Daring to soar

Maitreya came through this morning and asked me to transcribe the following:

“There are millions of people in the world who would pay at least ninety or one hundred dollars for a single conversation with or a message from an ascended master or archangel. While our messages are currently being offered on this platform for free, their value is not diminished; in fact, they are priceless. Please upload a few more messages before you take another hiatus. Before you do, though, I’d like you to recall the first time Melchizedek intervened. Your life circumstances were much, much different than they are now. Still, those who have known you for a very long time have watched your metamorphosis, and while some have left you as a result of their own intuition releasing them from the need to communicate with you, trust that their absence has allowed others who are more spiritually attuned to you fill the spaces that were left behind. You already know there’s another man coming. He’s come through a few times already, and his unexpected presence during the conversation with Archangel Gabriel that was transcribed yesterday is no different. For those who are reading this and wondering what transpired at the end of December and into the New Year to cause the shift that occurred in the storyline but haven’t read the previous blog that was uploaded, it would be well worth your while to read it. The coming blog posts will also explain it in further detail. For those who are inspired to align with me for an hour for a personal session, please send our scribe a private message to schedule an appointment. While it might not be me who shows up during the conversation, it might very well be Archangel Gabriel, who requested that you transcribe the entry which immediately follows the conversation below. And, finally, for those of you who are continuing to read and share our words, please accept our gratitude. Alright, Chela, let’s begin. And I know, I haven’t referred to you as ‘Chela’ for a while, but a Chela is a spiritual aspirant, which you are, although many of us now view you as an Adept. Besides, I still like to use ‘Chela’ as a term of endearment. I know full well that ‘Sheridan’ is a pseudonym and the reason why it was chosen had everything to do with the man Melchizedek asked you to leave behind. Will it matter when you’re marketing A Tryst of Faith? Perhaps, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

“Onward!” another cried out, and Archangel Gabriel appeared. “Please share our conversation now.”

“I will,” I replied telepathically.

“Please accept our gratitude, as well. We archangels are always available to assist, if requested. While it might mean that a man or a woman needs to set his or her ego aside, true inner healing can only occur when the heart is open to receiving the divine elixir that it has been thirsting for. The poem, Awakening, will continue to inspire people who are willing to embrace the ecstasy the soul offers. It needn’t be thought of as anything illicit, but it will elicit inner wounds to come forward so they can be replaced, just as yours were. Yesterday’s conversation touched on a few important areas. Once people have reviewed this, perhaps it might also be worthwhile for a question or two to be asked or a separate channeling session be booked if he or she does not wish for personal so-called ‘problems’ to be displayed openly. We know you’re wanting to create an online presence, as well as a business to support your existing income, and there is one person we know who would benefit from an hour of your time. We’ve been projecting an image of her onto your third eye. It’ll be interesting to see if she picks up on the fact that it’s her. Who knows, maybe two people will come forward, or even a third. One by one, those who are in need of healing will begin to accept and understand that the first steps are the hardest, but then life will become easier.”

“Onward!” another cried out, and the young girl revealed herself. “Let’s get started.”

~ Channeled February 10, 2019


“Now, then, where were we?” Archangel Gabriel asked the woman, pointing to the message she had been requested to transcribe the previous morning. “I don’t think I have anything else to add.”

“I do,” the young girl remarked, holding up a picture of the woman and the young girl that was taken the previous day. “How did you do this?” Continue reading “Daring to soar”

Building an Empire

Years ago, I wrote down the words, “In my hand is a single grain of sand. Is it the end of a castle or the beginning of its creation?”

Today marks a new beginning, as well as a New Year.

“Every day marks a new beginning,” Maitreya said. “The New Year serves as a strong reminder for those who are choosing to reflect and recalibrate to do so with intention—or within tension, as El Morya would say. It is safe to let your barriers go. Please repeat that as a mantra. Allow the energy of 2019 to magnetize wisdom and knowledge, both from the divine and from within. Let your creative energies be nurtured and explored. Many are awakening at this time. Many who have been awake for quite some time will no longer feel the dragging down energy of resistance that so many others have held onto. Begin purging all the items and belief systems that do not serve your highest good. Create space for new beginnings. Create space for new entrances, much like the one that Andromeda mentioned in this morning’s brief channeling session. Below it you will find other messages, one of which contains a manifesto by Vesta, who resides within our realm and who forms part of the High Council, as we are now known. Channeled over a two-day period, this particular message, while lengthier than most, will assist in the transformation of many who are willing to first take a step back in order to prepare to take two giant steps forward. Let that be all.”

“Maitreya, are you sure there isn’t anything else you’d like to add?” I asked him. Continue reading “Building an Empire”

Into the fire

It’s hard to believe today is already December 31st. During this morning’s channeling session, Maitreya mentioned, “You are not here to slay your dragons. You are here to make peace with them. We are here to assist in this endeavour.” Continue reading “Into the fire”

A Prelude to Light

Today’s channeling session pushed my boundaries and encouraged me to take a leap of faith. Knowing that I wanted to self-publish my first channeled book, A Tryst of Faith, by the end of this year and have encountered a number of unexpected delays, I was guided by El Morya (who is also known as Melchior and who plays a lead role in the book) to include the prologue toward the end of the transcription. I hope you enjoy it. Namaste.

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Creating space

Following is a transcription of yesterday’s channeling session, which left me feeling as though a great deal of movement is about to take place. If you’re ready to make changes and create some much needed space in your life, then I hope it inspires you to take action. Namaste.

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Christmas presence

This morning’s message was deep and transformative, and left me feeling both hopeful and encouraged by Archangel Haniel’s presence and the gifts that she and the others who came forward bestowed. I hope the same holds true for you. Merry Christmas, everyone. Cherish those you hold dear. Namaste.

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Breaking free

Yesterday’s channeling session started off with a brief conversation that immediately led into a short story. I simply transcribed the words, as I always do, allowing the dialogue and images to evolve naturally.

I hope the story inspires you to look at love differently. Namaste.

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Return to innocence

“In order to serve your heart’s freedom, don’t be afraid to push your emotional boundaries. Just remember: there’s a difference between making your mark and leaving a scar,” remarked Maitreya, utilizing a quote that the woman had created.

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Returning to bliss

I’ve often said, “Only in silence will man hear the echo of his heart’s longing.” Today’s message precedes two days’ worth of transcriptions, which includes a manifesto of sorts that Vesta asked me to transcribe yesterday. I’ve been asked to upload today’s transcription in its entirety beforehand. Those of you who have been following along witnessed the aftermath of Maitreya’s premonition on Saturday, which immediately preceded an unraveling that a few of the characters weren’t expecting. Although it seems odd to me to upload disjointed aspects of stories, sometimes things aren’t meant to follow a predictable, set order or path. Sometimes, random encounters can lead us into thinking we’re headed in one direction, and a “you-turn” suddenly appears out of nowhere. The soul will always lead us toward love; it’s our egos that will often thwart love, reminding us of our histories and past failures, cautioning us to play things safe until we’re certain.

“Children wear water wings when they’re learning to swim,” Maitreya said, showing the woman an image of a young boy swimming in a lake, who paused when he encountered a dragon gently floating in front of him. Neither the young boy nor the dragon appeared afraid; in fact, they both seemed to be startled at the presence of the other. In the next image, a young girl deftly swam between them, glancing toward the young boy and then the dragon, whose eyes seemed to glitter with possibility. She tread water silently before shrugging her shoulders, as if to say, “Oh, well. I guess they’ll move when they’re meant to,” before swimming on. Both the dragon and the young boy followed her with their eyes, and then looked at each other and also shrugged. “Fear is often made out to be larger than it is,” Maitreya added, and the woman nodded her head. “New beginnings are new beginnings, Dear One. Remember that the next time you attempt to come between someone and a fear that has yet to be conquered.” The woman felt herself being drawn back to the lake, and the image of the young boy and the dragon were replaced with a soft, ethereal mist. She then felt herself swimming toward a small island. “Rest here,” she heard. “Integrate what you’ve learned and allow others to do the same.”

“And now, on with today’s story!” exclaimed the fool, bringing the woman back to the present. Nodding her head again, she accepted that Maitreya’s vision was precisely what she needed to witness.

For those of you who are struggling to reconnect with a Christmassy feeling, I hope today’s conversation inspires you to find some inner magic to hold onto.



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New beginnings

The Universe has a way of opening doors that we didn’t know were closed and also prompting new beginnings to occur when we are least expecting them. If there is an unhealed part of yourself in need of the soul’s comfort, I hope you find Vesta’s words in today’s message both helpful and healing. Namaste. 🌼  Continue reading “New beginnings”