Return to innocence

“In order to serve your heart’s freedom, don’t be afraid to push your emotional boundaries. Just remember: there’s a difference between making your mark and leaving a scar,” remarked Maitreya, utilizing a quote that the woman had created.

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Returning to bliss

I’ve often said, “Only in silence will man hear the echo of his heart’s longing.” Today’s message precedes two days’ worth of transcriptions, which includes a manifesto of sorts that Vesta asked me to transcribe yesterday. I’ve been asked to upload today’s transcription in its entirety beforehand. Those of you who have been following along witnessed the aftermath of Maitreya’s premonition on Saturday, which immediately preceded an unraveling that a few of the characters weren’t expecting. Although it seems odd to me to upload disjointed aspects of stories, sometimes things aren’t meant to follow a predictable, set order or path. Sometimes, random encounters can lead us into thinking we’re headed in one direction, and a “you-turn” suddenly appears out of nowhere. The soul will always lead us toward love; it’s our egos that will often thwart love, reminding us of our histories and past failures, cautioning us to play things safe until we’re certain.

“Children wear water wings when they’re learning to swim,” Maitreya said, showing the woman an image of a young boy swimming in a lake, who paused when he encountered a dragon gently floating in front of him. Neither the young boy nor the dragon appeared afraid; in fact, they both seemed to be startled at the presence of the other. In the next image, a young girl deftly swam between them, glancing toward the young boy and then the dragon, whose eyes seemed to glitter with possibility. She tread water silently before shrugging her shoulders, as if to say, “Oh, well. I guess they’ll move when they’re meant to,” before swimming on. Both the dragon and the young boy followed her with their eyes, and then looked at each other and also shrugged. “Fear is often made out to be larger than it is,” Maitreya added, and the woman nodded her head. “New beginnings are new beginnings, Dear One. Remember that the next time you attempt to come between someone and a fear that has yet to be conquered.” The woman felt herself being drawn back to the lake, and the image of the young boy and the dragon were replaced with a soft, ethereal mist. She then felt herself swimming toward a small island. “Rest here,” she heard. “Integrate what you’ve learned and allow others to do the same.”

“And now, on with today’s story!” exclaimed the fool, bringing the woman back to the present. Nodding her head again, she accepted that Maitreya’s vision was precisely what she needed to witness.

For those of you who are struggling to reconnect with a Christmassy feeling, I hope today’s conversation inspires you to find some inner magic to hold onto.



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New beginnings

The Universe has a way of opening doors that we didn’t know were closed and also prompting new beginnings to occur when we are least expecting them. If there is an unhealed part of yourself in need of the soul’s comfort, I hope you find Vesta’s words in today’s message both helpful and healing. Namaste. 🌼  Continue reading “New beginnings”

Let love reign down

“’All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again,’” said Maitreya, reciting a nursery rhyme to the shadow girl.

“Why me? Why now?” she asked.

“What is troubling you, Dear One?”

“Things feel uncertain.”

“Why would you tell her a nursery rhyme with such a miserable ending?” inquired the cynic on behalf of a few other archetypes.

“Because sometimes what appears to be a failed ending is actually the start of a tremendous beginning.”

“What if Humpty Dumpty hadn’t fallen in the first place?” the shadow girl asked.

“Then you wouldn’t have a story at all.”

“I get it,” the woman said, pondering how long it took her to pick up the pieces after her last disastrous relationship.

“Not to mention the ones beforehand,” Maitreya stated, knowing full well that the young girl had more than enough resilience in her repertoire of acknowledgment to bounce back from another disappointment.

“I wouldn’t be so certain,” the cynic said, reminding them of the conversations they had had recently concerning the man Melchizedek asked the woman to leave behind.

“Speaking of Melchizedek, let’s upload the story you were asked to transcribe yesterday,” another guide requested. The woman looked up and noticed several others were standing in line, waiting for their turn to speak.

“Man will always wait for what is worthwhile,” assured Maitreya. “Not that you necessarily need to, but you might want to consider stretching your psoas muscle today. It will help you to loosen emotional trauma that is being held inside. You can upload the conversation with Melchizedek tomorrow.”

“What words of wisdom do you have for us today, then?” asked the fool.

“When one door opens, another door closes.”

“You’re not telling me anything I don’t already know,” the cynic said.

“I have an idea,” the young girl said, bringing out a tall vase and setting a few flowers into it, sparking the woman to reconsider keeping a bouquet of flowers around to brighten her living space.

“You are one of the only ones in your family who is truly open to the next realm,” Maitreya observed. “This has both isolated you and given your life true meaning. Would you have traded this for an unfulfilling marriage or the potential for an extramarital affair occurring?”

The woman remained silent, knowing the answer.

“You are not the same woman you were when our journey began,” El Morya said, stepping in. “Many believe you are, but you and I both know you aren’t. How else would you rather be?”

“I’d rather be certain that my life is no longer in jeopardy.”

“On behalf of Melchizedek, I can promise you that your life is no longer in jeopardy,” El Morya repeated.

“But he told me that if I didn’t leave him, I would die. The last time I listened, all hell broke loose.”

“You unleashed a demon that was waiting to pounce in any event. Would you prefer to return to the way things were when you were together?”

“No,” the woman said. “Absolutely not.”

“Then I would have to say that when man reaches the end of his journey toward enlightenment, all the obstacles he thought were roadblocks will miraculously reappear to reveal their true nature. Similarly, during man’s life review, all the people man thought were antagonists will miraculously reveal their true gifts. Those gifts are often disguised, and many will rebel at the idea of rekindling a romance in the next life term with someone who repeatedly broke his or her heart in the last one. Yet, standing in the centre of the self requires a person to truly honour who has come into his or her life, regardless of the outcome from the ego’s perspective. Imagine all the wounds that could easily be healed if forgiveness was aimed at an infiltrator or compassion was extended toward a thief who stole what he sought to find within himself. These are all deep questions requiring introspection, and not everyone will have the time or the inclination to desert their outer worlds to embark upon an inner journey of healing to do exactly what is required: release attachment to all who sought to harm in retaliation for hurts they have yet to heal. Everyone who triggers a wound in another is intended as a catalyst for growth, not an instigator who intentionally inflicts harm. Some are completely oblivious to the negative energies they project upon others. Be compassionate toward all living beings—even those who appear to be standing against you—for, in the next realm, those same people might very well be the ones who were sent to free you from the pain you have held onto as truth. Love does not mean counting rights and wrongs; it means determining that all actions against the soul’s light requiring correction will be revealed in order for their divine inheritance to be showered upon you. Let love’s light reign down, for, in the rain, all that distorts the soul’s truth from being witnessed will be washed away.”

~ Channeled December 8, 2018 🌼


Cultivating joy

Yesterday’s channeling session involved a journey to the Akashic Records. Maitreya asked me to delay posting it and trust that today’s message would help to pave the way forward.

“Closed doors are closed doors,” he commented. “Be willing to stand in the open and look around, as well as within. Challenge your beliefs about feeling unworthy of experiencing joy in lieu of sorrow. The soul is beckoning you to unmask yourself. Heed its call.”

He then asked me to transcribe the conversation below. Namaste.

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Turn on your inner light

Yesterday morning, Maitreya asked me to transcribe an inner archetypal conversation; unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to upload it. Never underestimate the power of performing shadow work. The more light we allow within, the more we will be able to feel the soul’s freedom as truth. Namaste.

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Not all who wander are lost …

Yesterday’s channeling session turned out to be a much longer story than I was anticipating, but it took me to areas in need of healing. If your heart is calling you to do just that, please feel free to dive in.



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“Clear the slate,” Maitreya recommended, knowing that the young girl was feeling especially vulnerable as of late.

“As if!” the cynic scoffed. “Setting the record straight is more like it.”

“Let’s start over,” the shadow girl said, knowing that her recent integration with the young girl’s energies was a blessing in disguise.

“The truth will set you free,” whispered the wind. “You simply need to reexamine and redefine what you hold as truth.”

“My thoughts precisely,” the woman agreed.

If you started off your day knowing that one of the first channeled blogs you’d be posting would mean exposing a few dark corners of your inner realm, would you hesitate or leap in with both feet?

“I’d simply dip a toe in, just to see what the water felt like,” the fool said. “Maybe you’re meant to show people that being vulnerable is the best thing a person can do, and not the worst.”

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