As all endings are new beginnings, allow today’s messages to help you to navigate the new dawn being heralded,” Andromeda just mentioned. “Begin anew.”

I closed my eyes and allowed those simple words to echo and fill my entire being.

“Now, now, now,” I can hear the fool chanting, reminding me to stay centred and present.

Vesta just came through and asked me to include the following:

“Please don’t rush through reading the messages our scribe has been requested to write down, as they contain multiple kernels of wisdom. Don’t race through each day, wishing for the door to the future to remain closed, either, for you are masters of your destinies as equally as you are masters of your days and nights. Self-mastery is not for the faint of heart; it is for those who are fully willing to stand in the centre of themselves and show their true colours to the world, even if some of those colours aren’t as appealing to the eye as many would like. Reality does not exclude a shadow; it embraces it as part of the Grand Design. Be willing to embrace your own shadow today, for when darkness is transformed into light, the entire Universe will bask in the glow of your collective radiance. Let it be so.”

Everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end, and then the cycle repeats. There’s a difference between cycles and patterns, though, and many patterns are the result of underlying belief systems that have yet to be refined or corrected, as the case may be. As Vesta says in her manifesto, “You are the master of your destinies, Dear Ones. You are the ones who determine whether being beaten down is going to cause you to crumble or if it’s going to inspire you to fight like a warrior against anything and everything that made you crawl or beg for the pain to stop. Find the balance in between.”

As the story continues, the woman is trying to find the balance in between an ending and a new beginning. The remainder of this blog post has been split into a few fragments, much like her inner realm was split into three fragments (the young girl, preteen, and teenager) who were later reunited, all of whom are learning how to transform their belief systems. Portions were channeled just before the middle of December, including Vesta’s manifesto, which I was guided to shift to the end of the very last section, which was channeled this morning. I only recently started channeling Vesta, who is said to be a sun and fire goddess who protects the home and hearth.

“The heart is closely linked to the hearth. Allow the soul’s light to guide you home,” Maitreya is telling me.

Happy New Year, everyone. As he mentioned yesterday, “Focus on ‘happy.’”



“I can’t rewrite the ending,” the woman said to Andromeda.

“It’s a shift. Please be patient and temper your temper.”

“Now you sound like El Morya,” the cynic said.

“Not all endings are meant to leave you feeling stranded and alone. I loved your poem, Awakening, by the way. Humanity’s awakening is very important to our realm, too. Today is a new beginning. Please accept it as such. Vesta’s manifesto needs to be read. Don’t make this difficult for yourself. Let the new man make peace with his subconscious.”

“This feels like a death,” said the young girl, wiping tears from her eyes.

“Please think of it as a rebirth.”

“I wasn’t expecting him to come and I wasn’t expecting him to leave,” the woman said.

“Don’t miss him. Set him free.”

“I can’t not miss him, Andromeda.”

“Then send him light. That’s what humanity needs, more than anything.”

“A cruel twist of fate.”

“Ten days can change the entire world,” another remarked.

“Who said, ‘A cruel twist of fate’?” asked the cynic. “Not to mention the other comment.”

“We did,” the preteen and teenager said.

“There isn’t any time to waste,” Andromeda declared, holding open a door.

“Let’s go,” the young girl said, choosing to blaze new territory.

“No matter what happened the previous year, this can be the one that propels humanity’s consciousness,” said the Queen, stepping through the doorway and holding the young girl’s hand.


“Now what?” the young girl asked.

“Now we begin anew,” Mother Mary said.

“That’s what you said on the first of January last year,” said the cynic.

“’As every day is a new beginning …’ Do you need me to repeat the rest?” inquired Mother Mary.

“Maybe I need to remind myself of that,” the woman said.

Opening up her journal, the young girl proudly displayed a blank page and said, “Okay. I’m ready now.”

“Right there with you,” the cynic said.

“Suffering succotash!!” the fool exclaimed, trying to unstick pieces of paper that were glued together.

“When you’re creating a puzzle, you’re not supposed to glue the pieces until after they’ve come together,” teased the cynic, who burst out laughing when he noticed that all the fool’s fingers were stuck to the paper, and he was flailing his arms around, trying to get them free. The young girl set her journal down and walked over to the fool.

“Don’t worry. I’ve got this,” she said to the fool, hoping the woman would spend time reviewing the previous day’s transcription.

“Let things fall apart if they are meant to,” Maitreya recommended to the woman.

“I actually feel fine,” she replied, and Maitreya urged her to consider whether feeling “fine” was acceptable.

“I need you to push your boundaries just a little. Walk along the brighter side of the street and try to see things from a different perspective, including the perspective of those who have yet to achieve the same sense of centeredness that you have grown accustomed to.”

“I hardly felt that way the other day, you know.”

“I’m well aware of that,” he answered. “But I’m also well aware that you have grown accustomed to pretending things are acceptable, when there are still underlying questions that have yet to come to the forefront.”

“I’ll get to it,” she said.

“Don’t waste your time,” the cynic blurted. “Sorry, just my opinion.”

“Your suggestion has merit,” acknowledged Maitreya.

“Know when to cut your losses and run,” added the fool.

“There is no need to run,” Vesta said, returning to their circle. “Now then, Dear One, where were we? Ah, yes: yesterday’s transcription. Please review it and insert it in the space directly below.”

The young girl picked up her journal again and wrote the words, “I’m ready.”


“You were required at work over the weekend,” Maitreya declared.

“I don’t care,” said the woman. “I’m stuck, and that’s all there is to it.”

“You haven’t learned what you came here to learn. Do you want me to repeat the rest of what I first told you?” Maitreya asked the woman, reminding her of the first words that were spoken to her through another medium the year before Melchizedek intervened. “You do know that great gifts were most certainly bestowed upon you.”

“Along with great sorrow,” the young girl remarked, feeling stuck as well.

“Use caution while attempting to rekindle this romance,” Vesta recommended, and the woman slowly shook her head, signaling that it was the farthest thing from her mind.

“I need you to correct your spending, eating, and self-care habits,” Vesta then stated, and the woman responded with, “I’ve been doing that. Give me a break.”

“You do know that all the words ever uttered by humanity have been recorded in the Akashic Records, do you not?” Melchizedek then asked the woman.

Surprised by Melchizedek’s sudden appearance, the cynic said, “Oh, no. We’re in trouble now.”

“I’m here to observe and provide whatever guidance you need,” he replied. “I am your guardian angel, after all.”

“Let’s start over,” the young girl said, calmly stating that she wasn’t prepared to let a small stumble ruin the race.

“How many channeled messages do you think you’ve transcribed over the years?” Melchizedek asked the woman, beckoning her to a table in the Akashic Library. “They’re all recorded here,” he said, pointing to a tablet that oddly reminded the woman of the stone tablets upon which the Ten Commandments had been written. He then added, “I’d like to make a single recommendation.”

The woman gently caressed the tablet, feeling a few of the grooves and reminding herself that there was a difference between staying in a rut and getting into a groove.

“I started counting them, but now I’ve lost track,” said the fool. “Several thousand, to be certain.”

“How much proof does one person need before he or she accepts that the next realm is not, in fact, an illusion made up by humanity to ensure they don’t lose faith in the soul’s light in its entirety?” Vesta then asked, reappearing on the other side of Melchizedek. Please reread the last message that you jotted down.”

“Yesterday’s or the one that hasn’t been posted yet.”

“Either one. Both made an impact on you.”

“I’d rather not turn back a page and reread the last chapter.”

“Well, if you’re stuck, you have to do something,” the cynic declared.

“It’s taken me a long time to get here,” said the woman. “I’m embarrassed that I burst into tears when the new man told me our relationship was progressing too quickly for him. It felt as though he was shutting me out.”

“You were triggered,” Vesta declared. “It was a natural reaction.”

“All the way down the rabbit hole,” the young girl said, feeling oddly at ease with the opening of the secret compartment. Pulling out her treasure chest, the young girl heaved it onto the table and motioned the woman to open the lid. The first thing that she observed were her mother’s pearls.

“Why are you showing me these?” she asked. “Just because they were left behind in the robbery doesn’t take away the fact that—”

“There were valuables that can never be replaced,” Vesta said, completing the woman’s sentence.

“Wear pearls today,” Maitreya recommended. “Wear them to remind you of all the wisdom you’ve gained over the years. Wear them to remind you that your mother is still standing behind you, just as we are now. Wear them to remind you that all the pearls of wisdom you discovered before Melchizedek intervened—not to mention all the thousands you’ve discovered since then—will never go to waste. Wear them to remind your younger self that she’s worth the effort and the time.”

“And then what?” the woman asked.

“When you remove the strand at the end of the afternoon, remind yourself that you took all those words of wisdom and alchemized them into truth. You were not rejected, I might add, even though that’s how it felt. You were simply a bit too eager to turn this into a romance, when it was merely a very important milestone, not to mention a very important stepping stone to your future. You were given a vision a handful of years ago that started to come together the night before you were physically introduced to the new man. Soul connections are instantaneous, Dear One. They don’t happen randomly. They occur to remind people to pay attention to what’s going on around—not to mention within—them. You both sense a shift has occurred. How you take this forward will have an impact on both of your lives.”

“Maybe I should just remain aloof,” the cynic said.

“I can’t do ‘aloof,’” answered the young girl.

“Nor can I,” acknowledged the woman.

The cynic then looked around him and stared at a blank page in the Akashic Records. A butterfly was still fluttering around the room, as it had been the other morning.

“Don’t even think about it,” the young girl said, hoping that the cynic wasn’t going to set out to capture the butterfly and press it between two pages.

“I wouldn’t do anything of the sort,” he replied, sounding quite unlike himself. Up and up, the butterfly flew into an area of the Akashic Library that the woman had never thought of venturing. Settling on a banister on the top railing, the woman suddenly recalled that one of her favourite things about Christmas was decorating the stairwell railing with holly garland. All at once, she found herself standing in the foyer of her family home.

“I’ve often wondered why I had to choose such a difficult childhood,” she thought to herself. A split second later, she felt herself sitting on the stairs and turned around to look at the doorway to her childhood bedroom. The next thing she knew, she was opening the door and was shown a vision of how it once was, right down to the comforters that were on the twin beds which sat on opposite ends of the south wall.

“I always hated the fact that this room was painted blue,” observed the cynic.

“It isn’t blue. It’s a cool shade of white,” corrected the young girl.

Just then, the woman was drawn to the back yard, where she could view her next door neighbour’s bedroom window. Her next thought was that she was grateful he could no longer view her, until she sensed him beside her.

“Don’t talk to me, don’t touch me, don’t say a single word!!” she shouted and then looked toward him. He remained silent, nodded his head, and held out his hand. In it was a folded piece of paper with the words, “When you’re ready” scribbled across the top. She snatched the letter from his hand and opened it.

“Sorry doesn’t begin to cover my remorse for what I did. To capture a butterfly is one thing, but to steal a young girl’s innocence is most definitely another. The innocence of youth is terribly fleeting. You were so cute and playful, and I missed that part of my own childhood. After your mother and father intervened, that part of you was gone. I noticed that every time I took a peek at you through the curtains. I tried my best not to show my face. I know you saw me a few times. It’s taken such a long time for you to regain that sparkle in your eyes. Your mother saw it in you when you returned from Mexico all those years ago. She also saw it in you just before your life started to spiral and fall apart. Of course, I was dead by then, but I still vicariously looked in on you from time to time. During my life review, I was shown the repercussions of my actions. I was also shown the time when you were training for your NLP certification and you clearly asked for your paternal grandmother to help you through the aftermath. That was because of what I did; but, at the same time, you wouldn’t be here if that hadn’t happened, either, and I feel both grateful and ashamed that so much of your life has been spent searching for the innocence that I took from you. This is the only time that you and I will meet, and while I can’t give you back your childhood, I can tell you the one thing that you longed to hear when you were young. And, no, it isn’t that you deserve to be seen and heard, although you most certainly do. It’s that you were worth loving. You still are. And I know that’s something that has been difficult for you to accept. So start over. I’m the one you were afraid to talk to. I’m the one who caused you to start questioning your judgment. I’m the one who stole from you. I know it’s too late for you to reclaim all those lost years, but I’d like you to take this tiny nugget of forgiveness with you and turn it into something wonderful.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” the wind whispered into the woman’s ear, whisking the letter away from the woman’s hands so quickly that, before she knew it, the letter seemed to have developed wings of its own as it was being lifted up into the clouds.

“Another chapter closed,” Melchizedek said, bringing the woman back to the library.

“I’m so tired,” she sighed.

“It’s understandable,” Vesta said. “Your inner strength was born from this event. Don’t discount it because of a child molester. That he acknowledged his wrongdoing has everything to do with wanting you to finally move on with your life, even after all this time. You took solace in the few things around your childhood bedroom that held the energy of Mother Mary and Jesus, whom you now refer to as Lord Sananda. They were the first intermediaries from our realm to connect with you on an energetic level. Maitreya, as you well know, oversaw Lord Sanada during his life term, too. You are not meant to stand in front of an enormous crowd of people, nor are you meant to stand still, beyond centering yourself such that the world no longer feels as though it’s spinning out of control around you. Begin tomorrow with a simple sun salutation. Open your lungs and your mind at the same time with invigorating breath. Allow downward dog to open up your hamstrings, and feel the pressure of your hands on the yoga mat. Focus as diligently on your breath as you are able; at the same time, observe that your breath mirrors the ocean’s waves. Slowly let each breath go and gently inhale, allowing your prana to be enlivened. You must not feel afraid to surrender your breath. Many who grew up in abusive childhoods are not only afraid of their shadows, but are afraid of their light, too. Be an example for others to learn from.”


“There, that was yesterday’s transcription,” the woman said. “Now what?”

“How do you feel now?” Vesta asked.

“Calm. Neutral.”

“Relieved,” the young girl said, showing the woman a crumpled piece of paper.

“That can’t be,” the woman said. “I saw the wind carry it away.”

“Do you want to hold onto this pain any longer?” inquired Maitreya.

“You know I don’t.”

“It’s not as though her sanity is at stake,” said the cynic.

“Her sanity has never been in question,” Vesta affirmed. “Her sense of emotional security, however, has been tethered to this event for several years.” She then looked at the woman and said, “You know full well that neither of your parents were as emotionally capable of dealing with the aftermath of that event as you were.”

“It’s okay,” the young girl said. “I’m here now. I survived. And … and … and …”

“And I won’t let her fall down the rabbit hole again,” said the fool, holding onto her hand.

“Is this all you needed from me?” the shadow girl then asked. “Because, if it’s okay with you, I’d like to take a breather now.”

“Dear One, there is much left to share,” Vesta said, looking at both the young girl and her shadow, who slunk behind the young girl and peered over her shoulder.

“Maybe I should make you a list, instead,” the young girl said, recalling a few other trauma points in need of resolution.

“You almost died when you were barely a teenager,” Vesta recalled. “Many of us heard you calling for our help. You were released from the electrical current before your body suffered additional irreparable damage.”

The woman touched the scar on the side of her mouth and then recalled her aunt and uncle telling her that she had been attacked by a dog when she was barely two years old. She had often wondered why there was a tiny scar just above her upper lip.

Vesta then handed the woman an envelope and said, “This contains my manifesto. It is meant to be read on the first day of the New Year.”

The woman held the envelope and felt an enormous surge of energy flowing through her body.


“Today is January 1,” the young girl declared. “It’s time to open the envelope.”

Sitting beside her on the sofa, the woman looked up and scanned the room around her, sensing the presence of several guides. The first time she had observed the High Council’s presence occurred shortly after Melchizedek had intervened, and she mentioned to her eldest sister that she intuitively felt they were surrounded by a Council of sorts. A few moments later, she saw Melchizedek stepping forward in her mind’s eye, holding a beautiful golden crown on an elaborately embroidered pillow. “This belongs to you,” he said.

“I’ve always wanted a tiara,” said the young girl.

“I have one for you, too,” he answered before setting the etheric crown on the woman’s head. She could feel it being placed on her head as he spoke a series of words that the woman recognized as being the Universal Language of Light. He waited a few moments and allowed the words to sink in before continuing in English, saying, “Take good care of it, as these are only worn by priests and priestesses of the Order of Melchizedek. You have earned your place as a divine emissary of light. This is the life mission that your soul agreed to. Guard your time and your energy wisely. We will continue working with you until you return to our realm. Go in peace and continue spreading the soul’s much needed light into the world.”

“I will,” she replied, feeling strengthened by the energy it contained.

“It is time to review Vesta’s manifesto, as the young girl reminded you.”

“Thank you, Melchizedek,” the woman replied. She then took a few deep breaths and opened the envelope.

People expend a tremendous amount of energy attempting to cover up their scars, failing to understand that their scars, while imperfect, are, in fact, badges of honour on an internal level. They are proof of a person’s resilience, of their fortitude, and of their will to survive even the most challenging of circumstances.

Many are uncertain how to manoeuvre unchartered waters, especially when they have little experience sailing to begin with. It is at those times that man must look within and recall all the times when misfortune may have reared its head, but a treasure was then revealed at the end of the day. Journaling is a very important way to uncover those hidden treasures. Many shirk their responsibilities, both at work and at home, because they carry a deep seated belief that their presence doesn’t make a difference in the world. Yet, if they were to be provided with the soul’s view of a situation, a person might very well be inches away from a very important discovery. Those discoveries make a person stronger in the long term, just as misfortune tends to make a person more pliable internally, once the blockages that were set into place in the aftermath of a so-called disaster have been subsequently removed.

You are the master of your destinies, Dear Ones. You are the ones who determine whether being beaten down is going to cause you to crumble or if it’s going to inspire you to fight like a warrior against anything and everything that made you crawl or beg for the pain to stop. Find the balance in between. Find the roadblocks, the caution signs, the detours, and the pitfalls, for all of those combined together have made for far more interesting terrain than a simple field from a picture perfect image that holds no appeal to a true alchemist, who seeks to rebuild from scratch, each and every time a catastrophe opens up a level playing field. For it is the alchemists who rebuild the world after destruction has occurred, and it is the alchemists who will start to create a new paradigm for those who have yet to feel the Earth beneath their feet.

Stand united in harmony, for in preparing the Earth for the shifts that are required, much has been revealed that can no longer stand up to the soul’s keen eye. Bless the destruction of the old, worn out ways that no longer have a place in the new world. Blend your energies with those who seek to rebuild with you, and be willing to release all those who assisted in tearing it apart, for their role has been completed, and it is in acknowledging where those endings and beginnings have occurred that those who are in alignment with their soul’s highest truth will find the bright, shining seeds of rebirth waiting to be planted.

You are sons and daughters of the Light, just as you have been for millennia. Remember this today and remember it tomorrow, too, for this knowledge, when fully integrated, will reignite your warrior spirit, and it will give your heart a reason to see beyond the masks and illusions your ego has worn since the time illusions felt more real to you than the soul’s truth. Be on the lookout for new beginnings, for they will appear at unexpected times and in unexpected ways.

Do not shy away from taking on more than you had in the past. Shift your energies around new challenges. Shift your beliefs while you’re at it, too, for the soul’s light knows no limits, and the soul’s forgiveness holds no barriers as truth. You are all born to do great things, according to your soul’s compass. Sometimes, those things involve helping another to cross the street safely. Other times, those things involve teaching someone to forgive a hurt so deep that no one has been permitted to touch it, for fear of it being reactivated and relived, over and over and over again. Dismantle the “repeat” button. Dismantle all the times when you told yourself you were too stupid or too cynical or too weak to change, for every single diamond knew only its strength after tremendous pressure had been exerted upon it.

Remember this manifesto. Carry it with you and read it from time to time, for it is intended to empower you, and, if it doesn’t, then slowly reread it again to find the kernels of truth that have been scattered throughout, for your inner warrior is hungry for battle, and it is meant to serve the light, not sever it within.

You are warriors of light—goddesses, gods, and angels in disguise—who are here to empower the Earth and its inhabitants. Fight for your light, not against it. Your soul chose this specific time in humanity’s history to evolve and transcend limitations. It is one of the main reasons why you came here. Your soul’s light is eternal and ever present. It exists within you at all times and carries all the wisdom, knowledge, and experiences you have obtained throughout this lifetime. It is all that you will take with you when you leave your physical body behind. Nothing else of consequence matters to your soul beyond the magnificence of your inner salvation. Please make that a priority during 2019 and allow old energies to be replaced with new ones that honour your soul’s sovereignty.

Rebuild, Dear Ones. Rebuild together. Build a stronger future for yourselves and each other. Do not look toward the old ways and say, “This is how things have always been,” for that is a coward’s way of saying things are not meant to change. They are and they will, just as you are and you will, too. You can pretend you are still asleep, if you want to, but I pray you will heed this as the Clarion Call that it is.

Humanity’s awakening is upon you. Rise up.


“This is why we’re here,” the young girl said to the woman. “It’s the reason why I survived.”

As tears of gratitude slowly trickled down the woman’s face, she imagined the soul’s love enveloping her heart with its shining light. “I’m ready,” she whispered, as she allowed its divine elixir to trickle into the deep coral pockets of a coast worn resilient over time.

“Good,” declared the Queen. “Because it’s time to begin building an empire.”

~ Channeled January 1, 2019


Author: Sheridan Cooke

I am a medium, scribe, intuitive healer, and Reiki Master, and have been channeling messages intended to invoke deep healing and rebalance inner archetypes since September 2001. I work mainly with the High Council, Archangels, and the Elohim. From time to time, I also receive messages from other elevated light beings, such as the Pleiadians and Andromeda, and will often receive messages directly from a person's inner child or an archetype seeking to reintegrate the soul's Light more fully.

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  1. Your intentions are pure . Your astral polarization is upon the 5th sub-plane of the astral planes ,…collective . Your posts are sweet and adoring. It is so beautiful to see that millions are ready to pass through the ”Gates of Initiation” to be born anew ,and an initiate of the first degree[ 1.2 ]. You are growing fast and are acquiring much that will guide you, and other advanced old souls onto the Path of Initiation.


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